Representative Alan Grayson has introduced H.R. 4789, the Public Option Act. This bill would allow anyone to buy into Medicare. Period. That’s right: buy into it, not be given it.

This is what I’ve wanted all along: the option to buy into Medicare if I wanted to — no worries about being dropped if you get sick, no worries about exclusions for so-called pre-existing conditions, no worries about arbitrary and multiplicative premium hikes if you get sick. In other words, you can get sick and still be covered with Medicare, which is not a guarantee all private insurers give when you buy one of their policies that allegedly insure you against financial devastation in the event of illness. You can still get private insurance if you think it’s better, or not if you think this is better. Your choice. More choice = more freedom. As anyone who knows me knows, I am a devotee of freedom. I also expect to get what I pay for, which is also not a guarantee with all private insurers. Here is what Grayson, the Representative who introduced it, says of the bill:

“… I introduced H.R. 4789, the Public Option Act. This simple four-page bill lets any American buy into Medicare at cost. You want it, you pay for it, you’re in. It adds nothing to the deficit; you pay what it costs.”

Simple, straightforward, effective, fair. If the Right is indeed right and private insurance is indeed better, well, aficionados of it will still have the option to buy private insurance if they prefer to. And this new competition will force insurance companies to become more efficient and to serve their customers better, or perish. I don’t know about you, but I think our health and well-being is more important than that of giant insurance companies — and I think they should provide us good service for what we pay. So if they get better, good for us. If they don’t, who besides the obscenely rich who profit from their parasitism of us should care?

As for the argument that a government run insurance agency that makes coverage available to all would put private insurance companies out of business, I say bullshit, and so what if it did anyway. There are several examples of private entities competing quite well against public entities in the same domain. As for the argument that private insurance is superior to public insurance and will therefore outcompete public insurance, then so be it. Isn’t that one of the basic tenets of competition? Competition for customers occurs, and the best provider of goods and services wins. If more people prefer private insurance and buy that instead, then Medicare stays smaller and simply continues doing what it does now: takes care of our seniors. As for the argument that government run insurance is a form of socialism, voluntary buy-ins to a government program individuals do with their own private money, while private competitors exist as alternatives, does not fit even the stretchiest definition of socialism. As for the argument that government-run insurance is a bloated bureaucracy that bumbles along inefficiently and thereby can’t do its job effectively, may be. But then I ask you, why are the admin costs of insurance companies on the order of 10 times as high as those of Medicare? These admin costs get passed on to us in the form of higher premiums. Has your personal experience with insurance companies shown them to be efficient and fair about providing the coverage you pay for? Moreover, if people find government-run insurance so terrible in comparison to private insurance, then what would stop us from simply choosing private insurance, an option we would all have under Grayson’s plan? We may, and under Grayson’s plan we could. Choice = freedom. Please choose freedom and sign Grayson’s petition.

Alan Grayson’s Petition for HR 4789

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  3. bie prosengoli says:

    WOW! dude, relax, i personally agree with him! (No, i’m not a PC fanboy, and it doesn’t really matter who company it is for me, as long as there stuff is good.) But seriously, it’s a sad loss of Steve, and we all know it, but is right actually, there are countries were poor children or other people die from starvation, getting shot to death by someone like the Taliban etc And we should personally care more about them than the death of Steve and i’m not saying to abandon him.

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  5. OK….well it’s hard to feel anything for the girl when she’s all mad just because her father has a disability. Seems selfish…manly tears for the father, though.

  6. Johnson: The CDO on the Ryan estimates that total costs for equivalent health care will be a lot higher without Medicare than with Medicare. Now, structuring Medicare as a traditional indemnity plan is a problem; Medicare have good incentives against and it could be improved. But the fact that Medicare pays less to providers than other plans for equivalent treatment is pretty well accepted. In fact, doctors complain about it all the time.]]>

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  8. We are all a medical emergency away from financial ruin. Health insurance is like crossing a busy 4 lane highway. If your lucky youll be fine, but one hit and your done.

  9. bigglerade says:


  10. vasatellop hendr says:

    Grayson must be running scared to stoop to that level. A dunce cap? Really! What typical low life career politician shenanigans.

  11. swink rutley says:

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  12. and stran says:

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  13. bouloumen gulling says:

    .and so my fellow rePUGSlicans, and teabags….Sir Obama SHOULD
    CALLED ISRAEL…we rePUGS will cut out school lunch and programs for
    needy school children, we will cut social security, medicare, stop all
    road and bridge repairs, cut back border and security, cut out
    to ISRAEL ANNUALLY IS NOT ENOUGH…….hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. hana haru says:

    Vote out the rest of the corporate backed republicans so we can just get a public option health care system and the problem will be fixed for good … just like it is in every other industrialized nation on the planet.

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  16. I understand that you may have difficulties finding health care workers in the United States. I was referring to the global health care in developing countries. The global health care is driven by a variety of factors, including lack of a health care infrastructure and lack of adequate educational institutions among these reasons.]]>

  17. beck rosa says:

    I’m a 44 male, I will stand behind this bill; women r not less than men on any level- including health care-equal rights 4 all

  18. nardenedem kitarlo says:

    But at least all the political sellouts and lack of public option in mean both like it, & theres no Constitutional challenge.

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  20. ugey kuczynski says:

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  22. Harry Reid threatens that “we’re going to have a public option, it’s just a question of when.” Vote 4 Sharron! –

  23. debrahn says:

    If concern is state and CC (public option theory), then target remedies at just funding those schools not debt in general. Right?

  24. dufouhonke wagiya says:

    LAS VEGAS – Progressive caucus co-chair Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) on Saturday issued an ultimatum to opponents of a public health insurance option who invoke deficit concerns: get behind this program, or you’re hypocrites.

  25. trummer meekhahiro says:

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  31. govicolla says:

    Having to make the and move to answer the phone, and it was one of them insurance companies. Now I’m really mad.

  32. there were not a single Republican, or none got elected to any office, arithmetic would still end medicare as w …

  33. Spot on. Obama seems to be more mad at critics on left (over public option) than Republicans. Or am I reading this wrong?

  34. zileski bry says:

    On top of the $716B he took from Medicare for Obama planning to cut $250 billion from Medicare over 10 years

  35. wolle hupilberg says:

    lol nah its not. The public option wasn’t placed in the legislation. The tax in obamacare are for ppl who don’t have insurance

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  37. ciuffreile platvenick says:

    Why Morally Bankrupt Nancy Pelosi Should Quit-Weiner’s unwillingness to accept the Health Care Bill when Pelosi dumped the Public Option

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  40. tabrer colquin says:

    there would be no problem requiring tax payers to pay for a public option since it would be a gov function. pity that didn’t happen.

  41. toney rao says:


  42. williya shaus says:

    cons response re 1st nations reminds me of their response on refugee health care cuts ie ‘they never had it so good’ …

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