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Categorizing others by assigning them to a group is a natural part of human thinking. The world is filled with myriad complicated and bewildering stimuli, which we all make sense of in part through generalization — and this applies equally well to our fellow human beings. It is also natural for us to tend toward suspicion of the different and unknown since the life conditions of our ancestors encouraged the incorporation of these traits by enabling those of our ancestors who did incorporate them to live, thrive, and reproduce with greater success in the harsh realities of the natural world.

However, it is neither wise nor ethical for us to allow this instinctual suspicion of those who are evidently different to dictate our ongoing perception or treatment of groups we don’t immediately identify with. We are conscious, intelligent, and potentially lucid creatures, and it both behooves and is beholden on us to use our thinking brains to see past the impulses of our instinctual brains that would have us wrongfully fear and mistreat one another.

To wit, the growing and increasingly accepted Islamophobia, Latinophobia, Homophobia, and Intellectuaphobia in this country is unfounded, wrong, and exceedingly dangerous. Much as many of the people of Germany in the 1930s tapped into their collective angst to create a fascist would-be empire from the raw ingredients of economic despair and the drive to find a scapegoat for their state (for which they used Jews, intellectuals, Gypsies, and homosexuals, ultimately producing a catastrophe we are all familiar with), many Americans now seem to be scapegoating Muslims, Latinos, homosexuals, and scientists.

Xenophobic antipathy between what might be called Modern Christendom and the Islamic world (in an unsettling and quasi masked resurrection of the Crusades) has the real potential to transform the US into another fascist state and ignite World War III. Most of us would not survive such a conflagration. We know better and we need to remember this, put aside our adolescent impulses, and find viable, mature solutions that do not result simply from inchoate fear and rage. The following piece does a nice job of outlining a general approach for doing so.

Islam and the West: Reaching Intercultural Understanding

And this thoughtful but dire analysis by Chris Hedges delineates the problem in another way:

A Recipe for Fascism

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  1. A special Happy Birthday to my favorite person!

  2. If you think homophobia is indefensible, you need to act like it. If you think it needs to be condemned, you need to condemn it.

  3. it say a sin dude. Its a psalm written for God… like saying I hope I say anything against you in this life of hardship. As far as I know there a scripture where it says you will be punished, its a sin, etc. for cussing… To me the things the psalmist could be referring to could be blasphemy or rage or basically anything against him.

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  7. [ Agama & Kepercayaan ] Jawab : Islam suka cari musuh yee, Nih apalagi yang dimusuhinya selain Kristen dan Ahmadiyah? –

  8. elchermorg gher says:

    this is lame.. hope you think so too.. so you can improve on your next work.. directing was too basic, simpe shots. jokes were inaccurate cliches too..

  9. richler miyatardel says:

    Thank you brother Cornel for the wonderful message and for mentioning sir Marley and all the great musicians who shared these same values with the world

  10. wachinyong ima says:

    India: Muslim men lure Hindu girls with promises of marriage, then they disappear: 84 Hindu girls missing this year –

  11. ketty hemens says:

    You want to know what Muslim army won a war recently? How about the Afghan Mujahideen who defeated the super power Soviet Union? And in 3-4 years time America will retreat in defeat and shame lol

  12. I think your writers provide a reflection of a deep seated jealousy in regards to tanned people; their wealth and beauty. As you tan your bodies to mimic them in appearance and the eastern provinces of the roman empire provided the empire wealth and grain. Today the same can be said about oil etc. Jealousy leads to hate which leads to propagaton of such attitides.

  13. slups guert says:

    the ones in the center is Allah & Mohammed.The other four are the successors “Caliphs” of Islam: Omar, Ali, Othman & Abu Baker 🙂

  14. barty cronkarnon says:

    , Many white scholars teach about the incredible contributions made by the original dark people who made a mistake by welcoming those from caves,your ancestors. It is basic history knowledge that while caucasians were in caves or suffering during the dark ages dark people had created the etc.In fact without their help racist whites would NOT had survived outside Europe.U r hated because u have done EVIL with no remorse or apology,u continue this wicked action

  15. are intellectual and when they do fall in love, it’s usually with a person who makes them think and laugh

  16. Sudan and South Sudan dispute a “major threat to peace”: UN chief: The dispute between Sudan and South Sudan has… –

  17. queltzelop says:

    I can post an intellectual status about what’s really on my mind and get no likes while the drunk slut gets 50, suck my dick.

  18. If it were taught in that order generally, it would make a lot more sense to students. Instead I think their search practices and their learning to cite are totally disconnected until about the junior year.

  19. hauchmidah says:

    Did I spell ignorance wrong? lol
    Peopel are so stupid. Peopel need to seriously take citizens academy classes to edjucate themselves.

  20. saka sanochik says:

    Asalamu Alaikum. I am a Muslim and I’ve recently heard about NOI. Are yu able to tell me the difference between NOI and Islam? Salaam

  21. closilberg says:

    Homophobia Is Declining in Schools, Study Claims THE GUARDIAN: Teenagers no longer stigmatise being gay, argues Brunel University sociologist Mark McCormack… –

  22. – hey winkee. thanks for the follow. we’ll keep you posted when we launch our campaign to end homophobia in men’s pro

  23. ghazek coval says:

    The murder of Shaima Alawadi was a likely honor killing, not a hate crime — for Linda Sarsour, who doubtless penned this shameless orgy of Muslim victimhood and deflection from the reality of jihad terror before that news broke. And CNN, just as shameless, doesn’t take this farrago down…

  24. Sad but true “It’s a big problem when as a studio U want to make films 4 & audience doesn’t show up.”-Ron Meyer

  25. hobynski izawanze says:

    voices in my head, keep me awake all night long. i have to find, where i can go to find my peace of mind

  26. andrisonno kemiltzman says:

    Very sad news: Simple Muslim brother got embroiled in is Allah/Above His debate at Uni, got confused & eventually left Islam!

  27. sabreitmar hamine says:

    For a lot of us, it has a lot more to do with their disturbingly selfish politics than their idea of a Muslim country

  28. damaller says:

    Once they hiring more than a few muslim staff, the demands will in earnest. They should get a ticket back to where they came from.

  29. ekell baudassick says:

    Living in a free society guarantees that each one of us will see our most cherished principles and beliefs questioned and in some cases mocked. That psychic is the price we pay for basic civic peace. It’s it. It’s a pragmatic principle. Defend everyone else’s rights, because if you don’t there is no one to …
    Armida Morentin liked The Smallest Minority: My Favorite Carol Burnette Show Clip on 7 June 2012 (3 weeks ago).

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  31. guyer mclagenbac says:

    Such an amazing personality, always looking at the upside in life. Thank you God for sending me this intellectual friend!

  32. Muslim Brotherhood in Behira mourns the death of 15 ys old Egyptian youth, Islam Masoud, killed today by thugs attacking MB HQ in Damanhour

  33. I played basketball in high school for a while. I miss it a lot! We had an awesome team. 🙂

  34. I totally understand! You saw my rant from earlier tonight? I wish ppl would learn that pushing beliefs (Muslim or non) is bad.

  35. schnerts rotte says:

    If you can go beyond the blogosphere, then go beyond it. Islam doesn’t limit your creativity, but your understanding o …

  36. Yesterday (11 hours ago) was the Corporate Materialised Day of Consumerist Love Worshipping Fascism for Profit by the Bourgeois Idlers Day

  37. Live in the San Diego area? If so, please join us for KIDS HELPING KIDS IN KENYA: A Special Kids for Peace event…

  38. habuccia says:

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