It’s one of many great ironies and hypocricies of the modern Republican Party that their likely candidate for President in 2012 is renowned for flip-flopping (the charge they wrongly saddled John Kerry with).

Here is a recent ad from the Democratic Party calling attention to the one consistent thing about Romney: his malleability.

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  1. guilfrande van says:

    Until you leave nice little protective bunker of intellectualism and separation, afraid that YOUR progress and learning will be hindered by your inability to unify yourself with anyone outside your precious ilk. From what I can gather, you view challenges of life as externally-focused problems requiring manipulation by internet crusading scum like yourself instead of internally-focused to learn and grow.

  2. rin woodmann says:

    “there is much more personal freedom in a society with a government than in a society with no government” 2 + 2 5.

  3. [Its easy to dominate a market when the only one with functioning factories and infrastructure :P]

  4. Given the nature of Republican primary voting, moderate GOP candidate Jon Huntsman was a long shot from the beginning. He’s set to endorse Mitt Romney, although it’s unclear how much difference that will make in a race for the nomination that already favors Romney.

  5. The so-called “media” needs to stop saying that is tapping into Republican “anger”. What he is banging into is HATE!

  6. RT Kid Rock endorsed Mitt Romney today.

    Kid Rock’s most famous song goes: “Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy.”

    You do the math.

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  8. zary bonnonisle says:

    If Newt Gingrich is going to use Hulk Hogan’s Real American theme song, Mitt Romney should call dibs on Million Dollar Man’s.

  9. lavely herrechitw says:

    Never thought a GOP candidate could ever sell me anything, especially Willard Mitt Romney… but I really want an Etch-A-Sketch now.

  10. alva gravin says:

    Mr. Netanyahu insists that he is neutral in the presidential election, but he has at best a fraught relationship with President Obama. For years, the prime minister has skillfully mobilized many Jewish groups and Congressional Republicans to pressure the Obama administration into taking a more confrontational approach against Iran.

    “To the extent that their personal relationship would give Netanyahu entree to the Romney White House in a way that he doesn’t now have to the Obama White House,” Mr. Indyk said, “the prime minister would consider that to be a significant advantage.”

  11. Susie Sampson: Romney v. Obama!: With Mitt Romney as the GOP candidate, I wanted to see how other Americans feel… –

  12. joyner mugambecqu says:

    The reason y I stand is b/c i’m tired & I know U R tired w/ me..let’s fight! #tlot –

  13. The wealthiest Americans have seen their incomes explode over the last decade proof tax cuts help the rich no new jobs

  14. shard lianah says:

    The lede: “If a Republican had nearly doubled the Dow and gotten bin Laden and Qaddafi, already be on the dime.”

  15. edyta parraw says:

    Romney campaign criticizes Obama’s experience – Boston Globe
    WASHINGTON—A weak labor market provided energy Sunday for criticism of President Barack Obama, with the campaign of presumptive Republican challenger Mitt Romney contending that the president’s lack of executive leadership experience undermines his policies. The unemployment rate rose to 8.2 …

  16. ackneesey echnerbeli says:

    Even if you don’t like Mitt Romney, it’s refreshing to see a Pres candidate who talks and sounds credible on economics

  17. ABC News

    Likelihood of contempt vote rises as Issa, AG Holder fail to reach agreement …
    Washington Post
    WASHINGTON — A Republican House committee chairman said Tuesday he is prepared to follow through on a contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder unless the Justice provides Congress with documents on a flawed gun-smuggling probe.
    Likelihood of contempt vote against AG risesAlbany Times Union
    Issa: Holder must turn over documents or face contempt voteKETK
    Lawmaker sets deadline for Holder to avoid contempt citationChicago Tribune
    all 374 news articles »

  18. genberg says:

    ….not hearing GOP whine about Obama elitism since Harvard educated top .00012%er and Dressage Horse owner Mitt Romney became their guy ;D

  19. alfon nori says:

    its the most republican state ever. And the most unconstitutional. It looks badass though. I want to golf there so bad

  20. WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has a 64-page blueprint for change. Republican rival Mitt Romney offers a 59-point jobs plan. Yet voters still sense something’s missing….

  21. bhabsah says:

    یعنی مگه مردم دیوانه ان توی این وضعیت و گرونی به حرف اینها گوش کنن و تند و تند بچه بیارن؟!!مگه پول دارند که شکمشون رو سیر کنن؟!

  22. Imagine being raped. You become pregnant. Mitt Romney is in office. SCOTUS reverses Roe. are crimes. You must carry baby to term. –

  23. San Francisco Chronicle

    of Immigrants, Night Two
    The second night of the Republican National Convention reinforced the first-night message linking the Republican to the American dream of immigrant upward mobility and hard work. Senator Rand Paul spoke about Cambodian and Vietnamese …
    All Share ServicesSalon
    all 39 news articles »

  24. The awful thing about the Republican is that the person who offers them the most relevant way forward is probably Mike Huckabee –

  25. Let’s not let a few dumb things Mitt Romney has said in private overshadow the many dumb things he’s said in public …

  26. Two of Mitt Romney’s senior advisers say they are backing Todd Akin, the Missouri Republican Senate candidate they once shunned.

  27. I expect a blog post in the next 15 minutes blaming France’s credit downgrade on George W Bush or Mitt Romney. –

  28. millen karpelu says:

    Call/email Republican officials in red states asking them not to vote in the electoral college-they don’t have to and …

  29. dopking cio says:

    had a lonq night thou` been on the phone w / my bae 4 hours and 21s. convo`s been crazy asf especially the one bout mitt romney lmfao mwah !

  30. If Mitt Romney was president, we’d blame everything on him. “Damn why is it so windy outside? It wasn’t this windy w …

  31. malis sarthy says:

    Jimmy, I am so proud of you. You switched because as you claim there was no room in the republican tent for you as an openly gay man

  32. chow diep says:

    Mario Gallegos represented state Senate District 6. He died on Oct. 16, but it was too late to remove his name from the November general election ballot. He won re-election over Republican R.W. …

  33. vall shews says:

    Random Trivia (just heard this): when was the last time a republican won office and there was neither a Nixon nor a Bush on the ticket?

  34. Just accused of being insensitive because I’m in the 1 percent. What gave it away…my Mitt Romney autographed limo? –

  35. still to this day I do not believe Mitt Romney left Bain Capitol and right now his latest victim Clear Channel is suffering –

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