Commentators on the “Fox and Friends” program recently impugned President Obama for talking frankly about the economic crisis. Personally, I prefer candor to pep-talks, but apparently Fox thinks we’re not adult enough to handle frankness. Steve Doocy criticized the President for failing to portray the same positive attitude FDR portrayed in his inaugral address, citing the famous “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” quotation. Brian Kilmeade agreed and stated that “I just don’t understand the wisdom of doing this as the leader of the free world, running down the economy, and then wondering why we don’t have consumer confidence.”

Thanks for admitting that you don’t understand, Brian, but that is already obvious. For example, Barak Obama has been President for only a few weeks, so it’s unlikely he deserves the blame for the state of the economy. In addition, that quote from FDR is just one line from a much longer speech — in which FDR also spoke frankly about the dire situation the country faced, saying that “only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment.” In his inaugural address, President Obama, like FDR, not only did us the courtesy of gravely assessing reality, but also of  declaring his belief that we will triumph in this crisis. Whether or not Mr. Obama is right about that, only time will tell.

In any case, Doocy’s tactic is weak and shameful, yet it persuades a lot of well-meaning people. It deserves to be shown for the falsehood of implication that it is. Below are both FDR’s and President Obama’s inaugural addresses. Judge for yourself.


FDR’s Inaugural Address, Part I:

FDR’s Inaugural Address, Part II:

Barak Obama’s Inaugural Address:

43 Responses to “What FDR Also Said”

  1. The greatest President. Long live the Republic of the United States of America. Defending the Republic from all enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

  2. linger sche says:

    I agree. Before you taking anything that alters the brain chemistry, you should consult a mental health professional (preferably a psychiatrist). That way, in case it backfires, they know why it backfired and can help you fix the problem.

  3. Good point but there is no way the few elites on the top you say are going to do that. They’d rather see the human race diminish by systematic elimination than stepping down from their throne..Sounds like a New World Order, but that’s just how paranoids think.

  4. Isnt it interesting, the current economic crisis was caused by economic issues in the developed world, and now they refuse to fix it?

  5. £600thousand 2privately fly in a panda +£70 thousand 2supply it with Organic Bamboo!! Are we not having an economic Crisis?

  6. pagnite marchelant says:

    If you look up the definition of GDP you will understand why none of what you’re saying makes any sense.

  7. nako longan says:

    It may seem unthinkable for a church to have to go through foreclosure, but nobody is immune in our current economic crisis, even churches

  8. Im G to the B and this is how I roll…. you got beef with me you can kiss my A double s Holeeee
    I love russel howard!! 😀 😀

  9. bord bisler says:

    The sad reality is Republicans(you) talk the talk, but never walk the walk. These bastards & that’s all they really are chase after & lick the boots of the rich. This is nothing new, they always have. This is why Republicans refuse to take away the tax cuts that will cost the US treasuary between 4-5 trillion dollars in a 10 year period. You don’t need to be an Einstein or math wizz to see that a 5 trillion dollar bite out of a total near 15 trillion dollar deficit is a HUGE chuck.

  10. watz boltz says:

    and i love Obama and all he stands for….but obama didnt make you go take your act or sat…so lets not take away from our own motivation.

  11. right wing. Stop the waste and stupid-spending first. Then close tax loopholes. Then, if the US must have new revenue, get millionaires off government benefits of any kind: farm subsidies, VA, Social Security, Medicare, green energy……then talk about a national sales tax to get some money from crooks/illegals………then talk about raising taxes after those things have been taken care of.

  12. zaran goodlo says:

    This is all wrong… the USA is printing money at such a great rate that the Chinese selling 1T in USD (already sold $600B in 1H 2011) will not materially increase the Yuan. We are living beyond our means and need to cut government spending and printing of dollars… hyperinflation is next.

  13. msireetain says:

    u act as if people move, or people don’t have cars. I’ve lived in a rural area with people who lost their jobs went to other cities, everyone else shopped at or drive 30 miles to the nearest grocery store. dump people still have choices. In actuality probably does more for low income people than the federal government.

  14. mccran wood says:

    TIL Einstein originally wrote a letter to FDR warning him that the US would lose the nuclear arms race to Germany. Years later, he admitted that he regretted signing that letter, the letter that apparently caused the nuclear arms race itself. –

  15. Yea that was jus me be an asshole I didn’t expect it to really come from u but I did tell fox dat

  16. hengerrang says:

    that is not how allies work see churchill fdr it was COLD IT WAS W/O FEELING IT WAS SYMBOLIC IT WAS BS

  17. jing holmann says:

    The Learning Survey 2011 says that is ranked best delivery method for Value for Money training. By and Pardo Fox

  18. buchillads says:

    Ну и наконец в подкасте Буркхаузер говорит, что все ответы в таблице 1, включая 3.2% от Пикетти, “правильные” — в зависимости от того, какие вопросы задавать.

  19. holle xaviet says:

    The Future Of The U.S. Economy Will Depend On The Country’s Hispanic Market By Way of Their Increasing Demographics –

  20. gher berkanard says:

    selection of Warren to delivery the inaugural invocation is deeply alarming and offensive to the GLBT community. And to add insult to injury, Obama went on record today (12/18/08) to publicly defend his choice. See my related blog post:

  21. ling blaczel says:

    one way of looking at it. But another way too. And that there is indeed a recession. If you ignore a storm it go away.Preparing and working through the storm is critical. And so is working through a recession.Letting the storm or recession scare you the strategy. But ignoring it and hoping it exist the right technique]]>

  22. kalbergese cho says:

    The GOP House has passed 30 jobs bills that are currently sitting on Senator Reid’s desk. Remind me, which is stalling the economy?

  23. Apple Top 10 Movie R This Means War – McG: FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) are CIA operatives and b… –

  24. If they cut bk on this firework display and put the money into the economy we would no longer be in a bloody recession

  25. lito semehler says:

    growing demand for energy at an astonishing rate adds to the current economic crisis the world is experincing. The IMF Chief has indicated today that the current economic crisis has washed away the old economic order. Can the new economic order be based on energy and not money? History teaches us that economic stresses and possible energy can give rise to future aggressions.]]>

  26. 2 World wars in 30 years of each other, Soviet rule for half of the 20th century, massive economic crisis now. Europe needs a break

  27. bawniema earneyrell says:

    I think the UK will avoid a triple dip recession. Thanks to the cunning plan, created by Osborne, of not coming out of the second one.

  28. The FDR Program gets the GOLD!
    Dr. Kevin Jardine, the creator of the FPR Program and of the Tape we…

  29. mishernski says:

    Id love to think we can keep calm and carry on Stan but the olympics is only a blanket covering over our economic crisis

  30. Responding to Climate Change

    Analysis: Despite soaring emissions is China the world’s new green superpower?
    Responding to Climate Change
    By Ros Donald. While Europe and the US’s growth figures continue to limp along, China’s economic expansion remains remarkably resilient in the face of the global economic crisis. Chinese economic growth is reflected both in its growing carbon footprint …
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  31. novicsopal beth says:

    Prague – The economic crisis has finally fully affected the purses of Czech citizens receiving average salaries, Weiss says in Lidove noviny (LN) daily today in relation to the fresh data of the Czech Statistical Office.

  32. If youre around NYC next month check this out. My fav, Kahn’s FDR Memorial opening! – What To Do This “Archtober”

  33. luedi blona says:

    President Obama: “Four years after the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, our businesses have created over 5 million …

  34. mcmillich ricker says:

    Obama on the GOP: tried this on your own economics.’ What did we get? Falling incomes, record deficits, & …

  35. rein kasassanoy says:

    Lucky for me I have a sister who lives near but it’s been challenging getting inaugural tix from the state of IL 2 go

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  37. veazzingel szik says:

    day of offical work, Heading up to George tomorrow for the inaugural sevens premier league – Have a Gr8 day all..

  38. if the times are good, maybe working conditions can be improved, but in recession… Workers are treated like commodities. –

  39. Americans should not tolerate the manipulation of our economy & the inflation of our currency by an unaccountable ins …

  40. brasi maschoenio says:

    You may be right but he may have seen the light-I’m giving one last chance-FDR had tio be pushed to become who he was –

  41. Richard Blanco Will Be First Latino Inaugural Poet: Poet Richard Blanco is the author of City of a Hundred Fires…

  42. Did you know FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt)signed executive order to ROUND UP AMERICAN CITIZENS, and hold in concentration camps? –

  43. Free markets didn’t cause the Great Depression the government failing to act did and by the time it did act what is did was stupid

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