Classic conservative dogma includes the argument that war is good for the economy. In a way, that view is good news because it means that the incessant conservative pursuit of war may not, after all, translate into nothing more than simple sadism, imperialism, or fear-biting xenophobia. I find this somewhat comforting, although valuing greed above all is not a great deal better. A little, but not much.

Right now, we in the US spend perhaps 20% of our budget on militarily-related expenses, which amounts to, by some reckonings, perhaps a trillion dollars (or about 20 times Bill Gates’ best net worth). We spend more than all other nations in the world combined on “defense” (why am I reminded of Newspeak, yet again?). There are few other areas in which we spend a comparable amount of money, though, notably, one of these is the interest on our national debt.

Republicans are conspicuously and suddenly in an uproar over this national debt — with McCain, for example, deeming the recently-passed “stimulus” bill a theft from future generations. Interestingly, these Republican objections arise only now, when the expenditures may possibly benefit average citizens through the policies of a Democrat in the White House, rather than exclusively benefitting big corporations and the super-rich through the policies of a Republican in the White House — and only now when money may be spent on peaceful endeavors instead of on war. Go figure.

Here’s a piece from the Real News that discusses how spending on war is spun as a good thing because it creates jobs.



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  1. cifourtig says:

    … Because they continue to grow in a recession. They’re also one company I dream to work for one day.

  2. greenas alsenhoffr says:

    DTN USA: In the Breast Cancer Fight, the Pinking of America: A marketing powerhouse has arisen in the war on bre…

  3. PG state gov successfully reduce debts 95.29% in 3.5 yrs! Pakatan Rakyat Demi Rakyat. BN public debts increase! Whose better in economy?

  4. dont know why i wrote that, i were an faggot then 😛 now i actually listen to this music 😛 xD irony!

  5. hoff florell says:

    well most of young ppl buy socialist crap. remember when i was socialist myself in my youth.
    it changes as soon as first paycheck arrives LOL

  6. Yes, there always going to be rich and poor. But we used to live in country where rich owned factory and make 30 times what factory worker make. Now we live in country where rich make money by lying about value of derivative bonds and make 3000 times what factory worker would make if factories hadn’t all moved to China. Capitalism great system. We… –

  7. mongo fring says:

    Reuters – Spain’s borrowing costs hit a 14-year high on Tuesday as political over a solution to the euro zone’s sovereign debt crisis hit another vulnerable southern European economy.

  8. President Barack Obama hosts European Union leaders at a White House summit, amid fears of a new recession in Europe and possible eff…

  9. jer pectonni says:

    Do you really think that being in a 14 trillion in debt bothers these clowns why? Away from the cameras the politicians are laughing and shaking hands its baloney. My friend seen this over and over he works for Washington times. Its a scam to keep you in fear. Its called controlling the masses i see outside people spending money like crazy if we were broke why is packed Football stadiums full people buying jerseys Golf course filled to the brim and Casinos oh new Cars.

  10. hastmannes hwart says:

    no war plus un israilien qui chante et qui veux la paix alors que son gouvernement tue les palestinie ya pas des geurres si les israilien donne la terre au palestinien

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  12. wehofenbei adenes says:

    Who cares if we are in in the worst economic slump since the Great Depression, with 8.6% unemployment, plummeting home values and Europe on the brink of collapse. The real tragedy here is that Santa didn’t bring a new iPhone or a car.

  13. chicofaraby on Marginalizing Ron Paul: On the economy, war and peace, and civil Paul has made the most sense of the Republican candidates. –

  14. This was a year ago but the dow is at 11,000. Still, gold is at 1350 and almost hit 1400 last week so things are choppy but still happening the way they said

  15. I don’t care if you don’t believe in God, but don’t try to talk down on MY belief in Him.. No one will ever win in a war based on religion

  16. nabellam richitner says:

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  18. swintz sen says:

    I’m never going to get this animated Abilify commercial where lady who is depressed and her “depression” (blue robe) interact side-by-side.

  19. o'doh dascarray says:

    Dats y im giving it to yu for $50,cuz yu’re fam $50 ? girl its a recession plus im family & i don’t have no job

  20. MetLife lays off 118 at O.C. office: MetLife Inc. is laying off 118 workers in Irvine as of the c…

  21. On the economy train. Its very lively here! From newspaper sellers, there aee fruits, beggars, people sing, blind old man recite poems, etc!

  22. If there is a war, first ones to hide in trenches will be the IAS guys in MOD (Def Secy & his cronies). “Uniform” wil c us thr

  23. smanowskas lapolins says:

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  25. moriz koziah says:

    Larry Kudlow has been pounding the table for a stronger US dollar as the way to beat the recession. But now that the dollar has bottomed out, why isn’t the recovery sticking? Lowering taxes might be a good place to

  26. mcilippeni says:

    Everything going wrong when i left work around 11 by 12 i fell into a deep depression -_- so much went bad so fast! Lol

  27. If We All Became Who We Wanted To Become When We Got Older. We Would Be Out Of Depression, End of World Hunger Etc.

  28. shimoremar says:

    NASA Goddard Photo and Video via flickr Yesterday’s jobs highlighted weakness in the U.S. economy. Europe is sinking deeper into recession, though the ECB has momentarily stabilized financial markets. Fears of a hard landing in China are rising fast as economic data continues its downward trajectory. JP Morgan economists Bruce Kasman, David Hensley, and […]

  29. korske winfeenas says:

    Euro footballers find work in Hong Kong: As Spain’s economy finds new lows, there is one clear winner in the eur…

  30. ciarsano hutz says:

    I haven’t read Greenfield’s book, but if Gore had won, IMO, there wld not have been 2 wars, we wld not be in a recessio …

  31. boger bartez says:

    So the guard told me she likes my purse but it aint no brand. And informed me that she is ‘a brand woman boa!’ The recession hit Bim u say?

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  33. Euro Zone Is ‘Shaping Up Quite Well,’ Says Think Tank: The euro zone may be in recession but the region’s

  34. bald blach says:

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  35. failings with the economy won’t just screw us of for a year, or a few years – but for decades –

  36. rode kawa says:

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  37. mcchin bell says:

    My Econ 110 prof: problem with monetary policy and recession is cheap loans don’t help if expected result of investment is negative

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  39. Todd — the best way to understand the thinking of the Southern Baptist establishment and leadership is to read and analyze their key publications and statements. Google describes reality better than the opinions or experiences of any single individual. Did you bother reading and analyzing the top ten hits for the ten searches above?

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