One of the games being played by the plutarchs is the “fight over scraps” game. They take 90% of the pie for themselves, then tell one group of people who have 4% of the remainder that the other group who has 6% of the remainder has stolen their share.

Divide and conquer.

By pitting the rest of us against each other, the plutarchs shift attention from themselves and what the real problem is and use people’s jealousy and fear to pit them against each other.

And, sadly, this seems to work pretty well.

The public education system is one of the main reasons more of us have not lived in poverty. Prior to it, most people were illiterate and even more disenfranchised.

Teachers are not the problem. Teachers are the solution.

President Obama: American Jobs Act Will Prevent Up to 280,000 Teachers from Losing their Jobs

Posted by Colleen Curtis

The White House today released a report that outlines the devastating impact the recession has had on schools and students across the country. Teacher Jobs at Risk highlights the significant cuts in education spending that have resulted from state budget shortfalls since 2008, including the loss of nearly 300,000 teaching jobs across the country (see chart below).

And in the coming school year, without additional support, many school districts will have to make another round of difficult decisions. As a result of state and local funding cuts, as many as 280,000 teacher jobs could be at risk. Unless they receive federal assistance, many school districts will be forced to reduce the number of teachers in their classrooms, or turn to other measures such as shortening the school year or cutting spending on schoolbooks and supplies.

President Obama, speaking today in Texas, compared the situation here with South Korea, where their President said they can’t hire teachers fast enough:

They call them “nation builders” — that’s what they call teachers in Korea, “nation builders,” because they know that educating their children is the best way to make sure their economy is growing, make sure that good jobs are locating there, making sure they’ve got the scientists and the engineers and the technicians who can build things and ship them all around the world. That’s what he understands. And the whole country supports him. Here in America, we’re laying off teachers in droves. It makes no sense. It has to stop. It has to stop.

The President was at Eastfield Community College, in Mesquite, Texas where he toured a pre-school before talking about the impact the American Jobs Act will have on schools, and on teachers, across the country. He told the crowd there that the stakes for addressing this situation are high, with “nothing less than our ability to compete in this 21st century economy” at risk.

This is why one of the central components of the American Jobs Act, which the President introduced last month at a Joint Session of Congress, is funding to avoid and reverse teacher layoffs now, and to provide support for the re-hiring and hiring of educators.

Specifically, the American Jobs Act will invest $30 billion to support state and local efforts to retain, rehire, and hire early childhood, elementary, and secondary educators. If enacted, these teacher stabilization funds would help prevent layoffs and support the hiring or re-hiring of nearly 400,000 educators, includ¬ing teachers, guidance counselors, classroom assistants, afterschool personnel, tutors, and literacy and math coaches. These funds will ensure that schools are able to keep teachers in the classroom, preserve or extend the regular school day and school year, and maintain important afterschool activities.

The impact of this funding is clear:

  • In the states with the largest numbers of students, the American Jobs Act will support tens of thousands of educator jobs—California (37,300), Florida (25,900), Illinois (14,500), New York (18,000) and Texas (39,500).
  • Funding is targeted to the school districts most in need of support across the country, especially those with a high share of students living in poverty. The Department of Education projects that New York City will receive around $950 million, Los Angeles Unified School District will receive around $570 million, Dade County School District will receive around $250 million, and Houston and Dallas Independent School Districts will each receive more than $100 million.
  • Even in states with smaller student enrollments, the American Jobs Act will have a significant impact—supporting over a thousand educator jobs in states like Montana (1,400), Arkansas (4,100), Nevada (3,600), and Iowa (4,100). Medium-size school districts like those in Wake County, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee will receive funding ranging from $50 million to $75 million.

As the President said today in Texas, Americans cannot afford to wait for things to get better, it is time to act:

We are not people who sit back in tough times. We step up in tough times. We make things happen in tough times. We’ve been through tougher times before, and we got through them. We’re going to get through these to a brighter day, but we’re going to have to act. God helps those who help themselves. We need to help ourselves right now.

Let’s get together. Let’s get to work. Let’s get busy. Let’s pass this bill. Let’s make sure that we are shaping a destiny for our children that we are proud of, and let’s remind the entire world why the United States of America is the greatest nation on the planet.

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  1. I wish I could say this was true, but there many examples of celebrities doing something wrong and getting off with little more than a slap on the wrist. I would have to argue that we are not all equal, even in the eye of a judicial system.

  2. I put it very simple – you either go beyond old patterns or be crucified by dead structures, limited believes, understanding about one self and life of your own mind. You Either Dare to Live or fall behind. You either follow your Inner or follow the crowd, including believing that brain is all that you are – the Choice IS Yours

  3. marishimit thortharri says:

    I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being

  4. tsalley eiglin says:

    Jay Chung, a Philadelphia music teacher, says that we need the American Jobs Act because it invests in our schools and our student’s futures.

    Chung is responsible for music classes at seven different schools in the Philadelphia school district. He travels from school to school, teaching percussion classes using plastic buckets from Home Depot, which he’s found is the best way to stretch his meager $100 budget.

    Watch him discuss his unique program and explain how the American Jobs Act will help our nation’s students and their schools in this video from the of Education.

    read more

  5. maroomi mcgowick says:

    Click over to Equality Action NOW’s “Youth Force!” page and watch a powerful video that is trending on just about…

  6. shafrangit says:

    Remember AARP was by an insurance agent/company to originally sell more insurance to seniors not to lobby for seniors whether for health care or any other senior issue. Its all about the premiums (money) not about representation about what is best for seniors.

  7. lol yea i agree with you especially on young money being bs(well if drake gets off lil waynes nutz then he would be a lot better.) more mainstream than underground, unless i know for sure that undergound is good. Its ok for you to like the new as well as the old, just nit pick through the garbage “rapper” (gucci, soulj fag, wocka flocka fag, etc) and listen to some new as well as old that still can spit(b.o.b, lupe, etc)

  8. “Out of curiosity: Where are you guys getting this “the left/right is a delusion” from? Quite frankly: It’s ridiculous and it sounds like some cult phrase. To deny the left and right exist is to say people have no differing opinions. That we’re all tricked to believe differently. This is an extremely authoritarian stance and we see the results of this stance in Korea where there is no left, center, or right – just uniformity.”

  9. to have a little less patriotic pride in whatever’s a given and a bit of humble shame about what’s missing like jobs or equality.

  10. Does anyone know the work hours at the House? I’m still waiting for American Jobs Act to pass but they R rarely home.

  11. waltner coross says:

    US police have detained two more Occupy protesters in the Californian city of Oakland, turning the total number of anti-corporatism demonstrators arrested since September last year to close to 5,900.

  12. Rebuilding America , 1 -3 The Book of Jobs
    Forget monetary policy. Re-examining the cause of the Great Depression—the revolution in agriculture that threw millions out of work—the author argues that the U.S. is now facing and must manage a similar shift in the “real” economy, from industry to service, or risk a tragic replay of 80 years ago.

  13. Where the black & tans failed, the marxist Irish establishment has succeded in destroying the Irish Nation for ever. Thanks to them, the Irish no longer have a homeland of their own.

    Yes hang them.

  14. soudaramm ann says:

    Just keep thinking to yourself that you Liberals are empowering people to anything more than greater “supplied life”. In reality you have only helped turn out a progressively growing group of intercity drop outs, who then have not enough hope or ability to take anything else but the Liberal supplied life of “created” jobs and supplied services under collectivism. It is a subversion of our free pursuit society, “the rich” as an excuse for it be damned.

  15. schul kusaki says:


    Russian pop singer Philip Kirkorov faces jail over copyright infringements
    The four composers in question – Alexander Saveliev, Dimitar Penev, Ivan Peev, and Nayden Andreev – have authorized a NGO, the “European Society for Human Rights Protection – Bulgaria” to represent them in claiming copyright damages from Kirkorov.

  16. cartizeren says:

    Let’s hope the gets into the hands of kids in bedrooms and garages and not left to teachers to prescribe a course

  17. @syrianintegrity
    r u asking if we will be able to consciously choose the type of gov or if we will be abel to achieve equality? –

  18. willagrat says:

    I’ve thought about this for a while and I want to know your opinions. No political system, however perfect it is in theory is perfect in practice….

  19. Strategists and activists for gay rights cannot ignore conservative religious arguments. When it comes to challenging the religious right, strategizing with progressive religious leaders and theologians makes sense.

  20. National Prayer Breakfast received scrutiny as critics attempted to link its sponsors to Uganda’s anti-homosexuality legislation. While the sponsoring group and other American Christians have condemned the Uganda bill, some conservatives voiced for the criminalization of homosexuality in the United States. At the prayer breakfast, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton highlighted Uganda as she emphasized U.S. for human rights. President Obama was more specific, citing opposition to Uganda’s proposed law as an example of possible common ground in our current contentious politics. He said that it is unconscionable to target gays and lesbians for who they are—whether it’s here in the United States or, as Hillary mentioned, more extremely in odious laws that are being proposed most recently in Uganda. His statement at the breakfast comes on the heels of his call during the State of the Union address to repeal the ban on gays and lesbians serving in the military.

  21. Teachers won millions of pounds in compensation last year after accidents, injuries, assaults and discrimination at school, new figures show.

  22. feeling ko kasi ma’am hehe MSO did it to remain interesting, gather sponsors, & not exactly to fight for equality. I think.

  23. nakamsi fred says:

    & if U can manage more than 1 thing a time can U pass the American Jobs Act: Jobs that do no harm to environment?

  24. surjit modostedec says:

    just a quick point but the bbc has been attacking Murdoch yet they share the same corporatism and both embraced labour especially blair

  25. – Location : Gangdong, Seoul – Date : May 18th. – Student Type : Elementary – Middle School Student – Working Hour : 2:00 am — 10:00 pm (included prep-time) / Mon – Sat (if teachers work on Saturdays, they will have one day off during the week to compensate. : They only work 5 out of the 6 days.) – Salary : 2.1- 2.3 mil Korean won (depends on qualification) – Housing : single furnished housing – Full Benefits : Pension, Medical insurance, Airfare – Vacation : 10 paid vacation days + Korean national holidays – 5 paid sick days – E2 visa holder – All applicants should have two apostilled criminal background check and two apostilled copies of bachelor’s degree. Please send us your resume and photo at If you have any teaching experience in Korea, Please let me know the contact number of the school for your reference and available time to interview in person or by phone. Thank you Location: Gangdong, Seoul Compensation: 2.1- 2.3 mil Korean won (depends…

  26. mietzer says:

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state & corporate power” – Mussolini –

  27. dickai sanio says:

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  28. landragold says:

    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini.

  29. It bothers me so much that a man who ultimately corrupt and a tyrant is now the face for human rights and democracy in PK. Uh?

  30. kursiermer huenhold says:

    RT David Icke to Appear on BBC’s ‘Question Time’?: See David at WembleyActivist Post
    A Human Rights Petition just l… –

  31. That speech and the American Jobs Act are a good let’s see of President Obama can hold Congress to action on jobs.

  32. korkum suse says:

    4.5 million of them added over past 29 months. And how many more we could have had you not voted down American Jobs Act???

  33. lin poule says:

    American Jobs Act – Biden obviously holding in a You think he’ll make it to the end of Obama’s speech?

  34. the federal govt is not giving electricity on equality basis. Why sir ? This is just because in its ?

  35. bjugeloque says:

    Gay people are stripped basic human rights due to absurd religious views. Good people defend gay people, idiots defend religion.

  36. hillman crish says:

    in a way. the public sector is broadly the source of union strength, and teachers’ unions one of the largest segments therein

  37. There’s nothing worse than a teacher that doesn’t understand the concept of I HAVE TO GO RIGHT the w …

  38. lag jacquini says:

    I’ve never had teachers ask me this many questions about a game.Ladies and gentlemen..the whole city of Norman, Oklahoma …

  39. burchier grovichiao says:

    Only 3 days left! 100% of the profits from this book will be donated 2 win marriage equality in Maine!

  40. Corporatism is the buying of politicians. Clearly that is what happened to Romney. He tried to pull it back, but too late.

  41. rucky schabis says:

    Pass the American Jobs act, the tax cuts for the middle class, the veterans bill for jobs and HANDSOFF ENTITLEMENTS NOW!

  42. ratoshillm says:

    I’m asking you to increase that amount (The super-committee is cutting) so that it covers the full cost of the American Jobs Act.

  43. While you watching a DISTRACTION, they taking all of your Human Rights AWAY, stealing More LAND, Killing More people, bu …

  44. I like when a Repub (Steele) asks how we’re gonna grow economy with 21 million out of work. Now ask why GOP hasn’t passe …

  45. This 74 minute exposé is a must see for anyone who wants to truly know why the education system is deliberately crafted to produce human drones with no critical thinking whose only skills are to be subservient, trust authority and follow orders. Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news …
    Patti Stiegman liked Activist Post: Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America on 14 July 2012 (6 months ago).

  46. dicton crowski says:

    Those assholes need to remember that THEY blocked BOTH the American Jobs Act AND the Veterans’ Job Corps Act. …

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