Given the rapidly declining popularity of Republican policies and positions, it only makes sense that they would throw their oligarchy and funds behind a nationwide effort to suppress the vote.

And they have.

These voter suppression efforts by Republicans are specifically targeted at people who are unlikely to vote Republican. Go figure.

It just goes to show that with all their talk about rights, liberty, and the Constitution, all Republicans really care about is their own profit and having exclusive control of the levers of power.

Fortunately, a lot of us have taken notice, and there is a growing and strong pushback.

What Republicans are doing in Arizona may not seem like voter suppression per se, but it’s really just another form of the same thing:

37 Responses to “Voter Suppression: Conservative Cheating”

  1. Republicans HAVE to to these tactics because that’s the only way they can maintain power. They know they’re dying and this is how they’re keeping themselves alive.

  2. OK, if you forego the vote, you automatically get dropped in the 70% income tax bracket. Fines will only lead to more enforcement laws and needless red tape.

  3. clenberrer gor says:

    Join the 99% and occupy this country!! It is time to stop the GOP. Class warfare isn’t new; it’s as old as politics. It’s the upper 1% who have been winning this battle, taking more and more, while leaving the 99% with less and less. How many billions does a person need before they have enough? The GOP talks up tax cuts for the rich as “job creating.” As a former small business owner, that is nonsense! If I paid less taxes, I took home more pay. I didn’t hire more workers.

  4. AWilliamsJr: U.S. Senate Hearings on New GOP Voter Suppression Laws 1 of 2] – Photo ID Restrictions and the Disastrous… –

  5. harnathier says:


    Ron Paul Campaigns Meet ups around the world


    Meet and Greet Newt Gingrich..1 ..LOL

    Sarah Palin Meet up Groups ….6

    Herman Cain for President Meet up Groups …3

    We must end this main news media side show…. Get active if you really know whats going on ..

  6. ” Video Exposes Koch Brothers’ Role In Spate of GOP Voter Suppression Laws ” – Brad Blog (blog): ” Video Exposes… –

  7. What I know that I didnt know last wk. r Limousine Liberals who dont understand GOP voter suppression of minorities

  8. dulak wood says:

    bros funding voter suppression laws around country. Pipeline billions to them- own 25% of we are the 99% –

  9. – Crush Voter Suppression – in honor of please champion a Free US for every voting age American citizen. TY

  10. What is “Voter Suppression”? Voter suppression is a strategy to discourage or prevent people from exercising their right to vote.

  11. Joel Stein said Ron Paul confused. LOL

    How in the world do these two got to where they are ?

  12. We acn’t loose this election due to some BS voter suppression games. Legislators who pass that crap need 2 be made to pay the piper

  13. Bernie Sanders on asking GAO to study voter suppression laws aimed at stopping blacks, Latinos, low-income, young from voting –

  14. Is there any state WVWV insulted and disenfranchised voters in?

    This group seems to routinely hide their own identity and give mass mis-information on a statewide scale.

    “Ooops” a good response after made the same mistake a dozen or more times.

    This is a cause, but an absolutely irresponsible organization.

  15. if you treat your right to vote as seriously as you should, then showing ID should not be a problem. Only if you are interested in committing fraud will this be an inconvenience to you. Good on ya Florida!

  16. depends who’s asking. I think no. But the GOP is BIG on fraud, tampering & voter suppression. Their evil knows NO limits.

  17. roleon mundell says:

    EXITING ALEC: Kraft joins Coke and Pepsi is deciding not to remain a of ALEC’s anti-labor voter-suppression, kill-at-will lawmaking. –

  18. guna olen says:

    Liberals call voter id laws “voter suppression laws”. That’s a good name if you are depending on election fraud to win in November. –

  19. choongiri writes “Canada’s election fraud scandal continues to unfold. Elections Canada just matched the IP address used to set up thousands of voter suppression robocalls to one used by a Conservative operative, and a comparison of call records found a perfect match between the illegal calls, and records of in the Conservative CIMS voter tracking database, as well as evidence access logs may have been tampered with. Meanwhile, legal challenges to election results are underway in seven ridings, and an online petition calling for an independent public inquiry into the crisis has amassed over 44,000 signatures. The Conservative still maintains their innocence, calling it a baseless smear campaign.”

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.

  20. kinnach says:

    In the face of voter suppression, superpac dollars, & a festival of lies, there is no room for now being used now. –

  21. You’re right.Not only do they own corp msm but many r members of ALEC.Group that pushed 4 voter suppression laws –

  22. maleman on Florida Gov Rick Scott (R) declares a 91-yar-old World War II veteran as a “non-citizen”; he is among 180,000 who must prove their citizenship in 30 days or they can’t vote in Aug and Nov; US Rep Alcee Hastings (D): “I think most of us know that what this is about is voter suppression” –

  23. Good to know Jeb CAN tell the truth. Hard to “admire” a man who set the example for Rick Scott’s voter suppression in 2000.

  24. In a state that already has a law, 3 new bills target voters of color, youth and the elderly for good measure:

  25. sooras dupagles says:

    Voter Fraud is minute. Voter Suppression is gigantic. Both are real. Now here it comes, which is worse? –

  26. staayeb says:

    On a serious note…according to the math, a 1% success rate in voter suppression in key States can swing the 2012 election –

  27. Queef, you had to cancel NH event due to scheduling error? Voter suppression, racism are in high demand these days. –

  28. mericky says:

    If Sen. John McCain were to speak out against illegal voter suppression by Republicans that would also be an historic day also.

  29. raffolkoka says:

    The State of PA can pass voter suppression laws but they can only offer minimum wage to Police and Firefighters?

  30. Under New PA Voter Suppression Law, 43 Percent Of Philadelphia Voters May Lack Most Common Form Of Photo ID –

  31. Voter Suppression: Up to 43% of Philly Voters May Not Have Newly-Required ID | Alternet | Guess who that favors.

  32. The voter suppression laws will effect, young folks, young folks & minorities in TX, MS, TN, AL, GA, SC, IN & PA. Be prepared!!

  33. MA Voters: Be informed. Learn about suppression, Who are Koch Brothers? What is their agenda? Find out 4 yourself before u vote.

  34. keelkenedo says:

    How nice of Scott Walker to help the Dems plan for the 2014 election in WI by his voter suppression now. Tha … –

  35. Americans need to register for absentee ballots. That is the easiest way to combat voter suppression, and helps postal workers.

  36. Person(s) of the Year for 2012: Everyone who stood in line to vote for despite all of the vot …

  37. van alpian says:

    GOP voter suppression & egregious gerrymandering are the result of Ds not voting in 2010. NEVER AGAIN. We Must Win … –

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