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In this interview, Paul Jay conducts an interview in which we learn about how the growing disparity of wealth is a product of deliberate policy, not some organic accident.

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  1. tommerciar says:


    Did it stir something in the memory, by any chance, the extraordinary heat of a ago, when Britain met with its hottest-ever October day, and numerous places experienced their hottest day of the whole year? Did the sheer, seasonal abnormality of its glare give pause, and revive a concern which has faded almost completely, in the face of skepticism and the economic crisis – the concern that the climate might be drastically changing, with potentially deadly consequences?

    read more

  2. anthiar tronson says:

    tell me how can a sick man say who has recently been diagnosed with serious mental illness or has become physically handicapped and has a family of 4 “create his own job”? yes there will be some freeloaders but overall abolishing of a welfare state has given nothing but misery to otherwise bright and capable people and this comment is coming from a non-German

  3. gaenzarini says:

    This is a wonderfully put together video. We can’t express how much this touched us, and we can’t express how it made us feel to see Rev. Kathryn and Elizabeth Eve, her of 30 years, be arrested for sitting down and refusing to leave until they were served by their government… all because they […]

  4. I had a stock 88 LTD crown vic of the same year that did what your car did, and mine was stock. Maybe you should get back under your hood and look.

  5. Cussing and verbal diarrhea…is that ALL you Palinite air-heads have?

    We have a GENIUS in the White House, surrounded by GENUIS advisors.

    Do you REALLY think the world has been waiting for YOU Jesus Freak loonie-toons to send a replacement?

    Palin is of double-digit IQ and sub-Junior High brain power. Do you REALLY want to see that little stewardess-reject DEBATE our President? Death wish anyone?

  6. ryuzoninga says:

    Recently in an interview with Charlie Rose, Warren Buffett came out with some fabulous ideas about the economy which should give the rest of us food for thought.

    1 Ψήφος/Ψήφοι

  7. State Policies Section 11. The State values the dignity of every human person and guarantees full respect for human rights.

  8. imi kopparmoth says:

    Hell, if a brother and sister are into each other like that, who cares? Pretty much the same thing as any other couple; nobody’s business but theirs.

  9. Congratulations, Adam! You are an agent of social change…..may the positive powers of the world envelop and protect you so that you may continue to brighten this world.

  10. nyelyn shang says:

    Tickled you chose to ‘correct’ me. “Go read a book,” amusing considering my background. I never claimed Russia wasn’t in WWII? Your assumptions. Not only am I well read, I have also been published in Medical/Scientific Journals. You failed to mention the superiority of the me 262? Propaganda? is nothing more than an anti-West propaganda channel. Thanks for the history lesson though, ‘buddy’? ‘The U.S. played a negligible role in WWII,’ Lol. BTW, Wiki is for amateurs 😉

  11. My little brother is ten years old – I really imagine what my reaction would be, if he were to be pinned down and stripped, humilated, and traumatized by a group of older girls. To be perfectly honest, that incident outrages me far more than some California woman sexually mutilating her husband ever could, even if that sounds wrong and even if the situation is far more severe…

  12. True.Justice should not be about pointing out wrongs & rights. It should be about clean, open rulings that provide equality.

  13. obama is a man with feelings he has a wife and children and even if he did not he is still our brother in the greater truth …

  14. I don’t define my life by twitter or Facebook. Might be corporatism but that’s who makes the decisions! Money talks.

  15. As a Canadian I am fascinated by the American right wings contention that the restoration of some common sense regulations somehow amounts to Communism.This kind of hysteria has become quite common place ever since Mr.Limbaugh and his imitators acting entirely at the behest of their Corporatist masters.They have succeeded in moving the Conservative “middle” so far to the right that Richard Nixon (in all seriousness) would be seen as a moderate in this political climate.Where will it end?

  16. Israel has reached its lowest levels since 2003, according to the 2010 released on Thursday, but still faces significant problems in wealth disparity and impoverished children. According to the 20 percent of Israeli families – some 1. Read More »

  17. stullardie blahandsch says:

    noticed a lot of tilt around wealth disparity. If you have $5 to bet and playing on a table where there are people who have $1000 to bet, it feels totally unfair when they can put you all in without hesitating or even considering it their time to decide. curious if you have any thoughts on dealing with that kind of disparity when playing.]]>

  18. Wealth disparity in America in 2012 may worse than during the Roman Empire’s peak in the year 150 A.D. –

  19. zaran goodlo says:

    Euro zone mulls tweaks to Greek PSI to close debt gap: Senior euro zone finance officials meet on Sunday to disc…

  20. josida pianco says:

    an Archie because i freak out at everything and yet i never seem to ever be calm about anything but my two friends Angelo and Maggie. those are the only two reasons why not dead.

    another reason is Final Project”

  21. kuepert man says:

    Deutsche Bank, a German lender, has sold the Fed more than $290 billion of securities, Fed data through July shows. Credit Suisse, a Swiss bank, sold the Fed more than $287 billion in bonds.

    The data had previously been secret. It was released Wednesday per the recently-enacted law overhauling the federal financial regulation. The Fed, ferociously backed by the Obama administration, fought lawmakers’ desire for full disclosure throughout the financial reform debate.

  22. I swear Max you were looking rough in this video. Maybe it was just depression because we aren’t all vikings. –

  23. Men are cowards, what can I say? I would ban together with my brothers of all races, men must declare war upon women.

  24. wui derin says:

    Love and joy are the most powerful emotions of attraction. They will override fear and depression, the most powerful emotions of karma!

  25. keile min says:

    Living Alone Increases Risk Of Depression – The number of people living on their own has doubled, over the last thre…

  26. mund milie says:

    Los futuros de la Bolsa de Nueva York a pesar de JP Morgan: LOs futuros de Wall Street cotizan con caídas de med…

  27. Dear Still think I’m not loyal? Just saved yo ass three to four months of depression over that nigga! Sincerely, Sam Bam…..

  28. dania farquat says:

    Voting begins in France, economy may doom Sarkozy: PARIS (Reuters) – France voted on Sunday in round one of a pr…

  29. polyberges says:

    “I think I didn’t make poor choices, did you? I justify the bailouts because I don’t feel solving a recession though a depression wouldn’t have been a good choice. No, we won’t follow. My area barely felt the recession. I have 6 homes, none have lost value.”

  30. caulita chiarenton says:

    2nd RWNJ lie is that wealth disparity is OK, playing field is level, and the rich got rich because they’re superior & determined.

  31. baldena says:

    The best investment that one can possibly make is in his/her own education. There’s no economic crisis that can your knowledge.


    Motorola Is Now the Apple of Google’s Eye
    Wall Street Journal
    By ROLFE WINKLER And THOROLD BARKER Those who thought Google was buying Motorola Mobility just for its treasure trove of patents can think again. Its plan to focus on “fewer, bigger bets, and create wonderful devices that are used by people around the …
    Motorola deal sets up Google, Apple showdownChina Post
    all 437 news articles »

  33. CNN Poll: 48% of Americans feel the U.S. economy is headed for an all-out depression within a year. Protect yourself

  34. yasilvy says:

    A former “economic hitman” explains why there is great wealth disparity — he knows how to explain it so well,… –

  35. Bedoon Human Rights Defender Abdulkhaleq Ahmed who forced to leave his country has arrived in and went to a hotel.

  36. Lazy political analysis is fuelling the world economic crisis through severe policy failings. Power over growth is wrong. Better do both.

  37. rod algoodaibo says:

    ­Former US President Jimmy said the organizers of the Occupy Movement had successfully forced the media and Congress to address growing wealth disparity in the US. Speaking in Atlanta, he said that despite the…

  38. eld mogheenwal says:

    Bless their The Wall Street Journal thinks white pants are okay after Labor Day. How sad for them to be so incredibly mistaken…

  39. Obama didn’t crash the economy, he’s the EMS guy who sees your legs are cut off and says “you’re going to have a hard life”

  40. @AntnioMachado1 nao consigo responder chat
    – dealing with food with respect to rising population
    – the issue of wealth disparity

  41. Spain’s major banks agreed on Monday to suspend some evictions of homeowners unable to pay their after hundreds of thousands of Spaniards lost their homes during the crushing economic crisis and two recently committed suicide.

  42. Wall Street Journal: The President’s Tax Math  —  We’re beginning to think he wants to go over the cliff this year.  —  ‘You know, the math tends not to work,”…

    News and notes from inside and around the White House, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon and the UN.

  43. just stupid. got nothing to do with sovereignty – human rights transcend the sovereignty of nation states, and for good reason. The US knows this, because it co-founded and was one of the initial signatories to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but has since maintained a habit of opting out from standing up for human rights it finds inconvenient.]]>

  44. Nearly 100 young Tibetan self-immolated for human rights & dignity to live in Tibet. Please stand up for human rights … –

  45. Many /r/democrats members didn’t know why Hilary Clinton is the most popular US politician. If I may, here’s an introduction to the global leader in women’s rights and equality. –

  46. When Page3 was launched in 1970 there was no equality legislation, sexual harassment wasn’t recognised in law and rape …

  47. banafariiz says:

    American — Texas was a member of the Confederacy and is a hotbed of contemporary Christian Zionism and secessionist chatter. How do Texans and, say, Arkansans differ on basic cultural values? What attitudes and issues divide, say, Rick Perry from Mike Huckabee? During the Chuck Hagel hearing, Ted Cruz (Texas), Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and David Vitter (Louisiana) came across as three peas in a pod. From the standpoint of most Americans, they all seem to hale from a foreign nation.

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