True ElitesRepublicans Are Anti People

It has puzzled me for a long time why so many folks in this country despise policies that are clearly in their best interests, and vehemently support ones that are counter to their best interests. For example, I used to work in an industrial manufacturing plant where most of the employees were hourly union workers. They were nearly all doggedly anti-company and pro-union, and yet they were nearly all doggedly anti-Democrat and pro-Republican. Last I checked, Democrats are pro-labor, while Republicans are anti, in a big way.

That is just one of numerous examples from just my own personal experience. Examples of this phenomenon outside of my own small world are incredibly common. So, the question remains: why do so many of us adamantly support governmental policies that favor the Wealthy Elite and destruction of the only world we have in lieu of policies that improve our own and our children’s quality of life?

We Are All Snobs

It seems the answer is a combination of shrewd marketing by the Wealthy Elite and our own easily manipulated pride. We cut off our noses to spite our faces because of perceived Liberal elitism and condescension, a perception that the true elites in this country exploit and exacerbate to their their own great advantage — at the expense of all the rest of us. Unfortunately, there is truth to the indictment that educated liberals are snobs. I’m guilty of snobbery myself, though I’m not truly a liberal or a conservative, and I am educated.

However, realistically, we are ALL snobs. We all think our own views are the only right ones, that people who disagree are stupid and/or misguided, that members of other socioeconomic groups don’t get the β€œreal world,” and so on. The difference is that moneyed special interests, the Wealthy Elite, have a long-standing and evidently never-ending marketing blitz campaign going on against liberals and the educated, and it works. Marketing just works, and we the TV-addicted People of America allow our points of view, spending habits, and voting habits to be dictated by a small cadre of wealthy individuals and corporations, the Wealthy Elite, who successfully program us to service them and their best interests at the expense of ourselves and our own best interests.

But We Have A Lot In Common

So, as an educated snob, I say this to any uneducated snobs who may be reading: we have far more in common with each other than either of us do with the true elite in this country – the multimillionaires (like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin), the billionaires, and the Mega Corporations. The Wealthy Elite. Let’s put our respective prides aside and admit that what’s good for you is good for me, and vice versa. Let’s admit that we have all been willing dupes of the Wealthy Elite and begin to choose what is in our own best interests instead of what is in theirs. Let’s remember that we can choose to put our pride aside and make mature purchasing and voting decisions based on what’s good for ourselves instead of ones the true elite in this country, the vastly wealthy, tell us to make.

Here’s a good article on a closely-related topic:

Why do people often vote against their own interests?

39 Responses to “The True Elites”

  1. She is a conservative like Sean Hannity. But they are on a ABO kick. Thinks Mitt has best chance against Obama.

  2. Perry’s Cut, Balance & Grow plan is being praised by some pretty big names in the Conservative Movement! Check it…

  3. salenger chaika says:

    Am I missing something here? The bloke in the video doesn’t say anything about the blinding phenomenon being seasonal. The angle of the sun’s rays in the UK in June should be roughly the same as those in NZ in December, and likewise for the rest of the year.

  4. habonaleck bure says:

    Half of Conservative MPs ‘want to pull out of the Nothing new! ‘The Continent’ is still ‘alien’! Better education needed!

  5. im sure πŸ™‚ charlie never seemed to be at a loss for a reason to feel special compared to others, lol;)

  6. girls unironically believe in numerology and astrology no matter how atheist or educated they are. gee i wonder why theres no girls in sci

  7. petrigons says:

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  8. kluettermo moald says:

    Why not some campaign where evryone is educated abt road and act ! We can overcome dis isue with the help of

  9. What these fools realize…it as the left/progressives who segregated the military(Wildrow Wilson) or how about FDR imprisoning Japanese Americans during WWII……what about the Progressive movement allowing the Postal Service to prohibit blacks from working for the Postal service.

  10. vandion chiel says:

    Multiculturalism is actually genocide of the white race and the truth of it.Why is it only white countries that built wonderful societies are being flooded with this b.s. I work for a for a large U.S. company.The P/C thing has gotten insane here as well.There is a celebration month for every race,however the white caucasian month is tied into the same month as gay and lesbian.Everyone else had there own month but we get thrown in the the fags.Tell ya anything?

  11. tomaybeth says:

    I could be more well-educated on current events but I’m just too lazy. I mean, I don’t even know who all’s running for president or whatevs.

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    newsp ed Al-Jamri tells me: “if F1 cancelled then radicals in ruling elite will come with a revenge programme against the opp”.

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  18. Hundreds of ultra-conservative Salafists clash with security forces, attack a police station and damage shops selling alcohol in a Tunisian town.

  19. hawa hya says:

    A conservative doesn’t like soda, he doesn’t drink it. A liberal doesn’t like soda, he makes it illegal for everyone

  20. acci higuck says:

    You can LEAD a HORSE to WATER but you can’t make him DRINK. You can LEAD a LIBERAL to TRUTH but you can’t make him THINK! : ) SOOO TRUE!

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  22. ” I know I can have the world but it’s nothing if I don’t want it if they give me the world” Hes so educated.

  23. At a Tuesday health care panel organized by the conservative advocacy groups American Action Network and Crossroads GPS, conservative health care denied that Romney’s Massachusetts reforms are broadly similar to Obama’s Affordable Care Act — and to the extent they are, they hold Democratic legislators in Massachusetts responsible.

  24. cridzian says:

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  25. Conservative thought of the day – We need to completely get rid of political correctness and return to commonsense and free speach.

  26. pretteley says:

    Nobody famous. Just a priest wise enough 2 b conservative. Reads Catholic/Christian news & passes it on. Don’t know personally.

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  29. Armstrong is a good conservative and I wish him well in his quest to shag the other Olsen twin.

  30. We need an educated force of Indians who neither fear nor feel inferior to call themselves Hindus. Rest can then be worked towards.

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  36. how does1define liberal? Is Israel proud2be a country that has less freedom? Islamic regimes have been plenty of socialists –

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  39. aday bland says:

    @CynthiaSpeaks lol that’s funny. I have so many liberal friends/families. I just don’t agree with them. -__-
    Obama-> free things

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