More and more intrinsic corruption comes to light all the time.

In this video, we learn about corruption of the Supreme Court.

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  1. You should read “Greys Anatomy” it discuses the falicy of gov trying to control or influince peoples behavior and the errors of that train of logic.(what seems like a good idea on the surface often isnt)

  2. stron rossochepp says:

    Didn’t accuse u of corporatism etc., merely I pointed out that this is what we’ve had for a long time, any change welcome

  3. I’ve come to understand the difference and I can see what we have today can hardly be called capitalism, accept in terms of small scale businesses, but isn’t it capitalism that has given rise to the wealth, power and influence of corporations today? Isn’t this the end result of the capitalist system?

  4. Neon TommyWill the Health Care Act continue as we know it, or will a Supreme Business NetworkThe coming year is a quiet one for health care reform implementation, but 2012 is significant in terms of whether the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) we know as Want more than this snippet? […]Related posts:How health insurance agents provide value in the new landscape of health care – Business NetworkHealth Care Law Headed for Supreme – ABC NewsHealth care lawsuit reaches Supreme – Sacramento Bee

  5. uhlme zue says:

    The corporation is a significant but invented institution—and the impact of its invention on our relationship to one another and the world around us was as significant as the invention of an abstract God. For while it might be said that the invention of monotheism purposefully disconnected us from the forces of nature, the invention of the… –

  6. aler takamestoe says:

    get to WTC7 next – with the two towers. A matierals engineer PhD from MIT provides a very sound and logical explanation for how the towers collapsed. You question this. Why?

  7. The state has said it has the authority to eliminate community redevelopment agencies in arguments before the California Supreme
    Assemblyman Warren Furutani. D- Gardena, right, argues with Assemblyman Donald Wagner R-Irvine on Wednesday, June 15, 2011. The dispute brought the house to a standstill for a couple minutes during debate over a controversial redevelopment plan. The two-bill proposal compels redevelopment agencies to backfill state coffers and give money to local governments under threat of elimination. Wagner, R-Irvine, testified that it was comparable to a Sopranos shakedown scheme, referring to the popular HBO show, “The Sopranos.”

  8. To understand why Dylan Ratigan’s “Get Money Out” campaign is getting it right, let’s take a quick look at the history of Supreme decisions on campaign finance.

  9. robayra mes says:

    Only the legislative branch can make laws. The posts recordings and transcripts of arguments on its website. Find a Constitutional scholar. That’s how government and the social contract works; if you would like to make your own laws, move to Somalia.

  10. “We have a State Run by and behalf of corporations” – Chris Hedges { Empire of Illusions } #CORPORATISM –

  11. kasberts shiyoshime says:

    It’s not like god would let gay people in heaven if you let them marry anyway. So those crazy ass christians should just get over it.

  12. CatoInstitute: The IRS Can’t Overrule the Supreme Since the foundational administrative law case of Chevron v. Natural R… … –

  13. den claunah says:

    Government is the problem. The free market is the solution. Ron Paul and the Tea understand this. Corporatism is the problem in America today. Big business, Big labor, and Big government get together, and they get bailed out, while the taxpayers get sold out! We need to return to Capitalism! Government involvement in the markets has good intentions, but there are always unintended consequences. The market can self-regulate for the most The market is a self-correcting mechanism. If a company pollutes, breaks the law, or doesn’t create local jobs, than use your power as a consumer, and boycott that institution. Competition is an amazing thing. Everyone benefits from it. Employers must compete for top level talent, and they will compensate their employees accordingly to prevent them from going to a competitor. End the Fed, and the end-less wars (Drugs, Afghanistan, Pakistan, ect…), the welfare state (both corporations and individuals), and return America to a sustainable…

  14. owheenski galener says:

    “>1) Where Norway had centuries to develop to where it is now, Hong Kong developed from a starving 3rd world country to a 1st world economy in about 30 years. They did without any natural resources and Hong Kong is now one of the most prosperous places in whole Asia with the possible exception of Singapore. Israel pulled off something similar, but has much better levels of equality than Hong Kong. How? More social-democratic policies and a culture built on mutualism/cooperativism.”

  15. In an excellent piece highlighting the impact a second Obama term could have on the federal judiciary, the AP’s Mark Sherman provides an reminder of what is at stake in this election: The next president, whether it’s Obama or a Republican, also has a reasonable shot at transforming the majority on the Supreme […]

  16. Really…Gravel is a political who will say or do anything to get elected! The has been around for years and now he decides to join? Mike is a socialist, a lover of big government and a globalist to boot! Just watch the Google interview! He wants to continue a National Tax, National Health Care and God knows what else! I have been a Libetarian for 25 years so I think I know just a little about what makes a />Please open your eyes and mind! Mike is no Lib!

  17. The American people have been offered two lousy choices. One, which is corporatism, a fascist type of approach, or soc…

  18. babalga says:

    Wow, 081216ce over two years ago…
    & so much faith in the economic system nobody questioned & commented on the fallacy of currency except VW & I.

    Once opening your eyes – search:

    Here find the matrix system:

  19. villa yumi says:

    George Zimmerman is the son of Retired Virginia State Supreme Judge Zimmerman! Is this the reason George hasn’t been arrested!

  20. trahidemos barl says:

    Allies: Judge upset by Obama remarks not political
    By Michael Kunzelman AP / April 6, 2012 NEW ORLEANS—A federal judge who called out President Barack Obama for saying it would be “unprecedented” for the Supreme to strike down a law like his administration’s health care overhaul is a …
    and more »

  21. gua grunse says:

    Thanx to corporatism in this country, a power hungry souless brain donor, such as cook woman from NV, can be elected

  22. kapple abauerg says:

    See? You can always become Apple product user and still objective on judging the ugly side of “corporatism”. Faith in humanity restored!

  23. dearley sie says:

    Oh yes. Ron Paul has a crazy foreign policy.Yeh Our foreign policy has served corporatism & USA citizens gained nothing

  24. worstongor says:

    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state & corporate power.” – Mussolini

  25. jaciatoons says:

    The U.S. Supreme will rule this month on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act , the health-care reform law that President Obama signed in 2010

  26. zen eldrige says:

    The health care ruling reminds voters that this election is not just about the economy but also Supreme nominations.

  27. lacormeier daite says:

    GOP PLAN :: STACK THE DECK…no thought ~ no resolution ~ LET BIG BUSINESS WRITE LEGISLATION #tlot –

  28. pagam ommy says:

    Last night we saw a lil boy who had been to the Olympics. He was *so* happy which I can get behind. It’s the corporatism I hate.

  29. reboor rija says:

    President Barack Obama, emboldened by the Supreme affirmation of his health care overhaul, is now embracing the law while campaigning for re-election, just as Republican rival Mitt Romney steps back from it.
    FILE – In this March 23, 2010, file photo, President Barack Obama reacts to cheers as he and Vice President Joe Biden arrive in the East Room of the White House in Washington, for the signing ceremony for the health care bill. Obama, emboldened by the Supreme affirmation of his health care overhaul, is embracing the sweeping federal mandate while campaign, while Republican rival Mitt Romney inches away from the issue.

  30. trine tarzin says:

    Ralph Nader speaking 10/16.
    “Corporatism & Social Class” is 4pm in PMU S.Ballroom. Free and open to the public. Book signing 6pm –

  31. abdolhore mcgaleker- says:

    when please remember, YES to all the Supreme Justices & NO on all the amendments! & DEM all the way!

  32. cald bone says:

    “Do you want to be Plessy or Brown?” Momentum, yes, & more work to do to win in SCOTUS. …

  33. mcwhee richandfor says:

    Man who escaped from Ariz. jail back in custody (registration)
    Why did Napolitano and Obama wait so long? Despite Monday’s Supreme ruling that allows Arizona, at least for now, to go forward with state-mandated immigrant-hunting and racial profiling, there is reason to believe that the tide is turning …
    and more »

  34. We’ve seen this before. The ‘Palestinian’ Wakf is bulldozing the Temple Mount again destroying thousands of priceless Let’s go to the videotape. The story is told in Hebrew here. In 2004, Israel’s Supreme ruled that excavations cannot be carried out on the Temple Mount without archeological supervision. While there is apparently some dispute as to whether a permit was

  35. orance goodford says:

    The justices saw the “use of a needle to take a blood sample as quite an intrusive gesture by the …

  36. soltz godlundgra says:

    That the nuts blather about? It already came & they didn’t notice, much less stop it. Wage slavery, usu …

  37. Condemn the fraud & the current system, but call it by its proper names Keynesian inflationism interventionism & corporatism. –

  38. den lorelley says:

    An Arizona State Representative, Michelle Ugenti, just recently introduced a bill making the impersonation of someone online to be a class 5 felony.  This would also include anyone on a social media site.  Ugenti says she proposed the bill after one of her constituents told her about how they were harassed on Facebook by a false identity.Some legal who have examined the wording of the bill are saying that it may have already been decided on in the past and with criticism of political figures.   As it stands, simply stating one’s grievance, whether it be openly or anonymously, is not illegal according to the U.S. Supreme only time such harsh language, written or spoken, might  be illegal is if it had what is defined as the ‘fighting words went a step and explaine

  39. I see a reoccurring theme of antagonism towards Valentine’s Day in my TL. Either you despise the corporatism behind it or you got herpes.

  40. glosch chi says:

    Time for the pitchforks and to toss both factions of the big business O-U-T! Corporatism, with its profits before people, HAS to go before any real changes can occur. We need a cooperatively-based, environmentally friendly, sustainable political economy. This country cannot sustain much longer the super-rich squeezing out of an already broke 99%. Obama, with his sellout to the insurance parasites and of bailouts is no different than the Republicans protecting their elites against paying their fair share in taxes. It is bourgeois against bourgeois, with the people – as usual – being the losers.

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