Boundless economic growth simply defies physical law. The makers of this video outline a somewhat different paradigm that makes sense.

And they get quite a lot right. I have argued for years that our fundamental economic model assumes an impossibility, the impossibility of never-ending growth.

Unfortunately, like nearly everyone, they leave out the single most important factor: overpopulation. If we do not stabilize (better yet, reasonably and ethically reduce) global population, nothing else we do will matter in the end.

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  1. tarasama dos says:

    there is, if ous PM just signed documentation which forced qantus to operate again and for unions and the company to negotiate again rather than have a 12 hour commission hearing with employers employees witness and lawyers….

  2. I think I could handle eating insects if they were ground into something I was eating. For me it’s a visual and textural thing more than anything else. Seeing a whole insect there on my food would make it almost impossible for me to get it into my mouth. And then depending on the insect, the “goosh” factor of their abdominal contents would also get me. Even if there was none, my mind would expect it and that would make me avoid it.

  3. zeckengkot tadingerwi says:

    i hope that’s hard enough than having trouble looking for shelter due to overpopulation or clean air and water due to pollution.

  4. Surely the number of world’s population has gone OVER the reasonable limit. and what is the reasonable limit? u tell me. i ‘d say about 1 billion. But which populations are we talking about, the big cities populations or the populations of the areas between the big cities? becuz as time goes by, more peoples are moving to their nearest big cities. so the concentration of huge numbers of peoples in the big cities is the dangerous factor.if we spread around on survival is in less danger.

  5. thank you for a Fair and reasoned comment. Lets be sure and give the Kangaroo judges a slow and angonizing trial by a jury of their victims, and hang them slowly. as a fit punishment for High Treason.

  6. goodieglis says:

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  7. sem dubingar says:

    La firma del ACTA se llevó acabo en Japón, con la presencia de representantes de 22 países (de la UE) y comparsas

  8. What I think makes his narrative style so unique is how his imagination is always scrounging around the REAL, observable, inhabited human world for stuff to use. He takes real things from the world– places, historical events, scientific concepts– and sets them loose in the fiction. Anything in the world can come into the story at anytime. And you can see it with every sentence.

  9. In revelation John describes that the kingdoms of the world will unite to go to war against God, at Armageddon. Why? It is because the creator is coming back to destroy the Demonic spirits. It is the Demonic spirits who want as many people as possible, to use in their fight against the Creator. Demonic Spirits will take possession of bodies in this fight. That is why so many people.
    So it is Demonic Spirits that want the overpopulation.

  10. I know that what worries me haha,,that is a saying from days before women became outwardly spoken and wanted equality 🙂

  11. brachell brite says:

    The Internet has co-opted the word ‘browse’ for its own purposes, but it’s pointing out the difference between browsing in a realm and browsing in the actual world. Depending on the terms entered, an Internet search engine will usually come up with hundreds, thousands, or millions of hits, which a person can then skate through,… –

  12. get cre says:

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  13. Real mixed bag in the Budget, struggling to see how this will cut bureaucracy for the economy; we may have larger concerns in the Autumn

  14. Posted at: 03/02/2012 3:16 PM | Updated at: 03/02/2012 6:48 PM By: Chris Ramirez, 4 On Your Side Valencia County leaders began a 3-day spay/neuter mobile clinic after KOB’s 4 On Your …

  15. + own decisions. ALL their own decisions. without anyone trying to stop them or control them, PERIOD. also called EQUALITY.

  16. o'carde oless says:

    “Why not make a law with 1 child per family. If you want more kids, you adopt them. Problem solved.” on overpopulation

  17. wileon bochetzmoo says:

    Today’s letters: Canada geese, Mohandas Gandhi, immigration , cats, spay and neuter The Post-Standard – (blog) I was appalled to hear recently the proposed “solution” to the problem of Canada geese overpopulation. I love being an American and I’m proud to live here, …

  18. masafeld says:

    On May 8, Carolina reached a historic but sadly familiar milestone with the passage of Amendment One: historic, because we have typically amended our constitution to expand and protect, not take away rights, and familiar, because until 1971, XIV, Section 8 of our state constitution established that “All marriages between a white person and a Negro, or between a white person and a person of Negro descent to the third generation, inclusive, are hereby forever prohibited.”

  19. capperuie pietliegel says:

    The Public Domain Review aspires to become a bounteous gateway into this whopping plenitude that is the public domain. We aim to help our readers explore this rich terrain by surfacing unusual and obscure works, and by offering fresh reflections and unfamiliar angles on material which is more well known. As well as providing a home for a diverse range of interesting works and curiosities, we also hope to encourage readers to utilise the various online archives in which these works are originally housed. To this end we have also put together a “Guide to Finding Interesting Public Domain Works Online”. We also hope to act as a platform for writers and scholars to write about more unusual and obscure works which they might not get a chance to do elsewhere.

  20. malinah says:

    That’s not really my point anyhow, the US and world population is unsustainable large and needs to be reduced. I think reducing voluntarily with incentives is the best way to go about population reduction.

  21. beaulton says:

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  23. President Roosevelt restored Thursday before last of November as Thanksgiving to extend the X-mas shopping season & spark the economy

  24. A problem. Yes, I’d say we do have a problem. The problem is that no one is doing anything while the BLM and their contractors – this being Sun J – have repeatedly injured, harassed and our wild horses, and will most continue to do so until someone with authority steps up and says, “ENOUGH!”

    These sadists are being paid thousands of OUR tax dollars to harass and kill OUR Mustangs. This entire stampede and all the others are being paid for with OUR tax dollars.

    Not only that, how can these horses they are removing in such a cruel manner possibly be “excess” when the contractor has had to move the trap site several time because they can’t find any horses! Clearly, this cannot be excessive population, and the BLM has no right to remove horses that are not contributing to overpopulation.

  25. Joline Zenger liked Jeb Bush: ‘Traditional marriage is what should be sanctioned,’ but also way to acknowledge gay union –

  26. In Canada, the evolution is almost as remarkable as in Britain. Only the GOP in the West remains actively hostile – but that’s because they’re not a conservative but a fundamentalist movement.

  27. sichiman fpaultin says:

    Father, we glorify you. Heal that are broken. Gather together those who have been scattered.Enrich us all with your plenitude.

  28. surrello grazawa says:

    I won’t share my beliefs, but I want some opinions. Is it ethical to cure cancer? Would it cause overpopulation? Would it help or

  29. On August 28, 1963, Dr Luther King Junior, during a march to Washington for racial equality, made a historical speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, which became a defining moment for America and triggered a civil rights movement, that in due course, changed the ‘white dominated’ politics and social structure of America. In his historical speech, Dr MLK had said, …

  30. Reverie is not a mind vacuum. It is rather the gift of an hour which knows the plenitude of the soul. -Gaston Bachelard-

  31. We need a sustainable society and culture with ecological values at its In your interview with Mark Lynas he describes his conversion to “an environmental movement that is happy with capitalism”, and urges greens to join him (Have the greens lost their way?, 2 July). “Is the green movement a leftwing, anti-capitalist movement?” your asks. “Mark Lynas believes it is, and that those who style themselves as greens should be marginalised and allowed to die off so that they can be replaced by a new breed of market-friendly environmentalists like him.” Is this really the future of the green movement? If so, it’s one of defeat. Along with human overpopulation, the principal driver of the accelerating eco-crisis – anthropogenic climate change, biodiversity crash, destruction and degradation of wild habitat, and a holocaust of animal species – is precisely capitalism. Far from being realistic, to propose as a solution more of what is causing the problem is nothing less…

  32. loady laccaillid says:

    05/17/12 – Debate – Michel Eric Dyson vs Sophia Nelson on The Ed Show – ‘Faith vs Marriage Equality’ –

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