As many people (including me) have already said, it’s noteworthy that the GOP is only now, suddenly, concerned about national spending and the deficit. It is only now, after many years of GOP control, vast deficit spending, and focus on war and corporate interests that the GOP has decided to “stand on principle” in opposition to spending. What’s changed?

Primarily, the GOP can’t unilaterally call the shots anymore, and Republicans now feel the understandable anger and frustration that any disenfranchised minority feels. This is a new experience for the modern GOP, so they probably just need time to adjust. Secondarily, the focus of national spending is starting to shift from war to domestic concerns, and the GOP believes firmly in a lot of military spending and opposes most types of domestic spending. So, in short, the GOP is frustrated that somebody else gets to decide how our national money is spent, and that this somebody else chooses to spend some of this money in ways that differ from how the GOP would. Their anger is understandable, but ironic.

Below is a link to a recent Politico piece that covers a conservative anti-stimulus ad designed to frighten people over the scale of President Obama’s economic recovery legislation. Frankly, I find all of this amusing. See what you think.


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51 Responses to “The New GOP Fiscal Policy”

  1. arramorten says:

    Sefardies News Iran Committed an Act of War – Will Obama Respond in Kind?: It was a clear moment of satisfaction…

  2. there is coming a day, when Israel will be in need, and America will turn her back on Israel, and not help them, in that day America will fall.

  3. shihikane says:

    i think the president is doing good and no matter what you think the economy,the stock market,our debt is all improving, but i believe he could do more for america. also in your face hes got 6 more years of being the president whiether you like it or not. so just be happy republicans he is improving the equality of life in america and instead of being bitter republicans why dont you just put your politics aside and lets get america moving forward!!!

  4. Ron Paul adds buzz to GOP nominating process – Once considered a eccentric because of his views, Paul, 76, now finds others embracing his opposition to the existence of the Federal Reserve Bank, the income tax and foreign aid. –

  5. johner gent says:

    Even though I was ungovernable I got through my 2nd game in a week. Well on the road to recovery!

  6. frances janah says:

    Please listen to Barney Frank & Joe & use online licensing as a method of deficit reduction in the Super Committee!

  7. no president or leader can stop this crap, only the people can. It’s up to everybody to fix your own problems, quit living beyond your means. Italy will be the first country to make things happen, watch and you will see. Italy begins to roll from the back of the pack. Good luck all, we are not waiting for someone to save us, WE are going to do it ourselves.

  8. nice interesting face-I can make a t with ur face on it-let me know if you would like that-free of

  9. amistotan klipka says:

    You clearly understand either Biology, Evolutionary Theory or the mechanics of English. I want her to waste her time trying to teach a fool genetics anymore than going waste my time trying to teach a badger Abstract Algebra. If you want to understand then throw out those books for laypeople written by laypeople and study it academically. Look up “Project Steve” while at it. This is only advice if you want to know true but feel free to go on being an asshat.

  10. The GOP use the military for war adventures to enrich themselves. When a vet protests? Canister to the face. –

  11. Thanks for sharing this video….More have been sending pics of tea bags and tea pots, etc. to their representatives even before the porkulus pkg was voted on. It was a message to gov….Loud and Clear….DO NOT VOTE FOR THE STIMULUS PKG….but did they listen???….HELL NO! It’s INSANE!

  12. bro hessnead says:

    Not relly she did not insulted us, she just said the truth. Costa Rica is associated with ecotourism, beaches, bananas, coffee, and pineapples. She just said the truth. Also being an agricultural country does not means being retarded, our neighbors from Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala) are agricultural countries and they are not retarded.

  13. google primary debate schedule. ron paul is to debate sept. 7th!!! sept. 12!!! sept. 22!!! lets make september a month that rocks the world!

  14. rosey zugaway says:

    What do you mean this page has been taken down ? When you get this go to see comments then try your best to find the rapture lies that YOU say I bought into. WoW your lie is getting bigger here.?

  15. Our economy would be well on its way to recovery if not for the stimulus, ObamaCare, and Dodd-Frank. Take it to the bank.

  16. nger ellistrett says:

    why do people want to send aid to israel. wtf do you think it goes to? building mansions, guns tanks jets and other forms of death. its so funny, the people are asking for all the help they can get yet wanna give away our money, okay i still wonder if people (usualy grown adults people) even know if there are things beyond the congress senate and white house

  17. fretterni buttengian says:

    Dr Joseph Obi has not had Plastic Surgery or a Gastric Band Procedure. His (25 Kg) Weight Loss has more to do with the Economy !!!

  18. westman mantnierie says:

    NBC poll: Gingrich gains ground on Romney in SC: With two days until South Republican presidential primary, Mitt Romney ho…

  19. kemarschma edelk says:

    Mining companies run the local economy into the ground. Areas become totally dependent on the mine and the resources are eventually used up

  20. DTNMalaysia: DTN Malaysia: 17. Doubt over Japan’s debts: TOKYO: Japan first annual trade deficit in more than 30 years calls … –

  21. futtin summilomar says:

    Shouldn’t there B a LAW against Americans running 4 President who were ‘kicked out of Congress’ 4 ‘ETHICS VIOLATIONS?! Gotta Go:2012!

  22. Also you are a BUFFOON to believe that helping our CLOSEST ally ISRAEL is the downfall of America.

    No Sir, the downfall of America is IDIOTS like you destroying our country from within. You comprehend VALUE or TRUTH and are unable to decipher fact from fiction. posting LIES and berating others. Your ideological mindset is to be feared and recognized as the product of our public school failures to produce those with COMMON SENSE rather than LIBERAL LIES!

  23. luck culper says:

    Right because it wasnt the banks who used up a bigger of the subsidies after 2000 for giving out tons of cheap-interest credits for people to buy houses. Giving them to people who where not solvent and shouldnt get them, just because you where drooling for the interest-paying redemption, didnt you dear bankers. What about Backed Securities?
    And im just curious how many people in that room where former employees at Lehmann….

  24. floriggord says:

    “Google is our number one deficit user” – Berman. So without proper tags the google results themselves won’t be good. –

  25. NO buddy, you need to learn the differ ence between deficit and debt! Our debt went up 5 trillion in 2 and a half years, our deficit went from 1.2 Trillion when Bush left to 1.4 Trillion under Obama. So Obama has added 200 billion a year to our debt, and Bush left us 1.2 trillion a year added to our debt! LOL and did you just say earnmarks make up 80% of the deficit? You are completely wrong kid, earmarks are a tiny fraction. Learn about these subjects before you spout off on them!

  26. SNOWe Fell Down East She has screwed her last Republican caucus with her Traitor vote, and have abetted her last Lib. –

  27. evanieldre lesselin says:

    Easy File Shredder shreds custom files and free disk space beyond recovery using advanced data deletion algorithms approved by the military and government organizations.

  28. sacklini says:

    Brazil to extend IOF tax to longer maturities, paper says: * IOF to be extended to loans maturing in up to 5 yea…

  29. dehelliven says:

    I hope the Sunday morning news shows are all over these Executive Orders. We need the GOP to speak out NOW before a rebellion begins.

  30. polli collrat says:

    Economic Policy Do Everything Possible To Help the Very Rich & Tell Everyone Else It Will Trickle Down (It Won’t)

  31. mberger stummi says:

    President Barack Obama said Friday that Republican positions on women’s health issues were “appalling” and “offensive” and equated an to block his regulation to mandate free contraception to like “being in a time machine” during a blistering speech at the Women’s Leaders …

  32. anger mine says:

    says stimulus didn’t help keep us out of recession. He wants his own facts as well as his own opinions

  33. Proud of Bristol Palin coming foward to challenge Obama. If there’s one person that gets the sanctity of marriage it’s Bristol.

  34. moll cuschnobin says:

    Daily Kos: Republican Husband tries to block Dem. Wife from leaving to vote in Walker recall is hit by car

  35. tsukaila treus says:

    That giving a few extra $ to people who already have plenty is a stimulus, but giving millions of working ppl a raise econ

  36. Taiwan cuts growth forecast: Taiwan’s economy contracted in the three months to the end of June, as the global s…

  37. I hate when people accuse me of being racist when I say that I don’t like Obama. A bad president is a bad president. Color is irrelevant.

  38. podiglayhe says:

    Cotton has hit a 150-year high, and the price of this essential clothing commodity has soared 210% since the 2009 inauguration of –

  39. lang herrman says:

    thats because they want you to buy their anti obama books from the special section they made just for it.

  40. The Obama administration has warned Israel that Egypt and Jordan will abrogate their treaties with the Jewish state if it attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities.
    The US has recently warned Israel that an
    Israeli strike on Iran will likely cause Egypt and Jordan to annul their
    peace agreements with Israel and sever ties, according to a senior
    Israeli official quoted by the Hebrew daily

  41. nadick veccarmont says:

    If you still:
    Obama is not American
    him Osama Obama
    he’s the antichrist
    Then, you aren’t educated enough to vote. So don’t.

  42. patoddaugm says:

    sadly I knew it was a HE and not for the next few years a SHE – sorry had to add that I pray for his recovery

  43. The GOP is basically Democrat Lite & lead by people that want to do everything Dems want to do but think it can …

  44. osukey dani says:

    With some hackery the display works on recovery again. But in Android, it’s not as simple, the issue is somewhere deeper.

  45. New generation is making the holidays mobile It’s getting hard to keep Christmas gifts a secret these days. Last year, Twitter posts revealed what President Obama… –

  46. larillello says:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Had there been a vote on Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B” to the so-called U.S. fiscal cliff on Thursday night, it would not have been close. He was probably 40 to 50 votes of the number he needed to avoid a humiliating defeat at the hands of his own according to rough estimates from Republican members of Congress and staff members.

  47. Obama you must help the sandy victums in new york but see the republican try to stop you dont let them.

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  49. The recent vote by Republican Senators to sell Jets & Tanks to Egypt was treason and betrayal of our only ally i …

  50. 4 corners has bought all the bleeding out. If you think our economy is anything like the USA – seek help!

  51. romasinari mcnica says:

    2 months ago, Speaker Boehner pushed for $800b in deficit reduction from tax reform, now would rather lose 750k jobs than enact his own plan

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