I am absolutely astonished by the marketing prowess of the right. They feed people shit sandwiches and persuade them to not only eat the sandwiches, but to praise them as great food and to hawk them for the movement.

Evidently the right not only read *1984* as a how-to manual, but also “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

They’ve taken it a step further, however: they have not only persuaded people their naked right-wing emperor is wearing clothes, but also that their clothed opponent is naked.

If I had their marketing prowess, you would all vehemently argue that I am 7 feet tall, the clear evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

To the point: here is a graphic showing who the profligate spenders really are. Tricksters, and shame on those of us who believe them.

National Debt

Deficit hawks indeed. The thing to note is that despite all their rhetoric about fiscal responsibility and freedom, the right actually promotes authoritarianism and spends like a bootlegger. Their point with rhetoric is really to deny everyone but themselves and their rich friends any assistance from the government.

36 Responses to “The National Debt: What Fiscal Prudence?”

  1. kanard shernariwe says:

    ….smh we all knw the jews control tha world but im sick and tired of seeing your comments on Every freaking video give it a break… Smh

  2. There must be a change in the way humanity interacts with economy and society will only be changed as we each make small changes that add up to a significant shift

  3. bore keefal says:

    this is all very good and all. but way to late, in a few years time we will all be fighting over the last bit of resurces this world have left! and when those are gone we will all whiter away and die.

  4. George W. Bush – New (PB): Can anyone be president of the United States? What is it like to live in the White Ho…

  5. This isn’t her being gracious. This isn’t a lovely moment. She’s being subservient to men who are supposed to be her equal. She’s competing against them, on equal terms, to be our president. What she does in her home with her husband is her choice, but this is embarrassing for strong women everywhere, regardless of their thoughts on feminism, or gender equality.

  6. staro bulzer says:

    Bush thought he could teach Iraqis to at least get the idea behind voting and civility.
    They have to set themselves free.

  7. toshight coshi says:

    Alex’s stuff makes eminent sense when juxtaposed with staying in denial & buying mainstream news propaganda. A lot of it also ties into Revelations (+ other Bible commentary) on what the last of time before the return of Christ is going to be like.As for the destruction of the family unit: crass materialism, double income families by necessity, promotion of homosexuality everywhere, etc. etc.-if every separate aspect is a total coincidence, they’re working together like a charm.

  8. hurmers hader says:

    his point is all idealogies in their extrme fail,its pretty obvious just look at economy,it has failed because to many people bought into the lie of unfettered capatalism.

  9. peter howiah says:

    To who? All he does is ramble on about the same crap everyday. They are nothing but lackies to the Kremlin

  10. Bonus season not as festive for bank CEOs: Across their ranks, Wall Street banks are curbing bonus pay for last …

  11. pedinaugh says:

    And you get chased down the street and murdered for it either. You clearly know what DADT was really like. The majority of people that were punished under it come out, they were outed!! i.e someone with a grudge calling the base and telling them so and so was gay was enough to get them out? Do you that?

  12. Burk’s Kindle book FREE 24 hrs FRIDAY: What Women Need to Know About the Economy and Why It Matters in 2012.

  13. tay bibbo says:

    “Trayvon was wearing gold fronts. Such a scary black man. Obviously he’s gang affiliated” <-- exactly what conservative USA thinks

  14. The juniper bush is now big enough to hide me when I walk around naked in front of my open bedroom window.

  15. salsaemey says:

    chicofaraby on How Obama Became a Civil Nightmare: Obama has expanded and many of the Bush administration’s worst policies. –

  16. monger lormann says:

    Wall Street bounce fails to impress the skeptics (Reuters) – Reuters – Wall Street ended higher for the first time…

  17. Bush doubled the nation’s America has lost its AAA rating and gained over $6T in debt under and now he

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  19. morritus says:

    can help expand the tent for Rs. Crucial to get behind her. > In NM Sen race, a test for Rs

  20. feuilandic says:

    Angela Garvin, 11, wins women’s club championship at The Ranch Golf Club in Southwick – Union-News & Sunday Republican Good luck calling Angela Garvin, to… –

  21. mario man says:

    this is FEAR MONGER MONDAY by right wing extremists! I say SEQUESTRATION NOW End ALL Bush tax cuts NOW –

  22. vier steileyda says:

    I can literally feel the depression fog lifting. I woke up this morning with tears of joy. I feel so lucky to…

  23. The Conservative | News | News | Damian Green welcomes figures that demonstrate a fall in net migration to the UK

  24. In May US NAVY SEAL Team 6 removed 1 of America’s greatest threats. In November, vote Republican to remove the other!

  25. thusselina says:

    any Conservative who actually listens to any Liberal on how to keep the Republican alive is an idiot who shouldn’t vote

  26. sergeaud baaron says:

    So, if Citizens United and unlimited donations can’t win an election, how will the GOP reach out to people who aren’t old, rich, or white?

  27. faccoranak caile says:

    The GOP Senators,Boehner, and all the rest of REPS WE VOTED FOR SOLD all Americans out to BHO on taxes and Obamacare –

  28. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) announced that it will provide thousands of new jobs after a one-time donation made by the European Commission for a job creation program 14 million euros over three years. The director of UNRWA operations in Gaza, Turner, told a news conference on Thursday, “This step will contribute significantly to alleviation and mitigation of the effects of the economic crisis …in Gaza.” The program is expected to employ over 7000 unskilled workers and 4000 skilled workers in Gaza. It was unclear what kinds of jobs these were, although Turner said that “This step will have a positive impact on the provision of services in vital sectors such as education, health and relief services and environmental health.” This makes it sound like UNRWA is the employer itself, entrenching itself into the fabric of Palestinian Arab society rather than trying to wean it off of aid, as any decent refugee agency is supposed to. UNRWA…

  29. pennington says:

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Three members of the Secret Service are out of the agency over the recent scandal involving prostitutes in Colombia, The Wall Street Journal late Wednesday. The Secret Service is planning to fire one supervisor for cause, while another supervisor resigned and another employee was allo …
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  31. peters pete says:

    Mae respectfully the GOP was a driving force in freezing Obama’s extension of the Bush tax cuts 2 years ago for 98…

  32. hofson hastrown says:

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  33. apology was sent, 6mos later. Steve Kent, bookended by 2AA Sony execs (rolling my eyes) Billy Bell, at NUL on Wall S …

  34. ” I heard some girl that some girl that live in marble over in 4204 got a surprise ass beatin coming for that bush “

  35. katsing pumme says:

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  36. Capitalism would not be the preserving the state of things; it would buck the State out of our lives as we have corporatism.

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