Daljit Dhaliwal explores how the economic crisis is affecting countries around the world.


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  1. The biggest German construction group, Hochtief, plans to make acquisitions in Canada and India totalling hundreds of millions of euros, boss Frank Stieler said in an interview published Saturday.
    Stieler told the weekly that the company had “absolutely no fear” of the economic crisis, saying, “We are well equipped globally and we have been able to protect Hochtief thanks to activities less vulnerable to the situation.”

  2. wisseymoka says:

    If you’re a confirmed coffee drinker, especially if you’re a woman, you will be by the recent finding that drinking coffee may stave off depression. A study of some 50,000 female nurses in the US over a period of ten years suggests that women who drank 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day […]
    Drinking caffeinated coffee may keep depression at bay is a post from: Health and Fitness News
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  3. Salesforce – San Francisco, CA – Salesforce.com transformed the enterprise software market with cloud computing. We’ve launched business apps and platforms that are as easy to use as Amazon.com and as social as Facebook. And now we’ve got our sights set on the next generation of cloud computing. Recognized as by magazine as the world’s 4th fastest growing company, our technology teams are the brains behind visionary techn

  4. gebreimerm gar says:

    Tasneem ‘we all need to be active and powerful citizens – that is very – in building a green economy. We all play a role’

  5. the message is so simple…we choose to have a crappy world run by elite war loving jerks..it has always been our choice..when will we choose love over chaos?

  6. Actually, Julius Caesar wa the first to invade Gaul and the Germanic Tribes, for 10 years he won battle after battle, When the Germanic Tribes attacked Rome, They were running from a bigger, better force named the Huns. Rome, weakened as it was in that time, was an easy target for the Germanic Tribes to sack on their flight (flee) away. in 9th grade and I learned this over the past few weeks so say im wrong.

  7. “I can’t vote for a candidate who opposes secular government. Just can’t do it, even if he’d end a war and promise not to do another one.”

  8. galler charral says:

    Oh, I agree, at least since the 1980s. But it’s relevant now because I suspect it’s why they fare so badly in economic crisis.

  9. “Before you diagnose youself with depression or low-self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, simply surrounded by assholes.”

  10. mazia dackita says:

    Tis the season of depression folks, if u see someone who is not coping well with life show them u care point them to resources that can help

  11. U can. Pray about it seriously pray about it. I was in the same mindset like u a few months ago. I loved secular music with a passion. I could not &would not let it go. I wud think that even tho Im not having sex killing folks & being prideful like was being talked in the music that it was ok but now i realize it was not. That stuff does have an effect on you rather you realize it or not. There is so much good christian rappers out there that u can listen to. Have u heard of Lecrae?

  12. go out assad. stop the massacre. Syria FREEDOM DEMOCRACY PROGRESS Secular State FOR DAMASCUS honey and grape power of free people

  13. mcparricku orchastens says:

    The CIA and the racist western secret organizations conspire and murdered this great soul. They felt his spiritual movement (non-evangelical) was spreading like wildfire all over the world and poses a danger to their corrupt political, cultural and organized religious system. These satanic dogs planted child molesters and murderers in PRABHUPADAS movement to blemish his good name and take over and destroy the Hare Krisna movement.

  14. gayloru charo says:

    I’m not driving my car tonight I’m driving moms shyt. So I’m taxing for rides tonight. $8 per person biz 4real

  15. paschweeds eckenn says:

    I’m sleepy but I bet as soon as I get back to my room and get ready for bed I will magically have all the energy in the world

  16. kutterholl norbe says:

    Well you silly geese, totally thrilled that you posted this! Wake up and smell the I suggest you search him on youtube now and hear what he is saying. Oh, nevermind, you like it,,,,,,,,,, hummmm how about gerald celente. Try that on for size.

  17. I hope you enjoy France Whether you come back ..History that I also have the chance to see u ..Full of love. A French fan.

  18. saying a lot of empty words here, I mean saying a lot about walls but the only real wall that matters now is the one that is around Gaza choking arabs. The world is just as dangerous as it was before he was elected and helping to make it worse by bullying Iran, disappointing President.

  19. coldinger chazamley says:

    I wish I was like 8 years old again. Everything was so much easier and you couldn’t give a care in the world.

  20. loufficara ladio says:

    Common Sense Investing: A Win-Win For Commodities: As you may already know, the growth of the global economy is …

  21. wow 🙂 that is so sweet! I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful in the world than a girl el natural!

  22. suno surney says:

    Editor’s Note: Many questions surround the tragic killing of children and one teacher at the Jewish school in Toulouse, France. It has been widely published in the corporate media. Writing for WSWS, Alex Lantier cites the facts and puts this terrible attack on innocents into a quasi-socio/political perspective. – Les Blough, Editor 20…

  23. takimmer charagarth says:

    Unbelievable to see UR guitar in MY home (in France)!Come and sing me a song, Bruno, waiting for U

  24. Italy’s consumer confidence took a nose dive in April according to the country’s official statistics office Istat, as Prime Minister Mario Monti’s ongoing austerity push the nation into a deeper recession.

  25. enreich mohan says:

    Symantec (SYMC -2.2%) heads lower on a downgrade to Sell from Goldman’s Greg Dunham, who thinks declining margins and cash flow will drive shares lower. Dunham thinks “secular headwinds” in Symantec’s core security and storage software businesses are limiting growth, and sees the company focusing more on lower-margin areas such as cloud software. He also sees competitive risks for Symantec’s high-margin consumer security ops. Post your comment!

  26. Green jobs: a chance for youth – UNEP and ILO: In the run up to the high level discussions of Rio+20 on 20-22 Ju…

  27. Inflation is low, money is cheap, the “perfect calm” for infrastructure investing! The GOP has NEVER led us out of a recession!

  28. Tweeple exposed Sid Vard’s campaign of calumny and fraud – AP Govt was (is?) taking secular cuts off the Bha …

  29. soltengobe says:

    A somewhat belated congratulations to California lawmaker Cathleen Galgiani! The Democratic state senator who came out of the closet to fight anti-gay bullying eeked out a reelection victory last week. As Mitt Romney settles into post-campaign life at his mansion in La Jolla, California, one has to …

  30. hachianoso mtce says:

    Japan sinks into recession for 5th time in 15yrs… but biggest sign of global economic crisis is pulling ou …

  31. mcilaki monta says:

    Yall females gotta stop acting like you dont need a man. We live in a male dominant world, youd be nothing without men.

  32. landaristi says:

    اصلن اینگونه حرف زدن فقط باعث نفاق و ایجاد کینه الکی بین همه است . همه برای هم موضع می گیرند و بحثها از حالت منطقی خارج میشه

  33. Wherever you are, I hope all jedheads around the world have a jepic and wonderful new year! Let’s John and Edward through 2013!

  34. dager atti says:

    At 12.30am, Daljit Dhaliwal and 21st Century bring you oil and democracy in Indonesia, India’s population and Kyrgystan’s music –

  35. Charlie Rose with Strobe Talbott; Grant Wahl; Daljit Dhaliwal (July 12, 1999): First, an interview with the Depu… [18:09:26] –

  36. bijlevahil musso says:

    Author of ‘Becoming a Fighter Pilot’ lambasted by critics on Amazon as it’s revealed he isn’t actually a fighter pilot –

  37. news that bad that y’all have to write ab me getting a boot on my car haha.. Man news is I got it rig …

  38. Hidden in the story comes news that Nailsea Town Council are trying to take over the three Town Centre car parks…

  39. Not at all. I mean, look at Greece. A lot of people name the Olympics as one cause of the economic crisis. –

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