This is a very encouraging trend, and I hope just the beginning:

#OccupyWallStreet: Still Growing Across America At a Rapid Pace

by Micah L. Sifry

“Young people like me have felt politically powerless for most of their lives. We came of age during the Obama campaign and we were fed the idea that the campaign represented the peak of progressive organizing. Now, my Facebook feed is full of 18 and 20 year-olds who all want to go to an occupation.”

–Guido Girgenti, a student organizer from Occidental College, speaking at the Take Back America conference’s bank accountability panel yesterday in DC.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to more than 200 cities, according to this crowd-sourced list built by longtime netroots blogger/activist Chris Bowers on DailyKos. Later tonight, I hope to have a tally of how many are actually signed up on all those pages, but in the meantime, with the help of Shane Castlen, I can report that the 54 initial groups that I started tracking this weekend have gained another 49,046 “likes” since yesterday at 4:00pm EST. That’s a 21% increase from yesterday’s total of 232,360, a slight slowing in the blistering pace of growth that we’ve been seeing, but hardly much of a dip, and still on track to basically double in size roughly every three days.

UPDATE: Based on a little bit of scraping, we’re currently counting 384,889 sign-ups across the 201 Facebook Occupy groups tallied by DailyKos. Ten locations have more than ten thousand “likes” and 67 of them have more than a thousand.

Facebook “likes” are hardly the same thing as commitments to camp out and hold a city center, but as anyone who has done any online organizing can tell you, they are the raw material for finding and nurturing activists, and with each new “like” dozens of friends are exposed to the spreading message. The Occupy Wall Street presence on Facebook isn’t nearly as large as the Tea Party Patriots, which has nearly 850,000 “likes” on its page, but as on-the-ground actions sprout in more cities, we’ll have a better sense of the Occupy movement’s depth and staying power.

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  1. I smell Al-Qaeda on you. I’m calling N.S.A right now for terrorism suspicious behavior. Oh yeah enjoy your trip guantanamo bay.

  2. And if you honestly believe that Dodd-Frank 1502 isn’t responsible for an economic crisis in east DRC, you shouldn’t be working on Congo.

  3. gaugust nukimacle says:

    Keiser is another Jew controlled gatekeeper like his in crime Alex money bags jone$ These guys will ban you if you expose elite Jews go to their sites and try it if you doubt it. Do not trust this guy

  4. Tea What?! No! Besides I want Capitalism not Corporatism. I want the bankers like Jamie Dimon in jail though. –

  5. I Obama but I also know taken to repeating the nonsense that Iran is a “threat” to the US, apparently to appease the idiots who either think so or want to hear people say so.

  6. LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) ‘ Sarah Palin is criticizing Occupy Wall Street protesters as looking for the same t…

  7. hant quese says:

    “On the future of Humanity and Global economy”, a manifesto by the Director-General of the EPA of Ethiopia: metaphysics of advance beyond aggressive corporatism –

  8. The Denver police cleared a protest encampment allied with the Occupy Wall Street movement in a downtown square Saturday evening, and sixteen people were arrested, according to the police.

  9. papin ettero says:


  10. koo widenns says:

    unless you are “Religulous” lol, there is not 1 single of episode in human history, that the likes of you, ever successfully took us on.

  11. The recent analysis for London Councils of the coming impact on London of the government’s welfare cuts is a sobering read that also raises an interesting question. Did ministers fail to spot that the effects on the capital would be greater than elsewhere, or did they know perfectly well that this would be the case and consider it a bonus? I only ask because at Wednesday’s GLA Intelligence event on the reforms Professor Chris Hamnett of King’s College mentioned the enduring longing of Conservatives to, as he put it, “rationalise, restructure the welfare state” and cited the famous observation of Barack Obama’s chief of staff that “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Of course, the world and its goldfish knows that Tories are using the economic crisis as an for hacking holes in state provision and sometimes, as with their critiques of social housing, declaring this to be consistent with tackling social ills. But the matter of Londoners taking the biggest hit…

  12. In some regard, all the OWS are not very The police only follow orders. Would you charge a usa marine with murder for killing an ‘enemy combatant’? Of course not!! You have to hold the government accountable for those unlawful orders. Well, the police are just like the military in many ways. If you want to control the police does it not make more sense to not ‘go after’ the police and instead you go after the people who control the police. It’s so simple.what is the hang-up!?!?

  13. ‘We are telling the Greeks that Brussels must effectively run their economy, and yet we even agree on a common Euro stnd for plugs.’

  14. sand winter says:

    I totally agree. I could not agree more. I think McCain deserved more to be president for what he gave to his country.

  15. World Leaders on Vaclav Havel – Wall Street Journal

    World Leaders on Vaclav Havel – Wall Street Journal
    Reactions to the death of Vaclav Havel, who led the 1989 anti-communist ‘Velvet Revolution’ in Czechoslovakia: Lech Walesa, Solidarity founder and Poland’s former president: “A great fighter for the… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

  16. occupy wall street journal will soon bring the best news yet from the movement ,the great god given news will create a super buzz it’s time

  17. man nolaimat says:

    Trillions in stimulus spending: check
    Health Care bill: check
    Dodd-Frank: check
    excessive EPA regulations: check
    outrageous loans to failed “green” companies: check
    What exactly did they block???

  18. Check my uploaded videos and tell me if you all agree or not with my views and share your opinions. I am open to both sides to the arguement and will not call you names or jump on you for your views. This is America and everyone has an opinion on my videos like to know yours.

  19. bollo sasaribalz says:

    A colleague told me today trying to solve economic crisis with austerity is like trying to mend puncture with scissors”

  20. It’s funny that in our current tragic economy, congress would seek to cripple our only area of innovation and productivity. No

  21. grovicher says:

    The great thing about being a Wall Street analyst is few people ever go back to check and see if the bold predictions you made months or even years ahead of time actually come true. Still, a released by IHS in the wake of Microsoft’s earnings announcement last week is a closer look….

  22. atchila kasmanne says:

    Timm is one of the most underrated bassist off all time and he is one of the greatest too, i would like to see him do like a bass solo or something because he is so skilled bass

  23. The land of the free. What a laugh. The police helping the ones who will forclose their houses as well.

  24. 6. Shouldn’t the role of Zionism in provoking or enabling anti-Semitism be fair game for rational investigation? Isn’t this a big of Zionism’s story?

  25. bronath coquet says:

    The World Bank Group’s Response to the Global Economic Crisis: The World Bank Group has responded to the global …

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  27. hunklenowi harwoodner says:

    For all of my friends of Occupy Phoenix! We at Occupy Wall Street discovered that the Phoenix Police were hostile to the protesters. a good remedy to fight them off. First, try to find out if the police manage a foundation. Then try to find out if banks and corporations contributed to their foundation. Third, once you find out the facts, expose this truth like a billboard and make sure alternative media receives the news. God bless you and may peace be with you always!

  28. spackerick says:

    wfpman: Too Big to Fail? The BP Bailout as Corporatism: Nowhere have I seen a clearer example of the… (at 1414 S St)

  29. sche shussoumil says:

    by Analia Kerner It is a verified truth, the way you see your planet and who you are, is governed by your thoughts. In these really difficult instances, with the estate of the economy impacting every aspect or our lives, financially and emotionally, it is very challenging to preserve a positive outlook. But, if you are optimistic and seek… –

  30. ormanniat says:

    24 заретвитили: Рубль к середине вторника слабеет к евро, но укрепляется к доллару: Российская валюта на торгах во вторник падае… –

  31. Banned ads and guerrilla marketing cause a stir: Corporate marketers face a tough crowd in the middle of a bad economy, so many compa…

  32. vorhuyersp says:

    May 3: Bush, Obama and Occupy Wall Street: New Canaan, Conn.: When Mike Lupica refers to former President George… –

  33. simpsteinz says:

    I just saw that my mom and Occupy Wall Street both shared an image on Facebook that reads: “Grow food, not lawns.” Watch out, America.

  34. FACT: Thanks to Wall Street reform, 2.5 million Americans harmed by deceptive credit card practices are receiving $150 million in refunds.

  35. afantref ster says:

    Financial Crisis Inquiry Final of the National Commission on the Causes of the Financial and Economic Crisis in the United States –

  36. guta arviko says:

    Former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua, who resigned in 2001 amid an economic crisis, is facing trial for corruption in Buenos Aires.

  37. broughnesc says:

    Tourism professionals on Spain’s Canary Islands expressed concern Thursday over the impact of wildfires on the travel sector, which had offered a rare ray of hope amid the country’s deep economic crisis….

  38. venteathei says:

    We should always be sceptical about statistics, but perhaps the greatest danger for Britain lies in unchecked isolationist jingoism Oh dear, tax receipts were down in July and government borrowing was up. That’s exactly where the British economy doesn’t need to be in the sixth summer of the protracted global economic crisis; the downward spiral in which remedial action merely reinforces underlying weakness elsewhere in the system. It raises the prospect that rival camps – those who believe in public spending cuts as the cure-all, and those who believe just the opposite – will become more frantic in their advocacy of alternatives, which are never cost-free. But there are no panaceas, and calmer voices that don’t claim to have one are the wisest. Today’s figures caught the City by surprise. Analysts had expected a £2.5bn debt repayment, not borrowing of £500m, just as last week’s unexpected 46,000 fall in the UK jobless total caught most people by surprise and enraged the tabloids when…

  39. This prez & his admin are NO BETTER than the sleazy, filthy, uneducated, unemployed, unAmerican, occupy wall street union thugs!

  40. raj bustner says:

    amidst economic crisis & unstable job creation, USA cannot afford bollo apestoso.. help us in our 2 defeat smelly chauch

  41. This song is inspired by the Occupy Wall Street Protests – Big thanks to Anonymous for providing the vocals 🙂 this

  42. Hey Mitt, when The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan says you look weak you are in serious trouble. Game Over!

  43. IN THE MAIL: Life Inc: How Corporatism Conquered the World, and How We Can Take It Back.
    … –

  44. People sit there and defend Obama. Any moron can see he works for Wall street. Go ahead and just live in your world of …

  45. guarra kell says:

    This is an ikasi economy, this conference would normally be at the waterfront but its now in khayelitsha & that’s where it belongs

  46. levelti rodendyce says:

    I’m not complaining or anything like that, I just think it’s funny. Why occupy Wall street, when you could be occupying asses.

  47. dio lukastan says:

    Chanting “resistance”, demonstrators took to the streets of Paris on Sunday to protest against austerity policies and Europe’s new budget treaty, in the first major demonstration since President François Hollande took power four months ago.

  48. I actually know someone who isn’t attending college and lived on Occupy Wall Street (legit) for a year. Voluntarily homeless.

  49. mlandorg elgens says:

    Big Brother: Your Television is Watching You: Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism December 6, 2012     Joining the … …

  50. Money wasn’t the only thing USA government gave Wall Street – it also conferred the right to hide the truth : –

  51. brischules says:

    Zuma: “Business who backs ANC will prosper.” You can just imagine the squealing of the happy piggies in the trough. …

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  54. If SCOTUS fails to uphold Section 5, there will no longer be any doubt whether they are an arm of RW Corporatism.

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