Not that I share the growing tendency toward apotheosis of the Founding Fathers, but since more and more people cite them in support of their own particular ideological agendas, it seems worth remembering that the FFs were diverse men with diverse views that we don’t, and perhaps can’t, fully know.

What is especially interesting is how often evangelical conservatives who are uneasy with the concept of “separation of church and state” cite Thomas Paine in support of their political views (Glenn Beck, for example). Presumably *Common Sense* is the focus of their interest, but evangelical conservatives must be unhappy with what he wrote in *Age of Reason*.

Moreover, many conservatives fancy themselves of a Libertarian mind and hence use Ayn Rand’s Objectivism to support their arguments, and yet support including more of their perception of Christian doctrine into law and government (social conservatism) — so much so that they are willing to compromise their principles of minimizing or eliminating government interference in the lives of citizens and to distort or suppress factual information and reason. How do these Christian conservatives reconcile the fact that Ayn Rand is well-known to have been an atheist, and moreover that she characterizes religion as intellectually primitive?

Below are some links to online resources that relate to this issue.

Age of Reason

Founding Fathers of the United States

The Founding Fathers

The Ayn Rand Institute

33 Responses to “The Framers, Rand, and Such”

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  2. mock halpinne says:

    Actually I am not Objectivist at all. I never said that was. In fact I think that applying a label to one’s self is a form of self-slavery. We and the world are far to complex to sum up in a single philosophy, tied with a neat little bow, but there is no ‘holy God’, but the moment that you can make a single objective argument that there IS, backed up by empirical evidence, please notify the world. They’ll be very grateful.

  3. Ayn Rand/Fountainhead: Have you felt it too? Have you seen how your best friends love everything about you except the things that count?

  4. Lordddd I have got to change my voters status from before voting happens next year. Smh, I can be so stupid.

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  6. akiah craeng says:

    Do u kw dat livin witout kwin ur heavenly father is a disaster coz he is omin-potent, omin-presence, omin-science. Indeed God is kwing

  7. sher stahl says:

    re: stanford So if I have a BA in Liberal and an MA in Humanities does that mean I learned to be a liberal human?

  8. duh daumoungbl says:

    FYI, I tend to hate Dr advice, as I find him to be arrogant, prejudiced, and way way 2 conservative for me. And you, babduck101, my friend, are going to be blocked, and your disrespectful comment removed, consistently with my channel profile, which you should definitely had checked prior to posting. There will be no abusive language aimed at me hosted in any of my videos. Sorry if 2 harsh. Adjust, then try talking to me.

  9. arps sezevers says:

    My Big Daddy had some trouble as well… Same edition, btw. Also- I love your work 🙂

    Hmmm… Youtube allow links… bit ly oKow6d

    You know what to do [./]

  10. postano bar says:

    I love the countdowns for the payroll tax cuts the has put up. A not so subtle reminder that the GOP sucks.

  11. right. only people who are using the religion as an excuse who are to blame. They hide behind the religion and culture so when someone tells them it is wrong they say they are only acting this way because of their religion/traditions. cowardly, and they are turning their culture and religion into a joke by doing so. They are the real believers.]]>

  12. mikkerin soll says:

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  13. twica markhua says:

    Since i exploded egg in the microwave ones (…okay it was twice) my access to the microwave is limited. 😀

  14. horne naufmannes says:

    By the way, I thought back in 2008 that Barack Obama was a progressive — that is why I got strongly behind him very early on when most people thought he couldn’t win the nomination. He struck me as a classical Enlightenment hero. I am not nearly as enthusiastic about Ron Paul — with Paul we are strictly in Hail Mary Pass territory or worse.

  15. aahh, now I get it all (even the song itself!) thanx for the update!
    honestly not really into philosophy, I just like the songs 😉

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  17. It sounds like a fun essay, I just cannot stand Objectivism on a moral level. He’s a simply loon in my book.

  18. That’s too bad because there are a lot of Reagan Democrats in the area that vote Republican. He would have done well there.

  19. mcillemp pon says:

    Students for Objectivism, stop sending me emails. I am not as cold as you. I will not be attending your meetings.

  20. cathjofurn says:

    There’s this boy in my science class and he NEVER leaves his bag he always has to have it round him hmmmmm wierrrrrrddddd

  21. dunforsyth says:

    To what degree do you think Rand Paul would help Romney win over Ron Paul’s following? Rand isn’t quite as

  22. Conservative Jesus: Blessed are the rich, for they have lobbyists. Blessed are for they will do what the rich want.

  23. furraunisc says:

    committed in Iraq so this country and this country alone can decide what happens. The GOP can’t expect the Govt. to control the

  24. radizotthe says:

    “Hi, “EPS troll” here, yes in general are anti-science for a number of different reasons: A. You’re whole economic theory is based on [pseudo and reading In fact most academics consider it a [philosophy rather than a B. You rail against every technology advance we’ve made in the past 100 years [largely funded by the In fact you wouldn’t live the cushy lifestyle you live today [or even be on the if it wasn’t for “Big Goverment pointing a gun to people’s heads and making them pay taxes.” C. You rely on conspiracy theories and bad science in general, to explain why you don’t have wider (main stream media, big…”

  25. Man’s greatest mystery. What happens when we die? The media is filled with documentaries, testimonies and opinions on what death is. These range from total pragmatism and objectivism to highly emotional, religious beliefs in the afterlife. What REALLY happen, both from a physical perspective, and from a spiritual perspective. 1 of a 2

  26. pert luistellan says:

    Anthem (Paperback): He lived in the dark ages of the future. In a loveless world he dared to love the woman of h…

  27. ang bensenson says:

    Paul Ryan (Ayn Rand cultist) truly believes his OWN self interest outweighs any obligation to help the rest of us (objectivism vs altruism).

  28. coecklejan fatjoy says:

    We have a Republican Gov who has worked to turn our state around. Obama doesn’t deserve credit for that, pal

  29. georgenny broackley says:

    EVO G.O.P. Turns Fire on Obama Pillar, Auto Bailout – Public opinion about the candidates and issues including gas p…

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  31. I kind of love how Lena Dunham’s Hannah is a delusional “color-blind” liberal. Because those people exist, and they are insufferable.

  32. TIL: The real John Galt was blown up with 21 tons of dynamite, by a Teamster, in 1970. (x-post from /r/Objectivism) –

  33. o'heun marz says:

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