Does anybody not see that politicians, judges, and legislation are all available to the highest bidder?

Does anybody not see that the Citizens United decision was the final nail in the coffin of fair elections?

Why is there not an energetic, popular national movement to reverse that decision?

At least some people are trying:

Watchdogs to IRS: Tamp down on Crossroads


Two campaign finance reform organizations are calling on the Internal Revenue Service to revoke the tax-exempt status of four non-profit organizations heavily engaged in national politics.

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The groups are the Republican-leaning Crossroads GPS and American Action Network, the Democratic-leaning Priorities USA, as well as the nonpartisan Americans Elect. All fall under the IRS’ 501(c)(4) code — broadly defined as social welfare organizations that should not have a primary purpose of engaging in politics – and therefore aren’t required to disclose their source donors.

“These groups are misusing and abusing the tax laws at the expense of the American people. It is clear that these groups have little, if anything, to do with promoting ‘social welfare’ and everything to do with electing and defeating candidates,” said Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21. “It is incumbent on the IRS to put a stop to this charade and to act promptly to protect the integrity and credibility of the tax laws and the interests of the American people.”

J. Gerald Hebert, executive director of the Campaign Legal Center, added: “The abuses of the tax code by these shadow campaign operations have mushroomed since the last election cycle with both Democrats and Republicans now in on the act and not even bothering to maintain a facade that they have any real purpose other than to elect members of their respective parties.”

Officials at Crossroads GPS, which federal records indicate spent more than $16 million advocating for or against politicians during the 2010 election cycle, scoffed at the complaint.

“This is the fourth frivolous complaint in 12 months from a highly ideological group that wants to sic the IRS on its opponents,” said Jonathan Collegio, a Crossroads GPS spokesman.

During the 2010 election cycle, dozens of non-profit organizations made independent political expenditures that advocated for or against the election of political candidates and did so without revealing their source donors.

Other non-profit groups, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, spent large sums of money on similar kinds of advertisements called electioneering communications, which do not overtly advocate for or against a political candidate but mention them by name in the weeks immediately before an election.

Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center argue in a letter delivered this morning to the IRS that the groups have “has engaged in far more than an insubstantial amount of participation or intervention in elections and that the overriding purpose of each organization is to influence elections.”

To date, the IRS has taken only modest steps toward enforcing laws that might affect politically active 501(c) organizations.

In May, for example, officials said they’d begin closely monitoring gifts given to 501(c)(4) groups if such gifts should be subject to taxes. The practical effect of this kind of enforcement would be a tax on donor anonymity, where contributors would be forced to pay additional money in order to keep their names from public view. But little action has occurred since.

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29 Responses to “The Disguises of Graft”

  1. you know who the mother of civil rights is? the goverment.. the goverment grants its civilians civil rights… what you should be fighting for is your human rights.. theres a big difference, and your being denied them

  2. Max Keiser is in the movie Zeitgeist Moving Forward. He is then a new ager theosophist by association. His goal is then to make everyone accept the mark of the beast. Order out of Chaos. They are trying to create a revolution and then make everyone believe that the NWO will be defeated but when the real NWO will be reborn from its ashes like a Phoenix and will try to make everyone accept the Luciferic Initiation and the AntiChrist. God bless

  3. bert baertig says:

    “The government exists to take care of you” That is the exact opposite of everything I want to teach my kids. Can’t wait for HowTheWorldWorks to destroy this trash.

  4. alves tomarino says:

    People from all around the country gathered Saturday for a ship christening in honor of a civil rights leader (Video)

  5. gilde leave says:

    This is insane! The cop tells the person to call if going to be open carrying or going to get />Ohhh, so sue that cop and every other cop there for civil rights violations. Telling me when I can and express my rights?

  6. chat arwincibig says:

    come on now….. we don’t eat like that in a daily basis…. the LA fair is once a year… and we can’t help that there is so many different cultures that bring all their different types of food to america… there are just so many good, and obviously not so good, choices. we cant help that we like them.

  7. Sanders Saving American Democracy amendment states, among other things, that corporations are not persons with constitutional rights equal to real people.

  8. darbiuchon joyce says:

    As they would say back in the day during the civil rights movement, “A little drop of black means your black”

  9. Ironic, I demand campaign finance reform and then I get followed by on twitter. We are blessed with idiots for enemies –

  10. scalli caring says:

    “What, no campaign finance reform? Or are we just going with the assumption that it’s already happened if someone like this can get elected.”

  11. RT Me and are to take the GOP nomination :)”

    Hail the free Market & kill corporatism! –

  12. kono legrette says:

    I bet the real reason Karl Rove is offended by Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler ad is because “Detroit” was always his favorite BDSM safeword.

  13. Mount Pleasant, SC, woman serves 10 days in prison because she was unable to pay a $480 fine for having a messy yard.

  14. hele kamarke says:

    New museum to carry the weight of black history: From slavery to Tuskegee Airmen to civil rights and … (USAtoday)

  15. mccrearsel fico says:

    Oh, look. A bevy of new followers, some I find corporatism in uniform absurd and others not. Here for the former? Let’s argue.

  16. haddick millik says:

    Condemn the fraud & the current system, but call it by its proper names Keynesian inflationism interventionism & corporatism. –

  17. soldner says:

    Nakuru High halts swearing in of as head of anti graft body until a case filed against him is heard and de …

  18. northangur stanlonese says:

    Kris Graft Epic confirmed to us its win against Silicon Knights. Epic Awarded $4.45M in damages. More to come. –

  19. mara deyo says:

    Fascism should be called Corporatism b/c a merger of state & corporate power – Mussolini be proud of USA! MT

  20. bilton gingloo says:

    Citizens United gave corps the rights of individuals. Now, one of them has to behave as an opinionated person. Poor right wingers.

  21. ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistan Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf was ordered on Wednesday to appear before the Supreme over his failure to comply with orders to re-open corruption cases against the president. The move, another twist in a long-running standoff between the government and the judiciary, could lead to political instability in Pakistan, just two months after Ashraf’s predecessor, Yusuf Raza Gilani, was found guilty of contempt over the same issue and disqualified. “We hereby issue a notice to Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf … …

  22. — Go ahead, call Soros out. But give the Kochs, Adelson, Armey, Rove, Murdoch and Ailes a handjobs during the RNC. –

  23. Free markets and central banks cannot coexist. The USA does not have free market capitalism. It has crony corporati …

  24. Ron Paul: “We live today not in a free market economic system but in a “mixed economy” marked by an uneasy mixture of corporatism, vestiges of free market capitalism, and outright central planning in some sectors.” –

  25. That’s odd — when we did this with the LII cockatiels, they generated Citizens United, 140 char at a time:…

  26. curros lieb says:

    In 2014 the unemployment rate in the US will be less than 1% but workers will only be allowed to work 12hrs a week +

  27. Was searching for Karl Rove vitriol and YouTube suggested I listen to some De La Soul. Thanks, YouTube. Will do. …

  28. Rural bankers are Main Street bankers, not Wall Street scum. Them we listen to. banks corporatism congress FEMA DHS –

  29. chhol edlerre says:

    Under today’s statist corporatism, where do u see no regulations? U don’t understand big biz ctrl of govt so regs smbs

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