Wall Street did not get enough welfare and graft from the Democrats, so in this election cycle they turned back to the Republicans. The damage was not as bad as many predicted it would be, but the trends are still very unsettling. This is what happens when you vilify rational thought, canonize infotainment, and prioritize power and money above all else.

The irony is how effectively these Big Money special interests used working Americans to get Republicans elected by feeding the rage about Washington’s mollycoddling of and handouts to Wall Street. Interestingly, however, despite historical tendencies and a still bad economy that is only slowly and tepidly recovering, Republicans merely gained control of one Chamber, and this largely by reclaiming seats they had lost in 2006 and 2008. Yet the chest-beating proceeds, consistent with their “heads I win, tails you lose” mantra and refusal to admit or utilize accurate data.

The following piece illustrates who really determines electoral outcomes:

Wall Street backing Republicans in elections

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