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I’m a big fan of magicians, but not of magic shows. What I enjoy are demonstrations of how the illusions work from clever folks like Penn and Teller and James Randi. James Randi has a long-standing record of debunking claims made by psychics, ghost hunters, and the like — most famous, perhaps, are his challenges to the well-known, self-proclaimed spoon bender Uri Geller. Geller has his own long and oddly still extant career, but his consists of duping people into believing that he has paranormal ability, which he demonstrably lacks.

But Magic?

There is a strong drive in us humans to believe in magic and supernatural phenomena, and maybe there is some legitimate magic out there. I don’t know. What I do know is that none has ever been definitively confirmed, and more importantly, that there is good logical reason to suppose none exists. Moreover, numerous claims by folks like psychics have repeatedly been disproved.

In any case, my friend Peter sent me the link to this video, in which Penn and Teller detail a common money-stealing trick that’s been in use for probably centuries, and which is still in use today. It’s interesting.

Enjoy 😉

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  2. hock nada says:

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  3. pler kebor says:

    Friday friday friday! off to see a psychic show tonight.. not expecting any messages from the other side.. but will be fun people watching

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  5. che bennich says:

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  6. Things get out of hand when ppl spending money they do not have on psychics to tell them that,”You will marry her, just wait another 6 months OR you know will hit the lottery this time”. bs like that.

  7. Hmmmm, decisions decisions…….bullet to the head, or the slide wounding your hand??? If you ask me, gladly take the latter, and have time left in my life to heal from that terrible injury to my hand!

  8. burcann setis says:

    call Rick Riordan’s demigods paranormal. Neil work for middle grades — The Graveyard Book, Coraline — is paranormal. My own Haunted series is straightforward paranormal, with a kid who sees ghosts. Ghosts have been popular in middle grade for years, but maybe now seeing other kinds of paranormal drifting down. Of course Goosebumps and The Bailey School Kids have tackled all kinds of monsters for years.]]>

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  10. mes lepleberg says:

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  12. moodronos says:

    I’ll give you JUST enough leeway/rope for you to make a noose & hang yourself. & I stand back & watch the magic unfold… 🙂

  13. An anonymous reader writes “The pair of documentarians behind An Honest Man — The Story of the Amazing James Randi will not only talk to the likes of like Adam Savage, Bill Nye, Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Penn and Teller about the life of famous magician/skeptic, but they’ll also follow Randi’s latest operation as he assembles ‘an Ocean’s Eleven-type team for a carefully orchestrated exposure of a fraudulent religious organization.'”

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  20. no I couldn’t trust him but I’d take that risk for some guaranteed goals & magic b4 end of season plus he lifts the crowd

  21. Boy you not the ONLY one that’s tryna be the ONLY but baby magic and all it consists of is mine!!!! Lolz

  22. rembros los says:

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  25. catling destein says:

    HAHAHAH, ‘sy-kick’ ye, nena? Sick leh, I know cause I am a psychic. HEH MEHEH. MEHEHEHEH. Ok, that’s a weird laugh.

  26. derra beate says:

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  27. haha, hey have you ever seen paranormal activity, or the hills have eyes? Perfect time to put one of those in.

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  30. marceas mary says:

    I’m enjoying The Truth About Uri Geller, but am sad that the book is older than me and Geller is still around.

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  32. kahko bakelsh says:

    Ex-tabloid editor Piers Morgan says Heather Mills is not credible. And next week Uri Geller will cast doubt on Gillian McKeith.

  33. herbach glock says:

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    Dont Know Yet!!! I’m Going This Friday. Looks like Gothic, Penn and Teller, Or House Of Horrors Seems Scary 🙂

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  39. abelhot kostenberr says:

    Just watched paranormal witness S1EP4 and wow it was awesome I would love to see that house and check it out 😀

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  44. kamit keil says:

    my mom is going to a psychic this week and she’s gonna ask about me and im so nervous omfg what if she says im gonna be a stripper or hobo

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