Some of what prominent Republicans are doing and saying right now worries me. We all know, for example, about Rush Limbaugh’s statement that he hopes President Obama will fail. This indicates Limbaugh’s true nature (as if we didn’t know it already), but more importantly, many Republicans seem to think that this is just fine.

But, before we go further, let me first say that I would prefer not to have to call a media gimmickster like Limbaugh a prominent Republican. Unfortunately, the Republican Party itself apparently considers him one — which must mean they think the word “party” refers to “entertainment,” and so think they need a party clown like Limbaugh, rather than a bona fide public official, to lead the herd. Limbaugh’s de facto leadership is hard to explain otherwise.

Limbaugh’s influence in the Republican Party is especially poignant given the consistent invective-laden rallying cries among conservatives about alleged “liberal media bias” and the “great liberal conspiracy,” not to mention the incessant kvetching conservatives do about celebrities speaking up and engaging in advocacy — and never mind that the celebrities are themselves citizens and have a right to speak their minds, too. Now, I don’t like a lot of what Dennis Miller says, for example (especially about immigration), but I support his right to speak his piece, celebrity or not. This applies to Limbaugh, too. Even so, I think Republicans deserve better than having a brain-dead, blow hard, egomaniacal shock-jock like Limbaugh as their party spokesman. They deserve somebody decent, intelligent, and earnest in that role. But, despite the best efforts of the Bush Misadministration, it’s still a fairly free country, and they can do this to themselves if they’d like.

At any rate, what’s unsettling about Limbaugh’s statement is what it indicates the self-proclaimed “values” Party actually seems to value: their ideology, winning, and dominance (nicely illustrated already by their worship of Karl Rove). In other words, Republican ideology itself is seemingly more important than the goals it ostensibly serves or the American People. Limbaugh, and evidently many others in the Republican Party, would prefer for their “side” to prevail than for the country and its citizenry to do well, if presented as an either/or choice. How else can we explain Limbaugh’s statement that since he’s a conservative, of course he doesn’t want liberals to succeed? Shouldn’t success be the point, and the ideology picked based on how well it produces success, rather than the other way around? Limbaugh and his followers clearly don’t think so.

Consider the sudden Republican outcry about federal overspending now that a  Democratic Majority might spend money on projects here at home, instead of a Republican Majority spending it nearly exclusively on making war abroad. Why weren’t Republicans in Congress as outspoken when one of their own was in office and spending like a bootlegger? Consider their sudden outcry about the ballooning deficit, the deficit they themselves created out of a surplus budget they had inherited from a Democratic administration. Where was this outcry when a Republican was in office as the deficit grew like a tick on an artery? Consider their tenacity on the alternative minimum tax, which will clearly do nothing to create jobs and little to stimulate spending, while attacking the Democratic version of the stimulus bill for not, in their opinion, creating jobs. How are tax breaks going to help people who don’t have and can’t find jobs anyway? The connection there is pretty tenuous and heavily laden with neocon ideology: trickle-down economics, which George H. W. Bush himself called “voodoo economics.” This says a lot, and rather sadly, it defines counterproductive, cart-before-the-horse thinking. The unrelenting worship, come what may, that Limbaugh and his followers have of neocon ideology reminds me of the elaborate and now-laughable (albeit clever) geocentric models of the solar system that medieval astronomers developed, which they did to satisfy the church’s insistence that the Earth, not the Sun, was the center of the solar system, no matter what the data indicate.

Now, if Republican management of our country had been successful and effective, rather than a clear flop — that is, if trickle-down economics did create greater prosperity for average Americans, if deregulating Big Business did create a healthy, self-regulating economic equilibrium, if preemptive warfare was somehow an ethical, effective, and ultimately merciful way to engender peace, if outlawing same-sex marriage did magically engender liberty and promote better lives for children — well, I might have joined the party myself (although the pro-theocratic constituency in the party really, really worries me, and I’d have to talk earnestly with my fellow Republicans about what the word “liberty” and the phrase “separation of church and state” mean). I’m interested in what is fair, ethical, and works, not in retrofitting and force-fitting data to support my prejudice about what should have worked, or in assuring that “my side” attains dominance. That tendency to force-fit empirical observations to preconception, to disregard inconvenient data altogether, and to advocate for an ideology no matter what,  should have been left with the Medieval Church and the theocratic monarchies of its day.

Admittedly, I’ve reviled the Bush Misadministration from the start. I think it was one of the most destructive phenomena of my lifetime. However, I never hoped Dubya would fail; I just figured he would. Moreover, had the Republicans won in 2008, I would not have wished failure on them, either. I don’t want any administration to fail because I don’t want this country or us citizens (or the rest of the world) to suffer as a result of that failure. I would rather have been wrong about Bush and the neocons, and have us all doing well now, than to have been right while we circle the drain. Apparently, Limbaugh and the Republicans who rally behind him don’t feel this way. Apparently they would prefer to see the entire country suffer so that they can say “I told you so” about their rivals and regain control of the country, rather than see us prosper under an ideology other than their own. Better to be dead than wrong, I guess. This attitude worries me.


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  1. mowiakahou says:

    I don’t think they cut off Rove..not even FOX would do that….as soon as u r out of office the title should be dropped.. they aren’t in office anymore so stop calling them by their old titles..

  2. The only way to distract people from a broken economy and a divided people is to give them an “enemy”. Russians, Cubans, Arabs…

  3. hoop nishiharvi says:

    So, a) why is he in America with a talk show and? b) who own Roving enterprises, which produces Before the Game and 7pm project?

  4. you paranoid racist asshole! President Obama is a refined, cultured, black man. you’re nothing more than a country-ass redneck. as if a bunch of towel-headed terrorists who live like its 411 instead of 2011 could possibly take over the nation, much less the world, dumbass! and stop acting like all muslims are terrorists- ignorant bastard!

  5. pipickfort ruzinata says:

    guys. give gun1t another chance! He definitely deserves one, and telling you now; if you subscribe or if you unsubscribe, gonna really miss out on one of, if not THE best commentator on machinima (up there with F1st

  6. beal radehl says:

    Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain: Herman Cain is “reassessing” his presidential campaign , and whether he will remain in it, after a woman he identified as a long-time friend said they had a long-term affair. He should. As a Republican, he’s pretty much dead in the water (assuming that he wasn’t […]

  7. he used the word recession today? I guess he didnt pull us out of the mess like he promised. VOTE REPUBLICAN

  8. hern azizian says:

    I LOVE ROVE ! When he says about “Mary” the TPIR contestant…”I’m sooo gonna have sex with her tonight! ” Yeah, sure Rove….but he’s off the cuff funny & I love him for it…..

  9. A South African human rights organization has announced its intention to file a law suit against Qatar and its broadcaster Al-Jazeera after a journalist was from the Gulf state because he was HIV positive.

  10. keinmanett harmons says:

    the jobs went overseas because it became cheaper to do it that way than to do it here, plain and simple. It is not cheap to ship things across the ocean. That is a long distance. But the unions got so greedy, and wanted so much, they made it cheaper to pay the huge shipping costs. Way to go. They are the problem, too. Face reality. You can blame and blame and blame, and attack anyone who says things you want people hearing, change reality.

  11. kolo schal says:

    it would be great if she got more involved in the movement for lgbt equality as she never looses out, she is not afraid of the ultra right, religions or media of this world,

  12. Barack Obama’s Next Job – The Daily Beast: His reelection is down to a coin toss, his mood glum. Eight ideas for…

  13. Of course they were. Hilarious true story of a south Indian human rights activist who, in conversation with some1 on cell, 1/2

  14. PC here; since it has been requested, I will tone down on the vulgarities. I just tend to get angry a lot, which…

  15. Oof, Andrew. I’m not making a pointed comment about Obama or Democrats but about small donor contributions. Twenty years ago, no one talked about small donor contributions; now its a badge the candidates want to wear.

  16. Tough fight awaits friends: … known for their rhetoric against Wall Street and opposition to the war in Iraq, … –

  17. @AriFleischer after speech enlightening to watch response
    No way to see things as does except old fashioned racism –

  18. well then u r reading books by Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck b/c that’s where those of lazy denialist dismissals come from. –

  19. kimba kin says:

    my Mom back in the 60s was a self ascribed Romney Republican so when Mitt ran here 4 Gov & the fact his opponant was well known 2

  20. Remember it as though it were y’day, wow. I get to teach Bush v. Gore 2000-only count that counted-in Media & Politics class Tues

  21. gren yokonoh says:

    Well, like Ed said, who f*ck listens to cassette these days?
    And he kept the old one, so stop whining.

  22. MT The unemployment rate for the age group of 20-24 is over 13%! Can we afford another 4 years of the Obama agenda?

  23. Yeah I heard that he was killed at several different periods in time. But if it were really Dec 2011, I understand WHY hide it? And the excuse to use it as a means of staying in the middle east, while believable, is still a stretch, because we all know that the Bush Admin. was fully capable of finding some other “terrifying” ( yet b.s. ) excuse to declare war & invade, i.e. “those weapons of mass destructions” among others.

  24. omg yes she won’t have to hide it & it can be super sweet & lovey like & not heated & no gay panic & just ahhhh. We are amazeee :’)

  25. samylor wyle says:

    solution. ABOLISH THE POLICE FORCE, how? allow for a voluntary force of of people PAID BY DONATIONS. ihave a police quote set by city or state/ county and hire police if not enough volunteers

  26. Sad how a simple call for an arrest in the face of considerable probable cause has led some to worry about a “race war”

  27. boneist heira says:

    Just Guessing… Another POTUS long shot 4 the GOP. Limbaugh over Romney, he the face 4 their core values… 🙂 biLL

  28. zoukjell mclasirans says:

    “Karl Rove is a pathetic excuse for a human being…for his cowardice & culpability for what was said about my little sister.” Meghan McCain

  29. “Today, we live in a country where people want to receive a govt check, & wanting to be a millionaire is said to be bad.” Limbaugh

  30. brancis emittenhae says:

    Obama: Romney not necessarily qualified to look at economy as a whole… but a Chicago street thug community organizer IS?

  31. penninton arn says:

    heard through the grapevine that this movie is supposedly anti-Bush and anti-Iraq war.From what heard, those who think Bush is a great man think this movie is exceedingly pro-Bush, and those who think that Bush is a terrible president, think this movie is anti-Bush. Just depends on your point of view as to which character “represents” Bush. They interviewed the writer/producer/director/some-other-in-the-know-person who said he thought it was great that people were discussing/thinking about world events as a result of the film, but it was actually written prior to Bush being put in office. Any pro- or anti-Bush sentiment is brought to the movie by the viewer.]]>

  32. mohara dele says:

    Maybe I’m gay 😀 Why does the last sentence sound so gay? :s This TMJ’s song is like 3minutes, av heard it

  33. huginson vell says:

    To those who question my mil to Obama, see on rape:there’s 2 choices in USA: the Dem or the representative of the Mental Patient

  34. taraski arsberg says:

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  35. hudymontan says:

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  36. Beg to differ! Especially seeing as all your recent tweets are what I believe EVERYONE is entitled to. Basic human rights!

  37. simm bruniah says:

    He cut social programs, welfare, increased the war on drugs and raised taxes on the poor and no Americans were better off 4 years later.

  38. leanledfor says:

    you really dont want to go to war with me, i always win! Oh just waitttt till we are in school together muhahahahahaha

  39. lassevicho pocchessha says:

    3/30 Nasser Baanone El Enezey? Hamoud El Enezey is one of those who have been stolen their human rights and also their right to get the

  40. Late on Tuesday evening, a Chinese human rights group posted an extraordinary on its website: 70,000 inmates of Beijing’s “black jails” – illegal detention centers for troublesome protesters – had just been freed.

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  42. I don’t even concern myself with people who truly annoy me. For example, I don’t know what Rush Limbaugh has said o …

  43. Rep. Steve King, R-IA, might run for the Senate. Liberal mag speculates what Karl Rove might do if he does. Useless. …

  44. Stop all on Rush Limbaugh. He is a hate monger and a liar. We are boycotting you. …

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  46. gin rastlert says:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — As economic policy goes, say, the automatic spending cuts that kick in Friday are – to use a technical term – bone-headed….

  47. grado kanton says:

    Me being Nigerian, I have to carry such an extreme weight to be who I am especially because my culture is against homosexuality

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