I would have voted for the Stewart/Colbert ticket in 2008, if I had been able to find where to write them in on the ballot.


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  1. dugall gathe says:

    But he feels great remorse and is very sad about a MOUSE he killed on that day. A psychiatrist stated that he have compassion for humans. Id love it if his name gets buried in history.

  2. I’m a girl and I don’t think all men are stupid. Yeah I known some that are a bit stupid (My ex…) But not all are that idiotic. My bestie is one of the dudes!

  3. cathelemei grim says:

    Aftr readin sm awsm books by Joseph Stiglitz,Paul Krugman n Nouriel Roubini nw moving on to Naomi Klein’s the shock doctrine! loadz f readin

  4. schus legrosenci says:

    Brad seems like the perfect Marine. It seems as though the saying ” the only thing a Marine should feel while killing is recoil” truly applies to Sgt.

  5. quartine yasunhamme says:

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  9. The daily Show… Btw, can you PLEASE post it when the winners accept it? Please, I really want to see it:)

  10. Nah,it aint shrinking.If anyhing,its growing.Its being bombarded round the clock.
    Its also moving away from us about half an inch a year.
    Think this guy misunder stood his findings or research.

  11. astand caro says:

    ” anyone can bid on the job keeping it competitive.”
    But more ot it then that.

    You can always find someone who will do a job for for less then they should because they are desperate. And that creates a downward spiral where the playing field leans more & more in favor of those with money.
    Thus unless there is some other intervening factor, capitalism destroys the very environment it needs to survive.

  12. umm they would have gotten shot? Obviously there’s a lot more to it than just this video or else they would have

  13. xuyenciogl trueston says:

    It took ten or more years for European to catch up with house music, which was created in pretty much the same black and gay clubs as most modern dance music.

  14. I think everyone ought to read Naomi Kleins Shock Doctrine. This is a great speech, may Naomi continue to keep us informed.

  15. shadway ildt says:

    Right, while the GOP controlled both houses of Congress for most of 1995-2007, and the Presidency from 2001-2009. You seem to conveniently forget dubya’s push for easier loans to those with bad credit, including no down payments.

  16. merckhama duggiell says:

    I have some questions about />
    1. If you cut his neck and his head is separated is he still Will his head reconnect with his body?

    2. If he dies of AIDS would he really die? If he indeed dies and comes back to life, is the AIDS still there?

    3. Why is it that when the first time he died it took a long time for him to be alive again compared to his past deaths?

    I think he should join the army, and go to Iraq. He can take all those enemies because he die.

  17. mithrissau says:

    If you really want to know what is behind the banking situation go to – be prepared to be amazed!

  18. durdo racheilla says:

    Oh Gosh they are following the same tactics in the UK — something like Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine but (cont)


  20. natheintyn says:

    Everyone give this video a like! They did a good job making the “HapPillow” I would buy it but I am too lazy :/ Can it wake me up when I am in class (HomeSkooled)? Rofl

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  22. ibraub dourley says:

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  24. petropersc cavoy says:

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  26. robeckin cau says:

    Just watched The Shock Doctrine (imdb: ‘An investigation of “disaster capitalism”, based on Naomi Klein’s proposition that neo-liberal capitalism feeds on natural disasters, war and terror to establish its dominance’).

    via stfucapitalists:mapapa – http://alexanderpf.tumblr.com/post

  27. clemy dorie says:

    THE SHOCK DOCTRINE – the most AWESOME BOOK to EVER B Written About Contemporary History – A MUST READ 4 Evry1

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  29. whitburkin says:

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  30. roleonglar ren says:

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  31. Dear boys, if u don’t look like calvin klein models, don’t expect girls to look like victorya’s secret angels :/

  32. gian whitelbere says:

    Madison, Wis., is looking a lot like Baghdad in 2003, with government officials exploiting fiscal crises for fun and profit.

  33. The Shock Doctrine – Naomi Klein. She has several other amazing books as well. All non-fiction which is the only thing I read

  34. schaun bie says:

    Clay pointed out the obvious like many others did (Letterman Leno Daily etc.) There was NO racist comment in his tweet!

  35. Sale of public assets to private corps is “selling the family china only to have to rent it back to eat dinner.” …

  36. repol seeley says:

    can chain me, you can me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my – Gandhi

  37. rahams dilgemi says:

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  38. bargang mcker says:

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  40. sterenbert says:

    *I scream at him, I beg for it to end, but they can’t hear me, and still she denies him, still she protects me. The seems endless-

  41. bruely aguiez says:

    Race to the top didn’t work, so here’s another RW Shock Doctrine Arne Duncan scheme painted up to look good.

  42. grin wodtke says:

    At and I am going to see the folk bands that should also be planning commissions. There’s one here called Schump …

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