Shills for the extant energy industry and those it has fooled oppose the movement toward sustainbility. Nevertheless, there are many compelling reasons to make the switch to alternative energy and adopt other sustainable practices, and fortunately many people recognize this.

So, despite assiduous resitance from conservative naysayers, the trend is toward alternative energy.

Here is a report on data that show exactly this phenomenon.

Will Sustainability be mainstream by 2020? New Report says yes.

by CGR Staff Writer

Household brands and retailers will play a key role in supporting sustainable lifestyles, helping them become mainstream by 2020, according to a new study.

Sainsbury’s and Unilever launched the Consumer Futures 2020 research in partnership with Forum for the Future, in order to gain insight into how sustainable products and services will impact on global trends and consumer behaviour over the next decade.

As part of the 18-month study, designed as a practical tool to help retailers, brands and manufacturers plan for the future, four fictional scenarios that consider how sustainable consumption could become mainstream were explored, with the aim of ascertaining whether social and environmental pressures drive sustainable goods into the mainstream, or whether consumers actively demand them.

It found that global challenges such as climate change, scarcity of key resources, rapid population growth were likely to affect consumer attitudes and the consumer goods industry. As a result, sustainable practices will become more mainstream as key resources become more highly valued, while and recycling and re-use would increase, the study concluded.

A weak global economy is unlikely to hamper the progression of sustainability, according to Forum for the Future’s chief executive Dr Sally Uren, who said that “smart brands and businesses will make money today by accelerating the transition to a sustainable future”.

Meanwhile, Dr Uren added that the industry must make it easier for consumers to go green by “offering products and services which are not just better for the environment, but healthier, cheaper and longer-lasting.”

However, the study warned that consumer brands will need to innovate to develop sustainable products, services and business models to overcome financial challenges, while also working with consumers to make them a success.

Sainsbury’s and Unilever said they plan to use the results as a platform for collaboration and innovation to develop jointly profitable and sustainable initiatives to help meet commitments in Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan and Sainsbury’s five corporate responsibility values.

Sainsbury’s chief executive, Justin King, said: “Sustainability will continue to rise higher up the agenda over the coming years, so it is key that brands work to ensure they can respond to consumer demand. Being a sustainable company is not about box ticking, it’s about future-proofing your business and building trust and brand loyalty that will last for years to come.”

The Consumer Futures 2020 toolkit and accompanying resources are available to download free here.s and Unilever said they plan to use the results as a platform for collaboration and innovation to develop jointly profitable and sustainable initiatives to help meet commitments in Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan and Sainsbury’s five corporate responsibility values.

Sainsbury’s chief executive, Justin King, said: “Sustainability will continue to rise higher up the agenda over the coming years, so it is key that brands work to ensure they can respond to consumer demand. Being a sustainable company is not about box ticking, it’s about future-proofing your business and building trust and brand loyalty that will last for years to come.”

The Consumer Futures 2020 toolkit and accompanying resources are available to download free here.

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52 Responses to “Sustainable Gains”

  1. RIchard Heinberg is a brilliant man that has all the information, but he seems reluctant to bring out the big words and hit this message home. If I’d have to give him any advice it would be to raise his voice and frighten people a bit more than he’s doing at the moment.

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  3. hilletarna says:

    Ron Paul is the only candidate running for President who understands how the Federal Reserve has stolen 97% of the dollar-denominated wealth of Americans over the past century through inflation. If more Americans became members of NIA and were educated to the truth about why their standard of living is in such rapid decline, and why prices for food, gas, health care, and college tuition are skyrocketing even with real unemployment at 22%, Ron Paul would be elected as President in a

  4. jilakipp gres says:

    That’s called “ad-hominem” – it’s a logical fallacy. In the 1950’s populations were dangerously low, and commercial hunting became heavily regulated. Polar bear populations have bounced back to 20-25,000 as of today, largely due to a ban on serious hunting. Since the species is about 100,000+ years old, a healthy population would be better measured around 1500 AD or before. The point is they reside in sensitive habitat, and are now threatened by a different ecological problem.

  5. marrellett says:

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  6. Don Surber fact-checked a Washington Post and determined that Richard Muller, whom the Post touted as a “self-proclaimed climate skeptic” was, in fact, an early advocate for man-made global warming theory who “has re-branded himself a former skeptic — the better to sell global warming.” But I think Surber missed the lead: Muller got $150,000 […]

  7. bargangart von says:

    Millions of years of adaptions. There are 9 different tiger subspecies. A South China Tiger is known to be the original ancestor of all tiger subspecies, which means all Tigers evolved from the SCT. And they have broader stripers, longer snout, smaller size and longer legs(in compared to other tiger subspecies. They are also the most endangered Tiger Subspecies. Extinct in the wild, 70 left in zoos, all descended from just 50 individuals!

  8. graeth core says:

    If you like music, I have a song in My Videos called “Five minutes to midnight”, where the theme is climate change.

  9. betivadiou says:

    yea i agree, i just said that cause their video was complaining about too much electricity use. but oil keeps the economy going! of history

  10. By Jeremy Hance,, 2 November 2011 | Unprecedented flooding in Thailand, torrential rains pummeling El Salvador, long-term and beyond-extreme drought in Texas, killer snowstorm in the eastern US—and that’s just the last month or so. Extreme weather worldwide appears to be both increasing in frequency and intensity, and a new from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) connects the dots between wilder weather patterns and global climate change. Leaked to the Associated Press and the AFP, the draft warns that the world should expect more floods, heatwaves, and droughts to such as extent that some region may become “increasingly marginal as places to live.”

  11. I can remember when this song came out, and I actually agree with you…people say they hate Lil Wayne et al. but do you see them all run out the club when his songs are played?

  12. sell ramunsorin says:

    Federal Subsidies for Renewable Energy
    New York Times
    Your does a great service in detailing the oversubsidization of alternative energy, but doesn’t mention the biggest problem with these kinds of direct subsidies: They are addictive and create long-term corporate dependency. …
    and more »

  13. alman gwell says:

    Men are problem solvers by nature. Of course, we’re also problem creators. 😉 creative types are also problem solvers 😛

  14. My alternative energy professor personally emailed me to tell me I got an A in the class &give me wise words of advice for my future 😀

  15. lon casterling says:

    Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature. Helen Keller

  16. willi saiser says:

    Prosey, who might that be? Huntsman is on board with demonizing Iran and I haven’t heard him criticize blasting Libya’s infracstructure. If you mean candidates who don’t even get to the debates, yes, of course there are always candidates you can vote for on principle but 99.9% of the public won’t even know their names let alone what they stand for.

  17. today money is a larger motivator than moral obligation. I am not necessarily a fan of the current administration but I do think the President has a passion for alternative energy. If we act quickly there is an to form a coalition comprising alternative energy and environmental groups. A coalition with enough influence, lobbying power, to command media attention and correspondence with government officials. One dedicated to pressing the alternative energy & environmental agenda in a focused and very deliberate way.]]>

  18. Abstract: Global Climate Change is occurring. Projections of the extent of the impact that it may have on the human…

  19. “say global warming is a myth!” “it’s a myth! study is needed!” *PUNCH* “THAT’S for selling out on your beliefs!” go Nelson!

  20. trescott jaimburn says:

    To be clear…Im not for alternative energy b/c of global warming (though its a plus) but b/c one day oil will be gone.

  21. Today’s TED Talk is given by James Hansen on the debate over global climate change and why he is deeply worried…

  22. rod lomoler says:

    my call fom “god”– she said those who do not believe in Global Climate Change are doomed to their ignorance

  23. bald aberruet says:

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  24. A unique collaboration between the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute (BRSI) and the Asheville Independent Restaurant (AIR) Association places Carolina’s mountain town into the front ranks of “America’s Greenest Dining Destinations.”

  25. goodrique says:

    I don’t know what’s the worse, keep getting soaked by the drought or scraping the global warming off my car all winter.

  26. gaustier says:

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  27. gobardo gall says:

    rebmoti: NC passed law against global warming science, therefore it’s not happening. So I’m ignoring Twitter’s 140-character l … –

  28. If Heat win NBA chip,it’ll b bcoz of global warming. If they’ll lose to Thunder,it’ll b bcoz of climate change. No win situation for em.Haha

  29. meweyle modle says:

    Calling all businesses: help Pilot WRI’s SWOT tool for corporate sustainability
    Environmental (press release)
    The World Resources Institute (WRI) and our corporate are using a new twist on an old tool to spark innovations for a green economy—a …

  30. Embassy dispatches show America used spying, threats and promises of aid to get for Copenhagen accord Hidden behind the save-the-world rhetoric of the global climate change negotiations lies the mucky realpolitik: money and threats buy political spying and cyberwarfare are used to seek out leverage. The US diplomatic cables reveal how the US seeks on nations opposed to its approach to tackling global warming; how financial and other aid is used by countries to gain political backing; how distrust, broken promises and creative accounting dog negotiations; and how the US mounted a secret global diplomatic offensive to overwhelm opposition to the controversial “Copenhagen accord”, the unofficial document that emerged from the ruins of the Copenhagen climate change summit in 2009. Negotiating a climate treaty is a high-stakes game, not just because of the danger warming poses to civilisation but also because re-engineering the global economy to a low-carbon model…

  31. tollume sisch says:

    Now Do You Believe in Global Warming? A blistering summer is at last changing some minds — but the story remains co…

  32. mar abertz says:

    Sustainability Drinks. With talks from BUSINESS people, about BUSINESS things, and how we can save the planet with more BUSINESS.

  33. foubekana says:

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  34. gridge montarra says:

    Poll in India on global warming finds “41 percent had never heard of it or said, ‘I don’t know.’ ” –

  35. Our coverage of global climate change, and the extreme weather that Minnesota has experienced in recent months, is ongoing. Tomorrow we’ll post an interview with a meteorologist who explains how warmer temperatures (even during winter …

  36. We’re a youth-run current events blog – would you be interested in writing on sustainability for us to help educate teens?

  37. The CLP says it’s committed to working with Pacific Aluminium & Nhulunbuy to find an alternative energy source to allow Gove op to continue

  38. tau gasanickel says:

    I think the history of the 20th century can show us very clearly that rule books don’t have to be religious in nature.

  39. lecila bry says:

    Happiness is your very nature and it is in the Present Moment; it is the direction in which Life tends to flow.

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  41. vindsenett com says:

    With all the bad news regarding GMO’s, Monsanto, and Global Climate Change, it has become obvious to me that one…

  42. by Bill Becker For those of us concerned about the future of the United States in an era of global climate change and international competition over diminishing natural resources, the new from the National Intelligence Council (NIC) contains goods news and bad news. The good news: The NIC predicts that in a “likely tectonic […]

  43. ankman elken says:

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  44. PICTURE OF THE DAY: Global Warming Looking Good:

    When I came across this on the net I could not help but laug…

  45. aerburbane says:

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  47. Enjoyed Olin Sustainability Case Competition and SuperAd Bowl today! Always a fun time to be had at Olin Business School!

  48. noyea rothwaivre says:

    As organic products become more and more popular, and more and more people express interest in topics such as global warm …

  49. lezadelisi says:

    If you dismiss global climate change because of a lack of evidence, but believe the story of Noah’s Ark is true …

  50. lol. Do you wanna lead the organization of one at Akosombo? We should be talking about alternative energy instead. …

  51. Go Green: Your options for alternative energy at home
    Monmouth Daily Review Atlas
    How easy is it these days to use alternative energy at home? Corbett Lunsford, technical director at Chicago Home Performance, emphasizes the need to deal with waste before even considering alternative energy. “Most people’s homes are like a Toyota …
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  52. It’s just hitting me my have no solid running game, no deep pass threat anymore, a bummy OC, & still …

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