I am a gun owner, and have been for many years. I enjoy recreationally shooting guns and support the “right to keep and bear arms.” I have also long opposed government intrusion into citizens’ privacy and liberty, which is part of why the Bush Misadministration alarmed me, as well as why I still oppose the so-called “Patriot Act,” strongly support civil rights, and oppose bigotry, racism, sexism, and jingoism. Reverence for freedom is also part of why the Evangelical influence in politics unsettles me: mixing religion and politics usually entails efforts to force Christian mores on everyone. Endorsing freedom to express only ones own mores does not reflect a reverence for liberty; it merely reflects a reverence for self. Liberty matters to me, for all of us.

Recently, in the name of liberty, people have begun to attend speaking engagements of President Obama’s sporting firearms. While I agree that this is technically within their rights, and while I don’t share the alarmist reaction some have had to it, this behavior strikes me as callow and idiotic. Any reasonable person should realize that carrying a weapon in modern society is perceived by most Americans as dangerous and threatening, and doing so in this incendiary political climate is especially intimidating, and irresponsible. Flamboyantly packing at a presidential speaking engagement, whatever your underlying logic, does more to threaten liberty than foster it. Why?

Well, to the armed protestors, I say consider this: the “tough on crime” crowd, historically comprised mostly of febrile conservatives, has long advanced the argument that what’s most expedient for law enforcement and national security is also in the best interest of “law abiding citizens.” Bending a few rights and laws for the sake of the greater common good, they have frequently argued, is a small price to pay for a safer society. After all, who gives a damn about the civil rights of some scumbag crook, right? So goes the argument (In my view, a weak and wrong-headed one, for myriad reasons). But, by carrying a firearm to President Obama’s speaking engagements, you frighten and further alienate folks who have not been around firearms or are uncomfortable with them, and you provide impetus for liberals (who have, you should note, often stood up for liberty in the face of criticism from conservatives) to adopt that foolish safety-over-freedom point of view — only this time, rather than people you would have called criminals having their rights ignored in the name of your safety, you will be called the criminals and have your rights ignored in the name of someone else’s safety, Niemolleresque. To understand, imagine how conservatives (and perhaps others) would have reacted had a group of outspokenly anti-Bush activists showed up strapped to Dubya’s speaking engagements, especially if the armed protestors were black, gay, atheist, socialist or some other minority group. Be honest: what would you have said about that?

Coming armed to these events is foolish, hypocritical, callow, divisive, and counter-productive. So, unless these armed protestors simply crave attention, hope to foment conflict, or want to inflame anti-second amendment fever, and thereby threaten actually substantive liberty, they should stop it. Pick your battles, and wage them intelligently. See, even though environmental issues are definitively pre-eminent (if we destroy the only place we have to live, how important will the issues of rights or freedom or justice be anyway, and to whom?), I don’t identify myself as an environmentalist. Why? Because chest-beating zealotry does not facilitate solutions. It facilitates conflict and diminishes the odds of developing a real solution — just as showing up armed to President Obama’s speaking engagements does. Nice work, fellas.

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  1. rans tiptropato says:

    How does this fool know FPSRussia on a personal level? He doesn’t even know how to shoot an M16A1 Carbine. Let alone hold a shotgun. Granted his other videos are funny but i like FPS way more.

  2. son blummunzbu says:

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  3. moring tad says:

    that is so cool your taste in music is awesome especially for your age. just curious though by the meaning of the song you mean his girlfriend cheating on him?. the song is supposed to be about a girl im pretty sure george still denies being gay back then.

  4. ronchison says:

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  6. Because in most states you show a persons picture until charges have been filed or they are already well known publicly. Also, why would they release the pictures of people they already caught, they could be trying to arrest more people!

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  8. morskowski pen says:

    yes and more training for our police. I here the police will be getting guns placed in lock boxes. So we have to monitor that

  9. Live video: President Obama delivers remarks on tax cuts plan and on the state of the economy in Kansas –

  10. shiesemps says:

    “Economic freedom is one factor but they make it seem like its the only factor.” That’s very true. Another factor are the of a countries population and it takes decades, if not centuries, to ruin a people thoroughly. Germany, for example, used to be among the pinnacle of the world in craftsmenship and intellectual brilliance, and even the welfare state, let alone Nazism and Communism, didn’t manage to destroy all of that, though it clearly took a toll.

  11. sade clars says:

    eaturbrainz on Cenk Uygur: Why I Love Santa: America isn’t the greatest country on because we are a Christian nation. We are the greatest because we were the first country to make sure we didn’t base our nation on religion and ancient hatreds. We based it on reason, and capitalism. –

  12. Could this be the reason retail sales were up on Black Friday? Could some Americans be preparing for a revolution?

  13. jennaputte mosickelet says:

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  15. “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaugh6Np

  16. johndrand jeandeckin says:

    attn left: Fire arms purchased online must be shipped to a local federal firearms license dealer. They are not sent to peoples homes!

  17. If we are to champion “freedom and democracy” abroad why are we destroying civil and deifying the State at home? –

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  19. gailicklam ism says:

    I’m going to jail for a Good Cause!
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  20. This is a great knife. I carry it everyday at work and home. Like you, I really like how they designed the clip. It never gets in the way.

  21. giorekidam haolognac says:

    Too many – both in and out of gov – close their eyes to the issue of personal #Anonymous –

  22. kle albrey says:

    Does your God not stand for freedom? Does he not stand for justice? Then why the hell are you not revolting?

  23. I polished off a bottle of gin while cleaning my firearms for What did you do? “Sleep” is not the right answer.

  24. vbadge dec says:

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  25. maino taliwetz says:

    Freedom of choice is something some women have never experienced in their lives.Please allow and give chance, it really is that simple.

  26. dee tomorretos says:

    Batman costumes now banned in US. Guns, ammunition still not. Because (all together now) Guns don’t kill people. Batman costumes kill people

  27. yamarclai says:

    How the Rep know what the Dnc want or pick and if so why they did’ent know Bush was taking us off a cliff so you Blame Obama

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  31. Obama fell flat – He made a seemingly deliberate choice to keep his remarks chained tightly to the politics of 2012.

  32. bousen dow says:

    Just saw a Romney NRA commercial. Why do I feel like Mitt probably doesn’t know a damn thing about firearms, hunting etc…

  33. era willa says:

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  34. guillell nak says:

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  36. Let’s change the world young people…..we can’t depend on Obama and Biden, but in all that we do acknowledge God!

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  39. dittennenb volard says:

    Seems Romney didn’t just try to steal the election from Obama, he also stole it from Ron Paul with RNC shenanigans: ht … –

  40. You know the IDIOTS who would turn their guns in DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. Too Stupid for

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