In this interview, Jared Diamond briefly describes his perspective on how the United States is responding to the economic crisis. He talks, in terms of indicative cultural characteristics, about how we compare to societies in history who have succeeded in the face of crises like this one. He is “cautiously optimistic,” provided the “decision makers,” i.e. politicians and the super-rich, must also endure the consequences of their decisions. Not really a leap, is it? This, by the way, is why I think we should seriously investigate the allegations that members of the Bush Administration committed crimes. If fair and sincere investigation exposes criminal activity, and if we then actually hold any guilty parties to account, regardless of who they are, this would send an important message to the “Halls of Power” that its members must, as a matter of fact, endure the consequences of their decisions right along with the rest of us — and, preferrably, these consequences would be more substantial than having to face criticism or forgo buying the newest private luxury jet. Else, why shouldn’t they screw us? Moreover, if Diamond is right (and he usually is), this is critical to our survival.



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  1. neestevin says:

    listen to mama B . I love this lady . I sware . Like if she were to die I’d be the fan to go into a state of depression .

  2. chess sobolmanny says:

    As far as recession goes I know it’s a difficult time out here for people, but me, myself I (cont)

  3. If presidents are the only variable, we need Bill Clinton! Best economy/national debt outlook in last 50 years during his terms!

  4. Jared Diamond was awesome last night! His next book: What we can learn from tribal societies. Out in Jan. ’13. ^mb

  5. signardowb east says:

    we are just getting out of a recession but i think workers may not be happy with the results for years

  6. dougailora says:

    As an SME I agree with Emily. We are meant to be solution to economic crisis, but cost of doing business is hard!

  7. Нет этого не будет не когда. РУССКИЙ будет воевать только за Русского и за свою родину. Вам этого не понять никогда.

  8. Blasting “The Recession” this morning. Gotta get my fix before TM103 drop. Jeezy really the realest rapper outchea….and my favorite

  9. Basically, he’s trying to say that technological advancement and civilization development operates the same way it does in Cid Meyer’s Civilization Revolution for the Xbox 360.

  10. a great Web site that allows you to do a rough calculation of your ecological footprint here:

  11. drena zagoubaki says:

    According to the IMF (2010), Ireland’s economy is slightly bigger than Nigeria’s! They are 167 million people living in Nigeria. –

  12. there will always be someone to lend… nations used to default on debt all the time.. the jews were willing to take that risk then.. why are the banks coddled now

  13. beitefeven agracini says:

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  14. investments in US treasuries becomes completely China has to draw the line somewhere. a 094 can carry 12 JL2 change missiles (range 12000), each with a missile on 12 nuclear warheads, meaning that Be able to destroy the United States close to 3 times.

  15. arayne chapakson says:

    Mai Abbastanza, anch’io mi ero proposto di leggere il dizionario, ma a quanto pare le informazioni vanno nella memoria usa e getta. Da quanto ho sentito c’è la vaga probabilità che resti qualcosa solo associando il termine a qualcos’altro (tipo andare a cercare sul dizionario una parola sconosciuta dopo che la si è trovata su un testo).

  16. quarillina cruzi says:

    Why didn’t the Incas conquer Spain instead of Spain the Inca empire? Finally reading Jared Diamond’s amazing book ‘Guns, germs and steel’

  17. Evet, bir Jared Diamond’a ihtiyaç var. 🙂 Kolektif bir şeyler yapmaya çalışalım. Dili de biraz Diamond’vari olsun (Tüfek-Mikrop-Çelik) veya Cluetran Manifesto tarzı bir şeyler… Önümüzdeki hafta geçsin, ben biraz vakit bulabileceğim…

  18. I thought I got through my depression but lately Im not so sure. I’m scared I’ll slip back in and I won’t be able to get out.

  19. mcdilletti giltermach says:

    Eurozone Is Heading For Another Recession: By Matt Rego The EU’s executive said on Thursday that the euro zone i…

  20. It has been estimated that 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions are associated with meat consumption – via Ecological Footprint

  21. I have to say when I read about Iceland having the worlds largest eco footprint I was shocked and a little…

  22. ecke mich says:

    New Republic: The New Jobs Blah: The March jobs showed that the economy added 120,000 jobs and the unemployment rate d…

  23. TARP Town U S A: The United States experienced the emergence of an economic crisis in the last of 2008 t…

  24. Vitamin D is a massively trendy health topic right now, with its lack being blamed for everything from depression to obesity and cancer, and high levels of Vitamin D associated with general better health. Previous studies have linked healthy levels of Vitamin D with high-prestige careers as well, and it gets to the point where […]
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  25. henrosel says:

    sure is. Make most of it, heard there stopping it to tourists next year. Which in a recession is a stupid thing to do lol

  26. buny beria says:

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  27. kuenbaum gabl says:

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  28. tad wewell says:

    DUBLIN (Reuters) – Apple is to hire 500 people in Ireland in the latest boost to the indebted euro zone country’s multinational sector, one of the few bright spots in a struggling economy.
    Maxima liked Apple announces 500 new jobs in Ireland on 20 April 2012 (2 months ago).

  29. kup lla says:

    I found Jared Diamond&aposs book “Collapse” has a section on the doomed Vikings of Greenland. This should help me flesh out a Christmas story.

  30. modriquels says:

    My swim hero is Geoff Huegill for defeating his depression to come back and be a champion in & out of the pool

  31. Chick-fil-A – Bowie, MD – Recession? What Recession? Business is growing! Ask yourself these Questions: Are you a key leader and working 55-70 hours a week? Are you the best team member on your team, but surrounded by Poor Performers”. Are you working every Sunday? Do you have a “JOB” and not a “CAREER”? If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, you are in the wrong “Job”. Team members at Chick-fil-A Bowie/V

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  33. aplebanfri says:

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  34. chartand catagine says:

    Obama has us in the Depression of the “1930’s Dust Bowl!” Claims Romney will take us to 1950’s! Case is made “VOTE ROMNEY!”

  35. tomarquier says:

    A fun game to see how your foot lifts up and you get to see your own ecological footprint. No need to put in an…

  36. cer goder says:

    They want us to invest in our economy by going to school but won’t invest enough in us to help us afford to go.

  37. LONDON, April 24 (Reuters) – Brent crude slipped towards $118 on Tuesday due to weak demand amid the delicate state of the euro zone economy.
    Gwendolyn Tews liked UPDATE 4-Brent dips towards $118 on euro zone concern on 24 April 2012 (4 months ago).

  38. murrida benacey says:

    The Depression Era taking of gold from citizens was a way for Roosevelt & crew to rip off citizens & enrich elites.

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  40. ucander pich says:

    20 People Who Battled Depression And Still Became Rich And Famous: In a given year, more than 18 million America…

  41. Photographer Berenice Abbott (1898-1991) proposed Changing New York, her grand project to document New York City, to the Federal Project (FAP) in 1935. The FAP was a Depression-era government program for unemployed and workers in related fields such as graphic design, illustration, photofinishing, and publishing. Company, 507-511 Broadway, Manhattan. Broadway near Broome Street,
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  42. ruthuchhau salvin says:

    FRONTLINE looks at & economic crisis through eyes of children on Iowa-Illinois border in “Poor Kids” (Nov 20) at 10 pm MT/PT.

  43. sehillshed says:

    What can we learn about child-rearing from traditional cultures? That your kids will be fine. A new Jared Diamond book. …

  44. bobbs dallouck says:

    NYE: Leave work early, drive to Saratoga with Wes, check in at B&B, First Night, Mouzon for dinner, read new Jared Diamond in jacuzzi tub

  45. How Mitch McConnell, a guy who NEVER had a real job, extracted $28-million in 4 years from our recession economy. h …

  46. To address childhood obesity and most other inequalities everyone should be paid a living wage would also solve economic crisis

  47. I know he can’t lay bricks and there’s a recession on but male modelling as a new career choice? Where’s his tool belt

  48. matsar appa says:

    Going to bed earlier helps protect you from depression and thoughts of suicide — At least 8 to 9 hours of sleep makes a …

  49. butte peureld says:

    Many low-income families rely on special offers, especially in a recession. If the burgers are down to 10p each, they look like a bargain

  50. a double dip recession is bad, but a triple is worse, this gov are only interested in screwing the poor& helping their rich friends

  51. xoangai funara says:

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  52. The financial sector has a relatively small ecological footprint. Yet it can contribute the most to the transition towards sustainability

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