Here is an interesting discussion Jon Stewart has with Bill O’Reilly about the issue of raising taxes on millionaires. And a bit more.

Whatever your stance on this topic, you will likely find this an interesting chat.

36 Responses to “Stewart Interviews O’Reilly”

  1. When people argue that Social Security isn’t a Ponzi Scheme, the normal rebuttal is that it’s not and it’s fallacious argument. However there never is a sound argument to prove that it isn’t a Ponzi Scheme.

  2. mesemaimeo says:

    long been obvious that greed and willful ignorance are the hallmark of modern conservatism.

    Of course, claim that “liberal” scientists did this study, but by default, the vast majority of scientists conservative. Science requires a willingness to actually learn vs. falling back on simple-minded dogma. It all ties together.

  3. Every Democrat who faced recall won re-election. Two repubs who faced recall were not re-elected. The Democrats increased their number. The number of repubs decreased. The recall was a clearcut win for the Democrats. Quit being such a dumbass, dude.

  4. They call that book rands seminal work

  5. chatter mummina says:

    Loughner is more crazy than he is anything! However, he does lean more conservative than he does liberal & I can prove it to you.

    1. Loughner has a hatred for a, perceived, big Technically, this perception could be based on any area and/or level of but, the only ppl who possess such paranoia are conservatives!

    2. Loughner has a fascination with guns. The are a lot of liberals out there, who hunt, etc., but, how many of them are psychotic with their love for guns?

  6. kowski cordai says:

    Cenk if your looking for suspense you shouldn’t give the identity of the person in the name of the video.

  7. karavoraki salameier says:

    The FG/LP Gov is incapable of reducing its current spending, so it cuts capital & raises taxes. This is the ‘reforms’ we have!

  8. wolfi fronstaffa says:

    That’s funny. He said we were the number 1 military in the world. by which he most likely means we had the most military personel. And you said that that wasn’t true. so i told you to check the description for the date this occured. I don’t know how you came up with that, or why…

  9. If you watch the news and don’t like it, then this is your counter program to the news — Jon

  10. rochluebel says:

    Regardless of how you feel about Fox News (I like them personally), wrong not to allow them to cover anything on Obama.

    exploded at launch. These are just the things we KNOW about. Soviet propaganda announcements of mission outcomes were delayed until success was and failures were usually kept secret. If you are trying to convince me the pre-glasnost Cold War Soviet space program was comparable to the pre-shuttle in terms of lost lives, destroyed and safety, you are sorely mistaken. I am old enough to remember the Cold War…

  12. ree mahamiah says:

    America is the first Country in the history of the world to ever be built on reason rather than war. The colonies came together and reasoned that uniting would be for the greater good of the people and our founding fathers then established a political system under which the people would be able to manage the government . The reason behind our current afflictions as a Country is that Corporate America is extending a voice of reason based on profit rather than on strong moral principle.

  13. Jon : So you are a professor in Yale? I was gonna go there…but they apparently has something called standards!!!!

  14. bonenwaldi lant says:

    funny when fundamentalist Republicans engage in some serious infighting. Like lions at a kill, they cooperate just long enough to get their share. In truth, they hate each other as much or more than the enemies they publicly declare.

  15. Is this election for a USA President or for a National Christian Preacher? Focus on the Issues, not who is more Christian or Conservative.

  16. batchofsin says:

    “> Could I have provided an answer that would have made a difference? Probably not. It would be a waste of mine and your time. And yet you post here. > I doubt you and I will everyone to some agreement on many of these issues. I didn’t ask for a peace treaty, I asked why of Paul don’t ask/wonder/demand why he doesn’t go back the if the GOP is so corrupt. > Not to mention, I’m not quite sure when the GOP turned into a bunch of fear-mongering, bible thumping lunatics, but I’m suspecting it came around 9/11. Heh. The Southern Strategy and fear-mongering have been around far longer than before 9/11. Look it up. > The democrats wouldn’t be so bad, if they could go back to their old ways of less war, more What century are you talking about? Or are you a Dixiecrat? I wish the Republicans would go back to their Teddy Roosevelt Progressive days. > He can run but he is a strict, fiscal conservative republican. Read Bruce who used to…”

  17. awaterasch noelane says:

    You’ve got to feel for the solicitor general, Donald Verrilli — first he had to argue the Obamacare case before the Supreme and yesterday the Arizona S.B. 1070 case. The headline quote comes from Justice Sotomayor, who didn’t seem to buy the administration’s argument any more than the more conservative justices. After quoting a meaningless reply to a justice by Verrilli, Hindraker at Powerline added, “that answer was incoherent, obviously, but not because Verrilli is a fool; rather, because the Obama administration’s position is indefensible.” The reason for that, of course, is that the decision to sue Arizona didn’t come from Justice lawyers who thought they had a good case but from White House political calculations. But what’s struck me most over the past few days is how the Left does not even understand the concept of constitutionalism. They all seem to think that “constitutional” means “a policy I like” and “unconstitutional” means “a…

  18. rascana says:

    Well that’s some slick timing. Eduardo Saverin, known for co-founding Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg back in their college days at Harvard, has given up his United States citizenship. His name appeared on a list published on April 30 by the United States Office of the Federal Register, which issues a list of people who have given up their U.S. citizenship. The switch will almost decrease the number of American taxes he owes on the $3.84 billion or so he is in line to make once Facebook goes public, which is widely expected to happen next week.

  19. bach tomorio says:

    Seth Meyers has a couple days to write good political jokes before SNL. Jon has a few hours before Daily Show. Guess who is better.

  20. RT Jon and Stephen are on vacation the next two weeks!

    I’m not sure how I feel about life anymore.

  21. marible says:

    Trying to quit. not trying to scare u but u do know Ben & Jerrys r major contributors to the Liberal movement

  22. VIDEO: Pres. Obama, Rachel Maddow, Jon (“I still wanna make out with you”), and MA voters for Elizabeth Warren (The Political Carnival) –

  23. Love it! All of it! 🙂 Also, tee hee, maybe that made Jon morning in a goofy “Did that actually happen?!” way.

  24. barul brune says:

    Just really really sad that is you identify yourself as conservative and Christian, it is instantly assumed you are and insensitive bigot

  25. Legalising mercy killings could pressure the elderly into dying early to reduce the burden on their children and society, according to PD James, the crime writer and Conservative peer.

  26. I agree.He needs to show his taxes.I’m a Republican & he should not be president. He can’t handle the pressure

  27. ninggum henbich says:

    Why can’t a there be a small fed govt, pro state rights, fiscally conservative candidate that isn’t a religious nut and doesn’t hate gays?

  28. cyri giona says:

    Jon is on – the comedy show that gives more real news in 1/2 hour then Fox in 24 –

  29. dot haresshoje says:

    No more patience for Huckabee. And I think Jon mistakenly led me down this path of pseudo-acceptance of that hateful nutbag. WTF.

  30. This mainstream media has decided to go for the jugular by just mentioning bad polling data to discourage Conservativ …

  31. zain hoechsmain says:

    Saying “most Americans pay less taxes” is like saying most Americans can vote. Whatever happened to the equality that liberals preach about?

  32. Don’t forget in 2012, the DNC VOTED 3 TIMES To ELIMINATE GOD From THEIR AGENDA… Despite what they Claim. Welcome th …

  33. rabioniah says:

    Dear MB regime, if you touch our Jon Basem Yousef, the real Jon might go after you. And you sure don …

  34. mihoga slawtoney says:

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  36. renz dek says:

    I’m behind on reading tweets, responding to emails, doing taxes, baking DELICIOUS cakes, everyone just take a nap & wait til I’m caught up.

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