Predictably, the establishment corporate media as exemplified by hacks like Sean Hannity denounce the genuine grass roots movement that is Occupy Wall Street.

A Marine sergeant calls bullshit.

Last night at Occupy Wall Street in Times Square, Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas boldly defended the occupiers. Sergeant Thomas calmly asked the NYPD why they aren’t protecting the peaceful protestors. The NYPD ignored his questions and continued telling protestors to leave the sidewalk otherwise “they’d get hurt.”

Then, in an epic scene, Thomas approached the line of NYPD officers who held their batons.

While many Occupy Wall Street demonstrators had been arrested for merely crossing the street, he exclaimed, “These are U.S. citizens peacefully protesting! These are the people you are supposed to protect!” The 10-15 NYPD officers he addressed dared not to touch him.

Sergeant Thomas continued denouncing the NYPD’s actions shouting, “This isn’t a war zone! I’ve served overseas, that’s a war zone! Get rid of your batons and helmets!”

After five minutes of severely and loudly criticizing the NYPD, the Sergeant walked away leaving the scorned officers behind. The few people who were there applauded and cheered.

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  1. devie reita says:

    guys its in san andreas. if u watch the trailer u can see a plane fly over a sign that says “vinewood” which is directly from SA. it was their way of mocking the hollywood sign if u cant tell

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  3. daubollidy says:

    US police raid two Occupy camps: US police raid Occupy Wall Street camps in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, … (BBC)

  4. The “1%” have revealed themselves as shrill ideologues willing to scapegoat America’s most vulnerable people in order to defeat a political movement that threatens them.

  5. Yeah, food, the REAL gold. I don’t disagree. My point was more in the way of; if they could physically move the farm to China, they’d have taken US agriculture to slave wages along with our industry.

  6. Is it me or is the world getting…well weird? London riots, Moscw huge protest, Occupy Wall Street, & crazy weather…wth! –

  7. OWS marks 100th day of protests: The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters in New York mark the 100th day of prote… –

  8. day azmilburru says:

    Over generalization? A that changed its name from Democrat Republican to Democrat … is that generalization or over-simplification? And how do you know that you are telling the truth? I just gave you the time period in which Democrats ruled Alabama and instead of rebutting you twisted every piece of crap making yourself the most intellectual piece of crap ever existed on this page? You are pathetic. Democrat is the only that redefined the word SEX, you sick!

  9. Newt sounds like an Occupy Wall Street teenager sometimes, not major GOP candidate… using terms like “elites” over and over in this speech

  10. ken macke says:

    yeah, right. taking a bunch of previously established scientific principles, laws and experiments and combining them (rocket science) is much harder than building a limitless language of logic which combines everything in the universe into one system (inventing maths). thanks for reminding me.

  11. tips his hat to Occupy Wall street in debate sympathizes w so called 99%. Ron Paul IS in the 1% btw.

  12. dilowernes fotildus says:

    Adbusters – the organization that brought us the Occupy Wall Street movement – issued a new call for action this week. –

  13. supplintac says:

    “Are you really attributing the worlds ills on racial diversity?”
    No, attributing it to those who insist upon pretending that racial diversity exist. Instead of addressing these differences, they think that shuffling money around is the answer. They adopt this myopic view because money is measurable/countable, well suited to statistical studies. they see that money is never the root (except of all evil). Money is only an outcome.

  14. hier hilardo says:

    Hollywood gives shout-out to Occupy Wall Street » The Right Scoop -: Occupy Wall Street earned a shout-out Sunda… –

  15. lie vel says:

    “you need to do your current event” “dad it’s 9:15” “98% of the people have probably already done it!” ” I am the 2%! wall street!”

  16. Demonstrators torn over whether to concentrate on economic inequality or to move towards protesting police brutality Occupy Wall Street returned to the public spotlight this week following the largest mass arrest of its since the movement was evicted from its home base in November. Last weekend’s events, including a female protester apparently having a seizure while handcuffed – combined with numerous accounts of excessive police force – have been described by many protesters as some of the most violent in Occupy history. A New York Daily News on the scene said the New York City police was “out of control”. This weekend, occupiers plan to push back. In a press conference earlier this week, Occupy and community groups that have long criticised the NYPD demanded the resignation of the commissioner, Ray Kelly. On Saturday, Occupy organisers will call on victims of police abuse to join them in a mass demonstration aimed at denouncing a wide range of NYPD…

  17. wheloudhea fein says:

    OCCUPY WALL Street – die cut window decal / sticker: This is a brand new top quality cad cut vinyl decal. Decal …

  18. Occupy Wall Street:
    “The news made it look like the whole city was on fire.” — Brian (32:20)

  19. reid claw says:

    I don’t know if Occupy Wall Street is going to make it to the next phase. I see so much petty bickering on my feed from activists.

  20. fune pilliteste says:

    Historic pier 29 in San Francisco destroyed in fire! Was that the Anonymous or Occupy Wall Street people who did it?

  21. pesi tampson says:

    NYPD detectives Match DNA Found at Scene of Juilliard Student’s 2004 Murder to Genetic Material on Chain Seized at Occupy Wall

  22. giff mouchoff says:

    Banner from Occupy Tampa Occupy Tampa has stood in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street since its inception, and will function as the host occupation for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL on August 27th – 30th, 2012. Preparations have included: 1) Securing sleeping arrangements for as many occupiers as we can fit in our current encampment. In order to maximize available space to accommodate as many people as possible, we will (2) remove individual tents and replace them with large canopies to offer shade and protection from the weather. (3) Our liaison with Fire Dog Lake, Sonja Ebron, continues to work with Occupy Tampa by securing items such as sunscreen, bug spray, bandanas, water containers, sleeping bags and mats, UV protective and other useful items. Occupy Tampa has formed a Regional General Assembly to coordinate Occupy groups throughout the bay area, including: Occupy Lakeland, Occupy St. Petersburg, Occupy Bradenton, Occupy USF, Occupy New

  23. alcarlieux says:

    Occupy Charlotte activists get set for DNC

    As Obama heads to Carolina to formally accept the Democratic nomination, he will not only find Activists aligned with the Occupy Wall Street movement are demanding major changes. From a park in Charlotte, Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds
    From: AlJazeeraEnglish

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    Time: 02:37 More in News & Politics

  24. boschian richi says:

    Wall Street: If you cause Obama to lose, I will protest YOU! Stop the self destructive and ineffective nonsense. Get to work. –

  25. THIS SUNDAY: Occupy Wall Street 1 yr anniv FREE 09/16 1-6pm Foley Sq. NYC – feat Jello Biafra …

  26. holovs zsch says:

    Ben & Jerry’s Occupy Wall Street Love Affair Turning Cold: It began with a dream of democracy an… (via –

  27. Let Those Traders Go To Work Building Windmills – Jill Stein On The Transaction Tax: Video English: Photos of Occupy Wall Street on D…

  28. Dallas Morning News (blog)

    That debt-free lifestyle, the Occupy Wall Street way
    Dallas Morning News (blog)
    OWS: Create your own credit put together a showing you are a person (reference letters, job history, life narrative). JU: That’s as as the paper it’s written on. Lenders and service providers don’t consider self …
    Occupy Wall Street leader keeps heat on politiciansReuters
    all 4 news articles »

  29. If you were surprised to hear Obama, Pelosi praise occupy Wall street. Remember the left ideology includes anarchy and revolution –

  30. fuci kreirotti says:

    I had seen him lead marches, moderate group conversations and give speeches – in essence, I had been impressed at his ability to speak to groups and lead large rallies. Austin was open to the idea and over the past month I’ve tried to spend as much time with him as possible – before, during and after events, with frie …
    Chasity Burrell liked A voice of Occupy Wall Street on 28 June 2012 (5 months ago).

  31. sminte barniblok says:

    vishal bhardwaj’s Occupy Wall Street homage has the Pink Bhains but the world still needs the Revolutionary to marry the Rich …

  32. oak genstman says:

    Occupy Wall Street Delivers Petition to the New York Post | Occupy …: Occupy Wall Street delivered a petition …

  33. toold cifouldien says:

    DC Comics Releases Series Based on Occupy Wall Street – > – > – > – > – > – > …

  34. verman gread says:

    The man we are depending on to protect Americans with his money no really he just doesn’t stand for your free speech

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