The internet should be and remain “citizen-centric”.

However, it’s under attack by forces that originate from both governments and private corporations.

Here is an excellent TED talk on this subject.

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  1. decost help says:

    Blatant fearmongering. This video was probably paid for by ISPs. Either that or Zach Weissmueller doesn’t understand net neutrality. Net neutrality just codifies the way the Internet has always worked. It just prevents ISPs from blocking or charging for sites. They are free to charge as much as they want for bandwidth or speed.

  2. BOOK REVIEW: 50 Digital Ideas You Really Need to Know
    Business Day
    He has compiled a of things that will drive the future digitally: worlds, avatars, net neutrality, the semantic web, augmented reality, convergence, the internet of things and, finally and worryingly, distraction. …

  3. Practically every site could be taken down by SOPA if one wished to do so. All you have to do is register an account, post some pirated material on the site and then blow the wistle, accusing the site of piracy. How are they going to know that you posted it yourself anyway?

  4. signoh klav says:

    We want freedom on the internet … Freedom to say what we want, do what we want, be who we want!

  5. (cont way for net neutrality and doing right by your paying customers. I would think for $160+ a month I pay, you could handle my

  6. hle norenguett says:

    The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom: The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom

  7. LMFAO! I always get a laugh out of this. In a strange way, he is fundamentally correct; more material and traffic on the Internet without adequate infrastructure will complicate things, but it is obvious he is not even aware of this; he has no idea what the hell talking about.

  8. An anonymous reader writes “There is a bill pending in the Kentucky State Senate that would eliminate almost all Public Service Commission oversight over local phone companies. Written by AT&T lobbyists, SB135 is being pushed by the phone companies as a ‘modernization’ of rules. It would keep the PSC from investigating phone service on its own and eliminate rules concerning price discrimination, price increases, required published rates, and performance objectives. It also will prevent any state agency from imposing net neutrality, and will enable phone companies to use the fact that there are cell phones to refuse to run a land line. The text of the bill is available online.”

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.

  9. alviano cavalletzg says:

    Ayn Rand would pry stop you at “Russian philosopher”…. She was pretty adamant about being an American.

    This is a great video, though. a sharp dude.

  10. legrovice leved says:

    Wow. so AWESOME. She should be first lady, or Queen, or godess, or whatever. But I do whatever she says. Unless says otherwise.

  11. meleich sher says:

    In net neutrality simply preserves the free, open Internet we know and depend on today. But is that free and open Internet really in danger? In a word, yes.

  12. tur coulemers says:

    While Santorum is FOR SOPA & 100% Fed Gov Regulating Internet- Newt Gingrich Marshaled Forces on Internet Freedom of Speech!

  13. DTN India: Is the Internet at risk? ISPs may pose threats: The challenge to net neutrality is that the decisions…

  14. ashaubek kewitcheli says:

    FLIXPAC was NOT set up to SOPA/PIPA. Instead, we engage on issues like net neutrality, bandwidth caps, UBB and VPPA.

  15. adelos says:

    grammatical correction ← Older revision Revision as of 00:45, 4 May 2012 Line 57: Line 57: Neutrality Application Neutrality Application − The very concept of net neutrality at one time was a simple by-product of the relative ignorance of the underlying technology infrastructure and design of the internet and the web. Basically, at a fundamental level the internet’s over-arching system or network of network routers, network switches and network cables was incapable of examining specific data that moved across the overall platform. The reality of net neutrality existed simply because this technology infrastructure relied only upon the data packets of messages moving across the internet but more specifically only in the data headers contained within these data packets (Riley & Scott, 2009). This is the data that informed the internet infrastructure about where to direct the messages while the rest of the message itself existed solely within the data field which this…

  16. boucheyst head says:

    Dutch Telecom law – inc cookies and net neutrality – in effect tomorrow. Legal presumption ‘OBA profiles are personal data’ in effect 1/1/13

  17. hassevsky says:

    JC Crane proposed: Internet Freedom Act – This bill would take regulatory authority over the internet away from the Federal Communication…

  18. zocchearel paltz says:

    The social media site took a hit to its reputation as a home to free speech as the fight for internet freedom enters new stage In January 2011 Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, together with the site’s “trust and safety” arbiter Alex Macgillivray, posted a paean to freedom of expression under the title: The Tweets Must Flow. They promised they would respect everyone’s human right to unimpeded speech, vowing only to remove tweets that were illegal, spam or in breach of privacy. Fine words. But this week the tweets stopped flowing for one of Twitter’s users. When Guy Adams, the Independent’s Los Angeles correspondent, went to issue his latest gobbet of wisdom in 140 characters on Monday he found his Twitter stream well and truly dammed. The suspension of Adams’ account, and its reinstatement on Tuesday, led to a storm of indignation culminating with an apology from Twitter. “We did mess up,” admitted Macgillivray – now Twitter’s general counsel – “and we will actively work to…

  19. gat karautreve says:

    if you believe Internet freedom is defending. Once lost, we’ll never get it You need to follow this guy!!!

  20. bourlinco says:

    exactly. Everybody (who’s not an investor) wants “net neutrality” for social data, so a variety of UIs can be built on top.

  21. I- Mere pass gadi hai, Bunglow hain, paisa hain ..TERE PASS KYA HAIN
    Alien- Mere pass freedom of speech hain, Internet freedom hain

  22. and it’s always annoying when a LP candidate is laissez faire on many things, but flip on one issue net neutrality)

  23. They haven’t talked about net neutrality and SOPA, we’re on the internet for everything, but they treat it like they treat water

  24. Ron Paul, John McCain, and Kay Bailey Hutchison’s staff. We talked about the economy foreign affairs, and net neutrality in

  25. 11/15/2012 Author: Ellery Biddle International Global Internet Freedom Digital rights advocates around the world are working to make their voices heard at the upcoming treaty conference of the International Telecommunication Union. Leaked documents include proposed treaty revisions that could place limitations on online privacy, free expression, access to information, and ICT use around the world. CDT has joined civil society in warning Internet users and governments of the risks that these policy changes could pose. Over 120 organizations have now signed an international “unity statement” drafted by a coalition of digital rights groups (Access, CDT, Fight for the Future, Free Press, and OpenMedia) and open for sign-on by any person or civil society organization. From Bahrain to Belarus to Bolivia, groups from 55 countries have signed on, representing a truly global concern that revisions to the ITRs could threaten the exercise of human rights online. Read and sign…

  26. sangrobson says:

    Please take a look at this petition about internet freedom, it is hosted by Google, talk about it, and it please.

  27. youet shan says:

    I think I’m more disappointed he caved. It will be tough to champion internet freedom when you back-track everytime someone (1)

  28. An anonymous reader writes “After Dutch internet/mobile provider KPN announced they were going to blatantly do away with the idea of net-neutrality by charging their customers for using text message replacements (such as WhatsApp) to make up for diminishing use of traditional text-messaging, it has now been revealed that they have apparently employed deep packet inspection (DPI) to monitor customers’ use of WhatsApp (and also VoIP services) — which happens to be illegal in the Netherlands. Many national news outlets are now finally on the issue. Some doubts exists on whether it was actually DPI that was used to measure WhatsApp use (and not just IP/TCP header inspection), while some KPN insiders suggested it is actually an outsourced operation run by Alcatel-Lucent.”

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.

  29. social Net Neutrality – Get Involved – Senator Al Franken says, “The sky is blue. The world is round. Two plus…

  30. haggan bater says:

    You’re not concerned copyleftism now has an organ that has pushed out East Coast good sense? anti-SOPA, net neutrality, no debate

  31. zujkovin immer says:

    “The Dutch Parliament yesterday agreed to make the Netherlands the first nation in Europe to officially put net neutrality principles into law. The law will force ISPs and telecom operators to ensure access to all types of content, services or applications available on the network. The new telecom law has won a near unanimous vote, despite fierce opposition from telecom operators, who had been planning to charge for over-the-top services, such as Skype or WhatsApp Messenger, which bypass traditional cellular communications. Vodafone Netherlands is currently still blocking the use of Skype on its 3G mobile network.”

  32. Internet Freedom Under Attack – Top ISPs poised to adopt graduated response to piracy: CNet – Some of the countr…

  33. Aaron the Internet freedom advocate who committed suicide in mid-January, was an intern in Florida Congressman Alan Grayson’s office after the onset of the economic crisis. Grayson recently paid tribute to at a memorial service in Washington, D.C. (via Rep. Alan Grayson Honors Aaron – Truthdig) –

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