Russ FeingoldRuss Feingold is one of the very few national level politicians I like and respect. Check out his voting record and you will see why. He has created a group called Progressives United that seeks to bring social and economic justice to the United States.

Here is a piece Russ wrote about political compromise:

The Middle Road to Nowhere

Former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold on when not to make a deal.

by Russ Feingold

When I was growing up in Janesville, Wisconsin, my parents had hung a painting of FDR with an inscription to the effect of “Never was one man loved by so many, and hated by so many.” I often puzzled over that inscription, but I am puzzling no more.

One of FDR’s enduring strengths was his rejection of ideological constraint. He sought solutions that could actually address problems, no matter where those solutions might sit on the political spectrum. But freeing oneself from ideological restrictions is not the same as seeking the middle ground. Today, many prominent elected officials, as well as a few prominent editorial pages, tend to celebrate the centrist path no matter the policy outcome and condescendingly reject ideas championed by those they believe occupy a less moderate position.

That is utter nonsense. The test of an idea is not whether it belongs to the political left, right, or center. The test of an idea is whether it will work. Yet too many of our nation’s current political leaders seem to be captives of a kind of political GPS system, programmed to seek either a specific set of principles laid down by a fervent base or, alternatively, a political middle ground whose inhabitants observe profoundly that “both sides dislike it, so it must be right.”

A favorite and related concept of these same sages is that of bipartisanship, but for them bipartisanship is not so much members of different parties’ hammering out meaningful solutions as it is a group of middle-grounders who can be relied upon to embrace impotent proposals. To many in the Beltway, bipartisanship itself has become its own hollow ideology.

True bipartisanship, of course, can be a powerful engine of pragmatic solutions. The campaign-finance reform I constructed with Senator John McCain was a classic, substantive measure that certainly did not adhere to any one ideology. And in my eighteen years in the Senate I was privileged to participate in several other serious bipartisan endeavors. But we shouldn’t confuse real efforts at cooperation with those that cloak the inadequacy of a middle road to nowhere with the label of bipartisanship. They may make some editorial boards happy, but they won’t get the job done.

Original post on New York Magazine. Can also be seen on Russ Feingold’s Progressives United website.

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  1. maylandin dodowitzke says:

    by forming local groups, and assign tasks for individuals to research topics and get together weekly to discuss. There are many organizations out there that need your that are on the side of the “little guy”. Find them, fund them and them with your help in organizing us all to combat the coming corporatist plutocracy.

  2. sprouth run says:


    IPD Long ties to Koch brothers key to Cain’s campaign – News-Democrat – 1 hour ago from News aePiot – Club’s Facebook… – Comment – Like

  3. robingelmo danly says:

    Russ Feingold officially endorsed Tammy Baldwin for Senate today, saying she’ll “keep fight for progress, middle class & equality alive:” –


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  6. I dunno man.. maybe it’s effective (or not?) but this feels like a really childish publicity stunt to me.. Do we really want to encourage people for this kind of behavior, even if we agree with them?

  7. haha hes just sucha hot topic dude haha but oh yeah hes obvii a democrat like its so obvious haha

  8. can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom. — Malcolm X (1925-1965)

  9. brinaziza latt says:

    “If you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no and if you’re not a conservative at 40, you have no head.” –Winston Churchill

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  11. barene hsiuttone says:

    I always find this lectures interesting. I love politically incorrect speakers! against the “forced equality” that the liberals introduce, but at the same time the just unfair and that” line sound right to me either. still looking for the right answer.

  12. than kepinon says:

    The Preamble to doesn’t say what you said it says, you should go back and read it yourself. I’m not against taxation in order to pay our debts – I intend to live off of my savings in addition to my ss. I work two jobs. So, yes I have a “seprate income.” I don’t expect the gov. to take of me and neither should you. And if you are against taxation, then how do expect to take advantage of SS or medicare?

  13. beguilobe arvieredro says:

    TY for the Follow, My Wife and I spent 2 years at Ft Polk. Years ago. Liberal Red-Necks are really good People! (Didn’t say CoonASS

  14. WorldPeace2Day: “There are no victors in war, both sides suffer loss. But in Peace, both sides can claim Victory.” –R. Louis –

  15. behrenstof hempf says:

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  16. My Wishes Is No No No No Equality For No No Kung Hei Fat Choi & Gong Xi Fa Cai

  17. Hates when people try to make a brother in Christ feel guilty about having a beer when it’s not sinful it’s his Christian

  18. jeanoornbu says:

    From now on, whenever a Republican campaign is in trouble, we’ll be asking, “Is it time to kill a cat?”

  19. Nobody can give u freedom.Nobody can give u equality or justice or anything. TIBETAN:we cannot sit & wait, keep UP Strruggle Tibet’s Freedom –

  20. atlandell says:

    Today is Senator Russ Feingold’s last day at the Haas Center. We have learned so much from him as a respected…

  21. This is surreal. I’m sitting in Zucotti park, aka, square, aka where Occupy There are cops & security everywhere! –

  22. luechef cowler says:

    U cant love me until u love u i cant love u until i make inner peace train rides to nowhere –

  23. halbeek jur says:

    thank you very much! i figured it was British… the post made liberal use of the word wanker, which i thought i’d exclude

  24. When the same man, or set of men, holds the sword and the purse, there is an end of George Mason

  25. To those who are called, beloved in God the Father and kept for Jesus Christ: May mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you. Jude 1:1-2

  26. vant newish says:

    Mihail Brailovskiy
    Today I was on the meeting of organizers so-called march and rally for peace and human rights… –

  27. youelly tomselle says:

    Marriage equality in one easy step: erase the word entirely from federal/state law. We don’t have laws based on bar mitzvahs either.

  28. bayan guis says:

    govt stoping peace march because of it will show true faces of govt. they get dollars for drowns and for keep silence

  29. my twitter will make you hate me if you are a democrat. ** i apologize sincerely. just follow me afrer this election.

  30. vilahonel says:

    The Neo-liberal mantra “leave it to the market” was a folly shared by Thatcher, Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg.

  31. Rough time in Russia these days you’re gay. Anti-gay attacks are growing and there’s a crack down on human rights …

  32. The true war against the Leftists begins with Language. Let me repeat that.. with LANGUAGE. Democrat is a benign term.

  33. I pray that the Lord, who gives peace, will always bless you with peace. May the Lord be with all of you too. -Thes …

  34. schess morn says:

    Putin reminds me of how complacent the west (much of U.S. and Europe) is in thinking that Human Rights exist.

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