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Rush the Hutt

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  1. feki galazel says:


  2. shewsky petis says:

    You know why there’s a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one. – Rush Limbaugh, 17 Aug 1993

  3. Guys, as strange as it is for me to say this, I think Rush Limbaugh might be one of Ron Paul’s greatest assets right now… –

  4. shaw lilke says:

    End Greed Why Rush Limbaugh Is Freaking Out About Occupy Wall Street | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone… Wealth –

  5. As if the $20M drops from the sky MT Really? Rush Limbaugh who makes $20M a year “can’t understand” protesters

  6. razzard rine says:

    Left wing comedians are super intelligent linguists like Right wing comedians are loud bigots like Brad Stein and Rush Limbaugh.

  7. bessupeede ghavich says:

    What’s up with Ron Paul? He claims that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and other talk show hosts are… –

  8. If you’re Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Brent Bozell, Sean Hannity, and yes, even Herman Cain, you must feel pretty stupid for trying to fool the American people by blaming the on sexual harassment complaints against the GOP presidential candidate on his race.

  9. norasinger says:

    Look cool without breaking the bank. Our durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton is what to wear when you want to go casual. Preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.5.6 oz. 100% cotton Standard fit Rush limbaugh Light Tee, Look cool without breaking the bank. Our durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton is what to wear when you want to go casual. Preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.5.6 oz. 100% cotton. Standard fit.

  10. obel chayandfor says:

    In a week of reverses for conservatives, Rush Limbaugh is especially sore about the rising tide of political correctness It’s been a trying week for conservatives as the disappointing election results in Ohio and Mississippi and the continuing victimisation of GOP frontrunner Herman Cain are forcing them to face the reality that Americans may just not be ready for a Tea republic. Laura Ingraham A somewhat chastened Laura Ingraham filled in for Bill O’Reilly this week and admitted that there were lessons to be learned from this week’s elections (view clips). She reassured viewers of the fair and balanced network that it wasn’t all bad news: Republicans did fairly well in Virginia, picking up a couple of seats thanks in large to Governor Bob McDonald’s “sober leadership” (a wag of the finger to Ohio Governor John Kasich’s “overreaching” on union-busting, although to be fair, he had enjoyed the widespread of his until the whole thing backfired). The other bit of…

  11. masra wiervetter says:


  12. slovich rombeelidg says:

    The real leaders of the GOP… Koch Brothers,Grover Norquist, Rush Limbaugh and Murdoch are not on the ticket LOL –

  13. raffledy doski says:

    With Michael Brown on going where Rush Limbaugh is afraid to: With Michael Brown on going where Rush Limbaugh is…

  14. As long as your feilding questions:

    What proof do you offer you could possibly pinpoint the actual origin of that file or perpetrator who stole said account?

    Do you care to explain why every single “Nigerian style” solicitation received had an IP address/phone number based in Nigeria?

    heres a video for you, the music is catchy but the ethics are -somewhat- lacking

  15. Global warming is a fact? You just showed what a moron you are. Research the origins of the CCX and you’ll see why “global warming” really came about. It’s all about money. Endless volcanoes that have erupted since the beginning of time, spewing millions of tons of carbon gas into the atmosphere for days with every eruption didn’t contribute to this natural warming/cooling cycle at all…it was really caused by us and our cans of hairspray and SUV exhaust. Brilliant theory. If you’re a moron.

  16. The things my parents get each other for Christmas: “Two if by Tea”, the Rush Limbaugh tea that the Tea

  17. Obama did? No seal team 6 did. just a correction. Oh and Bush had us there in the first place to even have a chance to get him. Just thought I would let you know. After all we cannot just prescribe failures to one and success to the other.

  18. Guy filling in for Rush Limbaugh lobbing soft balls at Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who (no surprise) is dissing public employee unions.

  19. hen magettgera says:

    He had an addiction to cocaine in the late to early It was his friend, John Belushi dying and the of his son that made him quit. I think that was a very thing to do. A good thing too. He want to end up like John and he want his son having a coke addicted father so he got help 🙂

  20. we dont nuke places because of collateral damage, not because we think its what the enemy want. also if you look at history guerrillas who use cheap tactics like the taliban almost always beat professionals who follow the rules. its y we had trouble in vietnam and its also y we won the revolutionary war. sry i dont mean to sound like im mad at u btw im just getting the facts out ther

  21. hanko vandvolk says:

    Rush Limbaugh. who has always prided himself as being a man of the people, spews his nonsense from a $14 million penthouse in Manhattan.

  22. When Rush Limbaugh got caught w/more oxycodone than a hospital, did he spend 1 day n jail? Black w/1 crack rock gets 15yrs. Equal justice?

  23. guhl messielli says:

    “…Newt actually had the politeness to ask permission for it. You think Bill ever did that?” Rush Limbaugh on Newt.

  24. Democrats remember when Neocon Rush Limbaugh launched ‘Operation Chaos’ in 2008. Now Rush fears the DNC Ron Paul vote karma

  25. I like how you just say your point and have nothing to expand upon or evidence to it. “trust me” Hmm…since I watch both TYT daily AND fox news, I dont think I will trust YOU to tell me what I should think.

  26. Rush is a cancer on America. He should be shamed back to the swamp He oozed from. He contribute… –

  27. benara latao says:

    Can we now admit that America’s outraged women have done what America’s powerful have been too afraid to do? Face down Rush Limbaugh.

  28. dear Million Moms, Rush Limbaugh basically called most of you sluts by implication but the hilarious commercials R what get U mad?

  29. anollahara says:

    I just heard the news that Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh said words with their mouths. I’m so outraged. My congressman will hear of this. –

  30. schouchell says:

    Difference b/t a 7-person NOW Rush Limbaugh protest, and a 200,000-person DC pro-life march? More press at the NOW protest.

  31. Media Shock Over Jobless Numbers: RUSH: They are in panic. I don’t know where they thought this was headed.  I d…

  32. marchiara solhouthue says:

    Fast & Furious had a purpose. It was not just providing violent criminals with weapons with which they have murdered a Hispanic Federal Border Agent and 300 Mexicans. The purpose of Fast & Furious was to find the means, through…

  33. Roseanne Barr has no problem making her feelings on politics known, which is probably why the would-be presidential candidate is being roasted on Comedy Central next month.
    But before she gets taken down a peg by a dais of fellow comedians, Roseanne has a few zingers of her own to share, and wouldn’t you know, most of them are aimed at politicians.
    In the video above, Roseanne gives Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney and more a piece of her mind. Our favorite? Probably the one where she calls Chris Christie, “Rush Limbaugh without the charm.”
    She also lets President Obama have it, but seems to favor him more than Romney, if only slightly:
    “He almost makes Romney look like he doesn’t suck… Almost.”
    The Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne airs August 12.

  34. cland gorist says:

    If Obama is So Concerned with Feelings in the Muslim World, Why’s He Bragging About Killing Osama? -Rush Limbaugh Show h …

  35. Just learned Uncle Rush is Russel Simmons, and not Rush Limbaugh. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, damn what did Bush say…


  37. Romney likely to attack Obama over Libya again, this time for relying on CIA assessments instead of Rush Limb …

  38. campel wells says:

    Keep hearing your ads on Rush Limbaugh Why r u letting the station tarnish your reputation? Too lazy to …

  39. I am thankful that the Republicans still haven’t figured out that Rush Limbaugh’s mouth is OUR secret weapon, not theirs.

  40. If Thomas Jefferson thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see how it is with representation. — Rush …

  41. You know why there’s a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one. – Rush Limbaugh

  42. Are you a sponsor of Rush Limbaugh’s show? Your ads there associate you with some very ugly opinions! …

  43. Dear GOP: want to stop appearing to be stupid? Stop watching/believing FOX News, and tell Rush Limbaugh to take a hike.

  44. gen rotts says:

    It’s your choice, ads on Rush Limbaugh fund his divisive misogyny/racism talk & you can choose to avoid them for do … –

  45. dregarzoly says:

    “I’m fed up with it. I can’t do it anymore. The whole thing is shamefully absurd. I don’t know how…” –

  46. coquesner pijmann says:

    Rush Limbaugh can say “I am ashamed of my country” because he’s an not a politician like Michelle Obama or …

  47. serchersch says:

    Rush Limbaugh & Sean Hannity why don’t you just admit that you’re racist pigs & you don’t like President Obama because he’s

  48. witz meijima says:

    Civil Rights Leader Calls ‘Inappropriate’ Scalia The ‘Rush Limbaugh Of The …
    Stephen invited Chairman Emeritus of the NAACP Julian Bond onto The Wednesday night to discuss the Supreme recent case on the Voting Rights Act. The septuagenarian civil rights pioneer did not hesitate to express his …
    and more »

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