Robert Scheer says here exactly what I would say about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In short, he points out that the mainstream media have been asymmetric in their treatment of the so-called “Tea Party” and the Occupy Wall Street movement, just as the post-financial-collapse treatment of Wall Street and Main Street has been asymmetrically in favor of the ultra-rich.

What Do They Want? Justice

Occupy Wall Street protesters join a labor union rally in Foley Square before marching on Zuccotti Park in New York’s Financial District, Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011.

by Robert Scheer

How can anyone possessed of the faintest sense of social justice not thrill to the Occupy Wall Street movement now spreading throughout the country? One need not be religiously doctrinaire to recognize this as a “come to Jesus moment” when the money-changers stand exposed and the victims of their avarice are at long last offered succor.

Not that any of the protesters have gone so far as to overturn the tables of stockbrokers or whip them with cords in imitation of the cleansing of the temple, but the rhetoric of accountability is compelling. “I think a good deal of the bankers should be in jail,” one protester told New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin. That prospect has evidently aroused concern in an industry that has largely managed to escape judicial opprobrium.

“Is this Occupy Wall Street thing a big deal?” the CEO of a major bank asked Sorkin. “We’re trying to figure out how much we should be worried about all this. Is this going to turn into a personal safety problem?”

It should pose a threat, not because peaceful demonstrators will suddenly morph into vigilantes fatally damaging their cause with violent action, but rather because government prosecutors should fulfill their obligation to pursue justice and incarcerate some of the obvious perps. As Sorkin conceded, in one of the rare instances of the business press attempting to understand the protesters: “the message was clear: the demonstrators are seeking accountability for Wall Street and corporate America for the financial crisis and the growing economic inequality gap.”

Sorkin ended his account with snarky comments about the protesters using ATM machines and about the ever-admirable Code Pink founder Jodie Evans having flown a commercial airline to get across the country to the demonstration. He also offered the predictable dismissal that could be made about any genuinely spontaneous movement, that “the protesters have a myriad of grievances with no particular agenda.”

Advertisement But ignore the mass media’s nitpicking and mostly derisive coverage and wonder instead why it took so long for this grass-roots movement to emerge as an alternative to the tea party, which exonerates the thieves of Wall Street. With 25 million Americans unsuccessfully looking for full-time work, 50 million experiencing mortgage foreclosure and an all-time high of 46.2 percent living in poverty, including 22 percent of all children, isn’t it logical that the faux populism of the tea party be confronted with a progressive alternative?

The Republican narrative, which the media have treated with considerable respect, blames “big government” for our ills, not when Washington bails out the banks, or feeds the maws of the military-industrial complex, but only when it might go to the aid of the victims of the financial conglomerates.

It was the Wall Street lobbyists, with the complicity of Democrats and Republicans in Congress, who caused the Great Recession by destroying a sensible regulatory system—one that had kept U.S. banking reliable since the Great Depression—and by legalizing the securitization of homes. But the Wall Street titans escaped being held accountable for the excesses of their greed: They got their lackeys in government to throw them a lifeline bailout while their victims among the unemployed and foreclosed were abandoned.

“We bailed out the banks with an understanding that there would be a restoration of lending. All there was was a restoration of bonuses” is the way Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz described it in speaking to the protesters on Wall Street.

It was a thought echoed by George Soros in expressing his support for the demonstrators: “The decision not to inject capital into the banks, but to effectively relieve them of their bad assets and then allow them to earn their way out of a hole leaves the banks bumper profits and then allows them to pay bumper bonuses.”

Those bonuses are part of a practice throughout the corporate world that has far less to do with corporate performance than with the power spoils of CEOs. As The Washington Post points out, “The gap between what workers and top executives make helps explain why income inequality in the United States is reaching levels unseen since the Great Depression.” While the median pay for top corporate executives has quadrupled since the 1970s, the pay of non-supervisory workers has declined by more than 10 percent.

“Ultimately this is about power and greed, unchecked,” Jodie Evans told the Times’ Sorkin, and it is a protest that the columnist’s newspaper, along with the rest of a mainstream media that editorially enthused over the radical deregulation that unfettered Wall Street greed, should now honestly cover.

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  2. I would have more money to spend on goods and services if I didn’t have to pay 25% of my hard earned money to people who don’t want to work. Let them rot. Cut off the cancer.

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    Others like Warren Buffet invest in hundreds of companies that provide millions of jobs, as he tries to get richer in the process. His money helps those companies grow because it helps them qualify for bank loans, bonds and stock offerings, which provides money to build new buildings, factories etc. One is GEICO. And during the 2008 crisis when financial institutions were falling over like dominoes, he poured billions into Goldman Sachs to stop it, helping to save millions of jobs.

  6. What TF did you expect? After the Riot of London I hope more aggression is shown by the Police. Protest do not keep Peace they insight violence your all just tripping if you think that by protesting you will do something good

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  13. Happy New Year and good luck with your work. Carry on the spirit of David Ervine and hope we can see the back of mindless bigotry and hate. Working class loyalists need an intelligent political voice and leadership. Educate to liberate.

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    All religions are cults. Our government should never be governed by religious fanatics who want to keep us in the bronze age. My heathen friends will enjoy “Religious Fanatic debates Atheist” on my channel.

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  17. So Ryan is probably the biggest fiscal hardliner in congress. How will that sell during a recession? I can’t wait to find out.

  18. couchartra says:

    Lastest NBC/WSJ poll shows Romney down to 0% of African-American vote. That’s what happens when the GOP tries anti-Civil Rights era tactics

  19. My perspective may be skewed by history, but it seems like ppl fought harder/protested more during the Vietnam War/Civil Rights

  20. The basis of peace and stability, in any society, has to be the fullest respect for the human rights of all its people. ~ John Hume

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