There are numerous myths floating around about economics, most of them promulgated by conservatives. Conservatives evidently have a childishly simplistic, black-and-white understanding of many issues, economics being one of the biggest.

Why do so many people buy these distortions and inaccuracies that conservatives sell? Because conservatives are frighteningly good at one thing: marketing. Because they believe in callow and overly simplistic platitudes and purported truisms, conservatives unite around memes that we call “talking points” and repeat them endlessly.

Any message repeated often enough, to enough people, especially in the absence of a coherent counter-message, will be believed by many people. Conservatives avail themselves of this psychological phenomenon in a big way, and, unfortunately, to great effect.

But there are lucid empiricists who do attempt to counter these childish memes. Robert Reich is one of them. In this video, Mr. Reich does exactly that.

38 Responses to “Robert Reich Unmasks The Truth”

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  2. rid papakouhou says:

    My allegiance is to my conservative principles. Not the Republican If the GOP doesn’t care about the Tea so be it

  3. hoctore macia says:

    Rick Perry is proposing to set a single 20 per cent tax rate for all US businesses and individuals in a high risk attempt by the Texas governor running for the White House to present a staunchly conservative fiscal policy prescription for the ailing US economy.     …

  4. lemonstada vena says:

    During the last global long wave winter season that occurred in the 1930s and 1940s major economic changes took place that were similar to what the global economy is experiencing today.

  5. kittraught says:

    He was doing Mitch before anyone knew who Mitch was….but better. Love you Todd. You rules Muckelwain! Please come to Knoxville!

  6. jan hillia says:

    people in the middle are screwed, i a government run health care option for the poor to buy into cheaply,and i’m pro life.i get hammered from both sides on these issues,its obserd,we’re told that in this country we can think freely,but can we? i dont hammer people who dis agree with me,tolerance and compromise are patriotic if you say you love this country.

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  8. I am a and I agree, congress ppl who oppose obamacare should use free-market insurance. I oppose it and I use free market insurance. Feels odd to agree with a liberal……

  9. great gigi post, been trying to figure him out; think he’s riding overlap, where govt is bad, less is better.

  10. Fed sees moderate growth, but not many jobs: The economy expanded at a slow to moderate pace over the past two m…

  11. brodina remi says:

    Which 2012 London mayoral candidates will take issue with the Met’s use of stop-and-search? Not Boris Johnson. Not Ken Livingstone either, judging by what he told me during a visit to Bromley earlier this year. Stop-and-search is “an essential tool,” he said and pointed out that Operation Blunt 2, the anti-knife crime initiative launched by the Met under Boris, was but an intensification of a strategy introduced under him. However, the Green candidate Jenny Jones, who is also a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, has been prepared to be critical. She has consistently drawn attention to resentment of the tactic expressed at public meetings in the aftermath of the riots, and has pressed the new commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe on when his promise in September to use it in “a way” would be put into effect. Now the Liberal Democrats’ Brian Paddick has weighed in. Responding to the Guardian-LSE study of the summer’s riots in England, he says: The police must accept…

  12. layther livill says:

    Great concept, needs more thought on how to make it happen when similar work ever since 1960s has been sidelined. Have commented more here

  13. nellandra des says:

    This is true! I have yet 2 meet a liberal who is more generous than a conservative when it comes 2 spending their own $.

  14. Yes I am willing to let Stephen Harper and his Team manage the affairs of this great country with the understanding that what he is doing is effective and for the best. I trust he is being fair, ethical and responsible. We are doing very well as a nation and his Leadership is taking us in a good direction. Why would I want to mess with it and gable on It is like firing the coach of the Stanley Cup winning Team because your Uncle Iggy from the US says he can do it too!

  15. The only way the Venus project would work is if MANY people died and only around 1 billion or so people were left on this planet… I say good luck with that.

  16. nuruyettes tine says:

    The benefits of ripple through the economy in the form of low energy prices & job creation in many industries

  17. loux sariascenc says:

    Conservative republicans dont have a nat tv station to compete with State TV. We need a team to take on the current team 4 communism

  18. stodelison cryden says:

    Newt Gingrich is the one who can fight for Conservative. I am changing from a registered Conservative to an Independent so my vote counts!

  19. We need a VISIONARY – someone with big ideas to get us out of our big troubles. Mitt is a small idea managerial guy & a liberal one at that

  20. zelmacard says:

    since you’d seen my tear several strips off PZ Myers, you might’ve thought I was a conservative christian or something 🙂

  21. I’d be fine with the Lib Dems being the socially liberal wing of the Tories, but that’s not how they campaigned in 2010.

  22. valli teudechert says:

    Liberal Bias, why do you blame Bush for Solyndra?: Bush only pre-approved the loan, he didn’t finalize it. Loan …

  23. jacklet nantin says:


    Lawyers: Zimmerman whispered ‘punks’ before shooting Trayvon CNN
    By the CNN Wire Staff Sanford, Florida (CNN) — George Zimmerman told his lawyers that he whispered “punks,” not a racial slur, in the moments before he shot Trayvon his attorneys told CNN on Thursday. Some people interpreted the police …
    Trayvon case: Inquiry into Stand Your Ground law launched in Florida Christian Science Monitor
    Zimmerman story unchecked by some conservative media
    Lewis Diuguid | Outrage over Trayvon killing won’t go away Kansas City Star
    Reuters  – NPR  – USA TODAY
    all 4,040 news articles »

  24. Media: Stop calling David Brooks “conservative.” You can book him all you like, but do not lie about his politics

  25. “The arrests also inspired students and scholars in Turkey and the United States to establish an organisation that aims to raise national and international awareness, the Arrested Students Solidarity Initiative. “

  26. tury using the conventional conservative style, making a really young, the tiny of my attire form, founder from the 20th century –

  27. hendrewie says:

    Former and current Serbian presidents agree to bury hatchet, work on new …
    Washington Post
    BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia’s new nationalist president and the liberal rival likely to be the next prime minister assured the country Monday that they could overcome deep differences and create a stable, pro-European Union government.
    and more »

  28. Jeb Bush: “Intensity of the conservative side of politics” is greater than liberal side. He’s right, as fall in line.

  29. pres scher says:

    Liberal logic: Health care is “a right” b/c “everyone has a right to live,” but is a right b/c babies don’t have the right to live.

  30. Happy Labor Day to 12 million men and women who make things in US and are engine of the economy.


  32. I’d asked about the PK politician Tahir-ul-Qadri who sounds very liberal when in the West. ThankU he isn’t. h …

  33. When you disagree with a Conservative they think you are wrong, when you disagree with a Liberal you are spewing hate.

  34. It’s obvious that outsourcing is a huge problem, and U.S. manufacturing is almost 100% dead, leading to high unemployment. So along those lines, why don’t we switch to a protectionist economy? And also, why don’t we devalue our currency like China/S Korea/Israel does to increase –

  35. seltaeb4 on Inside an Oklahoma clinic – what it’s like to provide access in one America’s most conservative states. –

  36. javeriolte renatersau says:

    ilginç geliyor bu konu bana. inançsız olduğum için bazı insanların inanca duydukları ihtiyacı anlamakta hep zorluk çektim, hala daha çekiyorum. fakat bir dönem bu ihtiyaca karşı daha katı yaklaşıyordum. şimdi nasıl yaklaştığımı da tam olarak net koyamam herhalde. fakat sonuçta dinini kendi kafasına göre yorumlamak isteyen biri bunu yapıyorsa ve kendini iyi hissediyorsa kime ne? sonuç olarak, kendi köşeme çekildiğimde eşcinselliği ibrani dinlere entegre etme çabalarını kişisel platformda olduğu sürece anlayabiliyorum. hatta birileri üzerinde çalışsa, kuranın ve incilin gökkuşağı versiyonunu çıkarsa bu da bana makul gelirdi. ama tutup hristiyanlık ve islamla eşcinselleri yeniden ve politik doğrucu bir düzlemde entegre etme çabaları bana hala saçma geliyor. çünkü çatışma da yaratıyor ve bu çatışma yüzünden inanç özgürlüğü zedeleniyor. örneğin eşcinsellerin kilisede evlenmelerinin devlet eliyle dayatılması gibi… Çözüm, genel olarak hristiyanlara ”kilisene eşcinselleri de al” demek olmamalı. bunun yerine rainbow church gibi alternatiflere bakılması daha iyi.

  37. byrnejolle courdi says:

    Ted Cruz: I think Democrats and the media are afraid of Marco Rubio because he is a and conservative Hispanic.

  38. kona madowlani says:

    A system not much different from being on social welfare in the US or UK. Question, how will our economy this?

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