In this video, Robert Reich eloquently and accurate lays out the problem: Big Money has taken over our government, our society, and our world. And our government now works assiduously to serve the interests of this tiny sliver of the citizenry at the expense of the rest of us.

The recent responses to the Occupy Wall Street movement and to its sister movements around the country are completely predicatable, and flat-out wrong.

The US Constitution could not be clearer about the right of citizens to publicly enunciate our complaints and demand that our representatives in government work on our collective behalf:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a
redress of grievances.

Amendment I of the Bill of Rights

We must oppose corporate fascism and police state tactics if we hope to restore the Rule of Law and allow everyone equal opportunity to succeed and thrive.

36 Responses to “Robert Reich: Occupy Democracy”

  1. ripps brisson says:

    NY Occupy Protest Shuts Down & A protest by about 100 Occupy Wall Street members in New York City s…

  2. Sean, drop it. Rene’s citizenship has never been a secret here…and I have all but answered the unnecessary question more than once today.

  3. Liberals tend to collude the public sector which revolves a lot around “collectives” like unions. It is more valid to cast a wider net of blame on collusion done with a sector filled with collectives rather than singular interests. I want these protesters to stop calling for more collectivism run by government out of blind ideological rage. I want oversight agencies to have their butts kicked to do THEIR jobs,not have the executive branch doing it.

  4. Guess Chris “Who wants to be president of a trade association?” Dodd gave up his Constitution when he became an MPAA mouthpiece.

  5. from Canada, I know Kate Middleton, sad to se they got covered in water. Their economy sunk faster than the titanic (metaphor).

  6. BREAKING: The way Newt Gingrich tells it, he came down from Mt. Sinai with the Bill of Rights that Reagan gave him from the burning bush. –

  7. Do tax cuts for the rich trickle down to the rest of us? And does taxing the rich the economy? Is Social security a Ponzi scheme? Reich, Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, presents his list of seven popular-wisdom economic claims that are untrue. Feel free to debate. (Read more…)

  8. Val. day is kinda like occupy wall street. There’s the few people that get really happy about it and everybody else just thinks its awful.

  9. Justin Vivian Bond talks Occupy Wall Street, the power of language, and the …: I talked with v about the upcom…

  10. We salute those brave police officers who are standing up to defend the constitution and refusing to obey illegal orders

  11. karczynsky men says:

    While The WORLD Was Watching The Superbowl, Obama Signed The NDAA. Taking Away The Bill Of Rights Set Up By OUR Fore Fathers. –

  12. ker vucknee says:

    The list of who is against you, your paranoid, his conspiracy and 1500 jerks of AE is huge and not for A&E increase. Each University and its faculties of engineering know of his paranoid fantasy. The list will send you your tomorrow all against their conspiracy and the paranoid, 1500 jerks of AE. Have a nice Sunday.

  13. wiel waldman says:

    Perry was brought in by the PTB to make Romney appear better.They knew he had too much on him to win and was slacking for Romney. Now we are supposed to be good automatons and believe that Romney is the only option to oppose Obama.
    If Romney continues to be rejected They will bring in Palin and one of their other bought and paid for candidates which Palin will make look good.
    The fact that They Ron Paul speaks volumes.

  14. billi tamalaki says:

    chicofaraby on Reich: Stop Starving Public Universities and Shrinking the Middle Class – Over just the last year 41 states have cut spending for public higher education. –

  15. mouidouchm says:

    The sheriff said carrying a gun is a privilege? WTF?

    Good on the judge for his decision to follow the law, but not good on his comment.

    Spirit of disorderly conduct law? Gimme a break. not the weapons that you can see that you have to worry about.

  16. “Düşünerek yol alınamayacağına karar vermek, beraberinde harekete geçme kararını da getirmelidir. Bende getirdi. Bütün bu düşünceleri koltuğumun altında gezdirirken, Twitter’da Özgür Uçkan’ın Bilgi Üniversitesindeki Gazeteciliği ile ilgili tweet’ini gördüm. Arap Baharı, Occupy Wall Street, Öfkeliler gibi hareketlerle aşina olduğumuz terimin Türkçesini gördüğüm anda bağlantıya tıkladım. Kayıt yaptırdım. Eğitime katıldım.
    Bilgi Üniversitesinin çok değerli hocaları Erkan Saka, Aslı Tunç, Özgür Uçkan gibi eğitmenlerin olduğu seminerde gündemi de sosyal ağları da, bu işin nasıl yapılacağını da.”

  17. bol gers says:

    it is similar to our Constitution & Bill of Rights. That is what conservatives want, leaders who will honor those documents. –

  18. goodleycut witheright says:

    “But as you go down the job ladder, to people who are doing routine jobs, they’re getting less and less – Reich – prof

  19. The United States Constitution grants to Congress the authority to coin money & regulate the value of the currency #p2 –

  20. What do you call a dead Florida voter? A cremated chad? >>Rule of Law » 53,000 Dead Voters Found in Florida

  21. chiki rito says:

    This is flagrant collation of 4 and 10A, Rule of law, natural justice, he is nothing but a judge of his own cause,

  22. Sorry, but I don’t recall the presence of velayat-e faqih in the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution… –

  23. crisiunane says:

    Thousands of innocent citizens are langiishing in the military barracks – even in war, the rule of law still rules men

  24. jago samley says:

    policy is what matters to me. The man is incidental. if we, as republicans find obama’s shredding of constitution unacceptable,

  25. christinni shizu says:

    Tell them to contact “Occupy Wall Street”. Those guys love to destroy, aren’t very and no one will miss them.

  26. The reason I’m disappointed in Obama: He did not restore the rule of law. The Patriot Act was renewed and expanded and Gitmo is still open. –

  27. tra cartmann says:

    Constitution Day is coming up Sept. 17. Check out the Bill of Rights Institute for FREE resources and ideas for… –

  28. nega bhaener says:

    Everything I know about the foundation of American politics/Constitution I learned from the show on PBS called Kids” at like 11.

  29. One of the most things in a modern democracy is the rule of law. Nobody is above the law. Not even dictator Nasheed.

  30. Obama Wants to Change the Constitution Why do you think he uses so many Exe.Orders ! They want a Treaty w UN 2

  31. A question that comes to mind: are emotional pro-Israel activists in the American high tech industry providing special favors to Israelis in the way of contracts, projects, business, hires, technology sharing, etc. — and in effect discriminating against other nations, institutions and groups — perhaps even against their fellow Americans?

  32. filia rozee says:

    The US Constitution is OUR! Protection Against Tyrants Like of The Legislative Branch,Said NO! to U That Means NO! –

  33. brehmer cotti says:

    I swore an to defend the Bill of Rights. Paranoid? Not exactly, just a Patriot aware of the game. –

  34. clarihira kilianosov says:

    Occupy Wall Street Comedy – Lets All Just Be Mad at Stuff (6 minutes) OWS was hijacked thats why it died –

  35. posted by: Meri Aaron Walker Amplify’d from Guest Post: The American Economy in Two Minutes? Author: devin mcintire Reich has done his best to explain the problems with America’s current economy in two minutes and it’s definitely your time, especially if you haven’t read his book “Supercapitalism”. In this video he makes six key points: • Since 1980 wages for most Americans have been flat despite a doubling in American GDP • The wealthiest top 1% have 40% of the nation’s entire wealth • and therefore control of the government • Low tax rates for 40% of our nation’s wealth huge deficits • Middle class is broke and in conflict as a result • The low purchasing power of the middle class means low employment and an anemic recovery Needless to say, it’s an impossible task he has taken on here so it’s necessarily oversimplified and if you’re interested I can’t recommend “Supercapitalism” highly enough. However, he omits a few critical points…

  36. saatsu maddinkell says:

    Since need is apparently the new standard when it comes to the Bill of Rights, i say we don’t need all this government

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