There are (and have been) many good comedians in the world.

In my opinion, the most lucid, incisive, and trenchant comedian was Geroge Carlin. I consider myself lucky for having had the chance to hear him express his thoughts.

In a more general sense, the truth is that good comedians, like other (good) artists, show us the world in a light that enables us to notice what we otherwise mostly filter out as nothing more than background noise.

And Chris Rock is an exemplar of this phenomenon, just as Lenny Bruce was in his day. I have enjoyed Chris’ comedy for years.

In this video, Chris talks about the difference between being ‘wealthy’ and being ‘rich’. As is frequently the case, he makes salient points. He specifically makes reference to the fact that few (if any) black or brown people are truly wealthy — and I suspect he’s right.

But an important point is that it is not just a racial issue.

It’s true that black people (as well as hispanics and other non-white races) are particularly subject to the gulf in opportunity and socioeconomic well-being in the US. No reasonable person assessing the readily available data could fairly argue otherwise.

But, particularly in the wake of the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Together Movement, it bears mentioning that many others are denied the same opportunitites.

This denial is what I want to see reversed. For everyone. All of us should be subject to the same rules and laws, as well as to the same punishments for circumventing these, and permitted the same chance to succeed. Period.

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  2. richesches says:

    Reader Letters | New world order? | The Courier-Journal | courier …: In the years prior to the French Revoluti…

  3. eidmann kent says:

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  4. Damn! I love Sheneneh! Lmao! is a fool! Y’all remember when Sheneneh went on Love Connection? And dated Chris Rock! HILARIOUS! Lmao

  5. Charles i am going to back you up i like black better but white is cool too.So ask Alli if white is a girl color or colour i am is alli saying a white house is girly

  6. YES! B*O*O*B*I*E*S – Over 1 MILLION VIEWS all due to crazy law allowing Occupy Protesters to let the sisters be free

  7. thermine clennaugne says:

    CMyLawyer | Ur Lawyer 4 College | How to Protest: One Tip Can …: If you thought that Occupy Wall Street was ov… –

  8. rosimot trombe says:

    The lyrics are “radicals and RACISTS”…… The song is about a dream of another life. One quite out of touch.

  9. Occupy Wall Street: Providing academics with desperately needed subject matter for analytical essay-books and 15 minutes of fame on CSPAN.

  10. procchie weber says:

    Talk about a racist … If this was a white man talking about black people it would be a different story. How and why does he get away with it? People are people, black or white. We ALL need to get over ourselves and getting along.

  11. In light of the recent Muslim spying scandal and the countless videos showing police beating Occupy Wall Street protesters, the NYPD has decided to release a new recruitment ad.

  12. stey wers says:

    Occupy Wall Street Figured Out How to Have Sleepovers — Daily Intel: Since being evicted from Zuccotti Park in … –

  13. Funny… Occupy Wall Street has to ‘train’ 100k for their cause… The did no training & they changed the course of history. –

  14. osugier arseller says:

    Occupy Wall Street crowd plans for months and a few hundred people show up..they must have sad faces on. So much for the revolution. –

  15. bach twyman says:

    Nice work, Occupy Wall Street, ruining the commute tonight for NYC’s 99% who just wanted to get home to their…

  16. yasmolet says:

    same these days off from work …wake up later …have I missed fake adel an Chris rock .. hope not from j Kent

  17. prian julinalin says:

    ‘When I see a black man is going crazy, I don’t know if he lost his mind or found his mind..’ Chris Rock.

  18. shiniqu says:

    Chris Brown — Roasted by Chris Rock and Matt Lauer on ‘Today’: Chris Rock just whipped out his best off-the-cuf…

  19. bijmannie says:

    Q: Are campaigns strategically using comedians like Chris Rock to say things they can’t say? Comedians are ‘just joking’, so they get pass.

  20. Margret Eaddy liked Chris Rock to pen ‘High and Low’ remake – Akira Kurosawa News: As it stands now, this page… –

  21. helwriggin abovernair says:

    When Occupy Wall Street Mitt Romney after the crap he’s done and said- makes me question what the hell is going on out there…

  22. mulli livek says:

    There is, without question or equivocation, no excuse for violence. The hallmark of Occupy Wall Street has been its commitment to non-violent change. What needs to be known now is to what extent were the NATO 3 provoked or were they even setup completely? Let’s look at some things we know, from the Associated Press: Three …
    Magdalena Diulio liked Occupy NATO: Publishing Photos of Undercover Chicago Police Upsets Mayor | MyFDL on 8 June 2012 (3 months ago).

  23. Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker and most of the Adult industry all came by the Store this week… you should check us out too!

  24. @AnnCoulter Can a send you my pic Gorgeous?
    p.s. How were you “Demonic” within weeks of Occupy Wall Street? Mitt’s got to win!

  25. hoay tata says:

    Lmao is that deep huh? Chris Rock go on tour and I’ll shoot a nigga in his face for tickets.

  26. fatijah jcstahl says:

    Best read of the month. hits so many pts I agree with! | What Bill Gates Could Learn from Chris Rock

  27. revas fla says:

    “FBI knew of a plot to assassinate members of Occupy Wall Street but did not inform the potential victims” …

  28. cordo scote says:

    Occupy Wall Street just pitch tents and drink $8 lattes while complaining about how poor they are on Twitter with their $1500 MacBooks.”

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  30. bredler parks says:

    We’re watching an episode of that is basically what if someone set off a bomb in Zucotti Park during Occupy Wall Street. Scary.

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