Glenn and Chris are 100% correct:

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30 Responses to “Rank Hath Its Privileges”

  1. I do too.. BUT it’s SCARY as hell!!!! :/ And a Military spouse at that… Lol. But Yeah. Your day will COME mama. (;

  2. Douglas Co GA sheriff’s dept sued by 4 of 60 teens held in prisoner bus for hours to be interrogated in murder case [0]

  3. vest kuno says:

    Religion news in brief – AP –

    Religion news in brief – AP –
    Muslim teen told she can’t wear religious headscarf in JROTC parade BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (AP) — A national Muslim civil rights group has filed a complaint with the Williamson County Schools after a freshman was told she could not march in the homecoming …

  4. quala corah says:

    Rule No. 1 of being a Democrat: If someone disagrees with you tell them that they are stupid or hateful.

  5. knau mcqulyn says:

    If Cap Prep/Classical-Prince Tech gets postponed Thursday, it will be played at Cheney Tech that day. Decision will be made Wednesday.

  6. derfordouc kinmann says:

    This is the 1st time u & I agree on violence! If there was ever a time 4 the to form a military coalition, its now.

  7. The neocon warmonger pep rally that was provided some good laffs at least. Really, calling that grovel-off a debate laughable.

  8. It is deeply upsetting that this great man is not mentioned in Civil Rights history lessons in schools – I only found out about him in a book about inspirational homosexuals.

  9. langelemer gognon says:

    Aye! Aye! XDDDD I almost got an F for giggling at my English class after remembering her lying on the floor and saying “Aye! Aye!” with a “sexy” voice xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  10. what is sad in this news, is the fact our world is becoming less responsible & lawless, are we civilized? What I have read in the papers, our leaders take money & willingly 2 look the other way concerning our lives, civilized? We the people get what we allow. As far as our enemies, destroy them else they will destroy us. War is on.

  11. That is a scary thought. More of the same. NeoCon $War men. I am a Ron Paul He seems honest & pro-USA

  12. caddeboor says:

    BREAKING: acquires Tumblr for $10 billion in combination cash and stock, former Vice President Dick Cheney announces on Monday. –

  13. Kind of bummed about Santorum. I was looking forward to a November internal dialog about whether to vote Democrat or Catholic.

  14. knetti gan says:

    History — Save Our History: Voices of Civil Rights: Join us for a fascinating look at one of the defining socia…

  15. utenbier koe says:

    RT BBC min 19 “You will not find a country that is a ZERO
    This is Minister of JUSTICE!

  16. Because as a southerner, I promised myself I’d NEVER be on the wrong side of civil rights! …

  17. parr curley says:

    Ralph Reed is as creepy as Rove, Cheney, Newt and Pat Buchanan. The GOP leadership full of youth and new creative ideas!

  18. clouglioni graunberhe says:

    Romney risk is not what is doing him in. His neocon, SCOTUS and woman’s health risks are there though underlining the …

  19. Not great: 9/11, Iraq War, Katrina, Gitmo, PATRIOT act, unpaid Medicare-D & tax cuts, debt up by 100% to $11.3T. –

  20. Forever in blue jeans is on the player. I loved this song until I found out I have a denim allergy. Now the title is a form of True

  21. heh heh. clever timing. MT J’lem: Israel Approved to Build Military College on Mt Olives & 800 Homes Gilo. …

  22. gayama subachat says:

    “Above all being a Democrat means having compassion for others, it means standing up for those who have been kept down” …

  23. bornou ballop says:

    Why am I not surprised that a mysterious plane crash in Afghanistan has destroyed a large number of military ballots? …

  24. Oh the veteran person? I haven’t done it either ; why don’t you ask Johnny? Isn’t he in the military stuff?

  25. TELEPATHIC INFUSION. The folks pushing the “War on Terror” r the terrorists. Hitler’s of da world. George W. Bush? Cheney? Rumsfield? Guam. –

  26. nickshiron says:

    Most girls complain about not seeing their boyfriends everyday. Never date a man in the military then. You wouldn’t survive that.

  27. Democrat is a pretty word for a communist bastard wrapped in a US flag posing as an American htt …

  28. The way they you with stress and depression. The drugs they give, the ways to make you forget how to love.

  29. Henry Kissinger (Nobel peace prize) stated:“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Time to wake up! –

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