Rachel makes a point that should be shouted from the mountaintops: many of us listen far too much to what politicians say they are for and against rather than paying attention to what they do once in power. The GOP does only a few things: promotes plutocracy, makes war, and advances intrusive, authoritarian social policy. The only jobs they protect are their own.

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  1. @OBUatCMU
    We are watching as best we can and the nation is watching what is going on up there. Tweet Rachel Maddow

  2. Free “I Am The 99%” bumper stickers of the AFL-CIO.

    The Ed Schultz Show The Rachel Maddow Show … http://t.co/IbY76Y6M

  3. Most hated? Really? The place for politics finds this informative? Maddow is a clown. National debt, markets looking for some sanity, unemployment, 21/2 wars, a tax code beyond repair, a congress and President missing in action. And she gives us a consumer complaint line in Florida? News is news, tilt is always there, but she is beyond the pale, coud we lock her, Hannity, Rush and Lawrence in a room until the “adults” give us an a real plan?

  4. what a patriot! Rachel Maddow Wishes Sen. Jim DeMint a Happy Veterans Day Following His ‘No’ Vote on Jobs Bill for Vets

  5. What Rachel said about military force is right-on! Military force CANNOT build states. And I think of any occupying force that has ever “won” an occupation through some bogus counter-insurgancy strategy.

  6. kibbs phuckman says:

    Rachel Maddow Makes The Point Of Police Malfeasance Against OCW Like No Other Analyst. The Library Conversion Gives Insight On Many Levels

  7. Me, too. A great education without paying the tuition costs. Of course, I learn a great deal from Rachel too –

  8. swelsa dippa says:

    It’s hate mongering if it comes from the right. It’s patriotism if it comes from the left. The hypocrisy is amazing. The democrats and the left are the TRUE racists and hate mongerers but are too stupid to realize their hypocrisy. Sad to say, I’m democrat.

  9. vargaard fumimas says:

    Videos with ‘Olberman’ or ‘Rachel Maddow’ in the title don’t get very many views. Maybe only dogs can hear them…

  10. December 6, 1995: Anniversary of Gingrich Ethics Investigation (Rachel Maddow: December 6, 1995, A Day That Will Live In Infamy (For Newt Gingrich)) –

  11. braunrate masama says:

    P.S. Also, by your statement, you are admitting your belief in genetic dispositions passed on by race. So, if I were to be bigoted like you, I can only assume black people have a genetic disposition towards crime, murder, and drug use. I personally think that’s insane and completely false. With YOUR statement, though, seem to be condoning such thought. The fact that you think this about any race makes you, in fact, a RACIST.

  12. That includes the U.S Military right? go for it, see how long you last? it easy targeting defenseless people, what about someone who is trained to kill people. You will cower out.

  13. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, talks with Rachel Maddow about the unprecedented and hard to fathom conservative Republican opposition to control, as represented in the Santorum campaign.
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  14. The only really and informed people I have met were self taught. If humans think that they are just because they have a degree in some college, they can have fun with that. I rather keep my money and read my own book and research at my own pace, than have to deal with some teacher.

  15. Just watched some of the new Real Time with Bill Maher and now some Rachel Maddow Show. Getting some quality liberal time in.

  16. I’m going to call out everyday a person that I think should go on the Rachel Maddow Show with GO ON THE –

  17. baudallman robian says:

    The weirdest thing always happens when i watch Rachel Maddow ‘s show, I always seem to run out of lotion I don’t know why

  18. salless cardonozzi says:

    I wish Air America all the best! sure their fine point of view will resonate with the American people for years to come!………..What? gone? Oh, sorry.

  19. Materialistic thinking is the lack of this subjective experience which you seemingly oppose. Science without subjective understanding is destructive. Subjective and objective realities must merge for humans to make the next step past polarity thinking. Polarity thinking is you vs me and perpetuates war. Bad moral compass. Love is the answer. Your materialistic understanding does not allow for love to be the answer, but love and consciousness is the basis of our concern.

  20. berth reyniangle says:

    “if you have been trapped by what you said, ensnared by the words of your mouth, then do this, my son, to free…

  21. why Obama wants the Internet regulated and gagged by the DOD. why Internet2 has been crafted. And their intent is to stop people from being able to rat them all out for what they actually are. These people are frustrated and angry that they get away with their great frauds in an information age. being exposed.

  22. “Hello! I’m a Bat!” or as Rachel calls me, I’m a “Lab Rat.” – “NAME is BATTY. Brain in SCRAMBLED. I’m a …

  23. wandraca says:

    lol.. Rachel having an office organic vegan bake sale to raise money for a new $50 light bulb. –

  24. sucke swees says:

    “He is pretty much out of the race, this is just the last gasp of the Paul “He can still win!” phase. Next they’ll go to “I’m voting RonPaul as a protest” and “It was never about winning, it was about getting the message out.””

  25. van schima capu says:

    Watching Rachel Maddow. She’s showing some clips of Obama speaking. I don’t say just how awesome our president is often enough.

  26. liver bamboay says:

    Rachel Maddow is the persona of the American women telling the truth about discriminating against women by the –

  27. “Yes, this is really happening. Yes, this is your country.” Rachel < If you're not watching her, you should be. 9pm -

  28. not if rachel maddow has anything to say about it. according to her we right wingers are just scared obamas gonna take our guns

  29. nowikford says:

    “Now, again, because this is Michigan and democracy there is apparently a wobbling drunk…”- best line from The Rachel Maddow Show tonight.

  30. spirkhuayo says:

    Rachel Maddow points out the sudden and drastic change in the Mitt Romney campaign strategy as his ads have suddenly pivoted from jobs and the economy to “values” issues – a tactic likely designed to shore up the Republican base.
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    Air date: Fri Aug 10 00:00:00 UTC 2012
    Duration: 07:37

  31. bidard dirks says:

    Gawd. If you watch ALL of Rachel tonight & you STILL would vote for Romney/Ryan, you have a double digit IQ. Or ZERO integrity. –

  32. Safety first! reigns for debate moderators but if it didn’t my picks: Rachel Maddow, Megyn Kelly and Fareed Zakaria. That would liven it up. –

  33. kocharahi boerne says:

    Did you see Rachel Maddow, the Romney/Ryan campaign won’t be sitting down with her to do a interview…Scary & Scar…

  34. bayde vanda says:

    Rachel Maddow: Romney would baloon the Debt to 25 Trillion, Remembe he is a Republican like Bush and all Republicans

  35. i’m really not tryna watch some wind and rain… i wanna watch the rachel maddow show 🙁 these breaking news people are boring.

  36. The ppl complaining about it are the wrong ones. Rachel Maddow looks like a dude – why are we bringing her sexuality into it?

  37. Download here
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  38. in the last hour, I watched Rachel Sharpton & O’Donnell walk into the West Wing. MSNBC love fest? –

  39. Yo Rachel can you confirm to me whether Sen. Lindsey Graham is really a lesbian woman, figured you’d know more about that than me

  40. shizukis freysberna says:

    Excellent interview with Mayor Cory Booker on Rachel Show tonight re: guns in major US cities. Go check out the –

  41. caraellash wall says:

    SHAMELESS rachel says Hagel insincere in Hormel apology — & it just so happens the neocons are after hi … –

  42. vas thusinia says:

    Rachel “George W. Bush is bad at math.” And we wonder why Texas school are going down the toilet?? … –

  43. Kudos to people like Rachel for her brave work to combat the shut down of women’s health clinics, but even she … –

  44. i’m actually reallllly excited to not only hear the NRA’s take on this, but Rachel Maddow’s ever-clever response to it.

  45. sloch neeso says:

    Confession: I yell at my TV while watching Rachel talk about filibuster reform in the same way most people do during football.

  46. laklin tis says:

    I’m a big fan of Rachel but showing a nonstop loop of Marco Rubio’s water sip is a bit tacky and borderline bullying. –

  47. I can’t be the only person whose first reaction to Rachel was how cruel his parents must be for giving their son …

  48. erkalicher says:

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