Rachel Maddow talks about the hard-right’s growing alarm concerning the growing Occupy Wall Street movement. And the corporatists are indeed growing more alarmed.

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  1. rivogeleml says:

    I’m not in my 20’s. I’m much older and I work full time, just like many of the protesters (studies and surveys have showed most have jobs). 67 million people of all ages voted for Obama. I can assure you most were not in their 20’s. The majority were much older. Thank god a large majority of Americans voted Obama in. Otherwise we’d be in worse shape with McCain and Palin in the WH.

  2. Occupy Wall Street reminds me of the hippy movement and all the other uprising of the People as a whole, we are light workers my friend, it matters not that you see things in an historical way, it only matters that you question and continue to hold the light of love….Much love to you.

  3. Word Is Zuccotti Will Be Closed Around Christmas, So Occupy Wall Street Decided There’s Only One Thing To Do –

  4. kohlhadwin says:

    Why is Occupy Wall Street now trying to occupy West Coast (VIDEO): Occupy Wall Street tried to shut down …

  5. melins look says:

    Occupy Wall Street – Coming to a city near you! This is more than 7000 people right? Please –

  6. Rachel Maddow Zip Hoody, Medium: Keep warm while you keep up with politics, pop culture and top headlines with R…

  7. saunreich lytley says:

    Dear 49%, how else do you think the occupy actually going to get any attention at all? kind of the point of protest after all. I would also like to know if you have any better ideas. Sincerely, a firm of the occupy movement

  8. sardt mer says:

    New post: CNN Takes A Look At Occupy The Hood: ‘Adding Color To The Occupy Wall Street . –

  9. hagen luchervel says:

    What happened to Occupy Wall Street? 4 talking points: But don’t count the movement out yet: Occupy groups of al…

  10. This is our people being fired on where is the militia hidden behind the buildings??? No as usual at home in the bed…..

  11. NW:the Rachel Maddow show!.Romney ballin ass gone have niccas eatin nothing but potty meat & crackers! get yah politics game up.

  12. Why am I second-winding right now… I just got out of bed and turned on Rachel I may never go back to bed.

  13. By contrast, Occupy Wall Street activist Justin Wedes took $ … Anyone who wants to be reimbursed for expenses … For example, he said, Ru

  14. trohang vas says:

    But I am totally in love with Rachel You know I’d cross over for her. She’s the perfect human for me –

  15. tawa erg says:

    Rachel Maddow Defends the US Drone Program on Howard Stern: by Sean Fenley / April 6th, 2012 Rachel Maddow defen…

  16. In two of our interview, Tavis Smiley and Prof. Cornell West discuss growing up in working-class households. “I saw so much growing up,” says Smiley, who lived with 13 family members in a 3-bedroom trailer and learned that even when he was not optimistic, he could be hopeful. “But hope needs help,” Smiley notes. West recalls how he worked with the Black Panthers to organize a general strike while growing up in Sacramento, CA, in order to push for African American Studies programs in local high schools. Looking at current events, Smiley and West cite Dr. Luther King Jr.’s comment that, “War is the enemy of the poor” and compare the amount of money spent in Iraq and the 2012 presidential campaign to funding for programs that assist the 1 in 2 Americans who are now poor. They also discuss the Trayvon case, and react to Ted Nugent’s potentially threatening comments about President Obama at the recent National Rifle Association meeting. Click here to see 1…

  17. pflunder ann says:

    My favorite Occupy Wall Street chant goes “What do we want?! Seriously, we desperately need to clarify our message!” –

  18. BIG LIST: Game of thrones: DIY dunny: Sick of taking orders from the man? Forget Occupy Wall Street, … So why …

  19. sloteasill miquez says:

    “Anger is like sugar in a cocktail. I’d rather have none at all than a grain too much.” – Rachel Maddow

  20. seiss crondusama says:

    Brilliant idea We need Rachel as moderator of badly Yes we do. Diff treatment by Gregory for Christie &… –

  21. Any thoughts on the Wall Street push to help buy debt for pennies on the dollar to then have it discharged?!

  22. by Smitty Maybe Tina Brown was literarily spoofed by someone wanting her to appear the demented love child of Andrew Sullivan and Rachel Maddow: The idea of losing Hillary has seemed especially unbearable at this political moment. It’s as if she has become, literally, the ship of state. She stands for maturity, tenacity, and self-discipline […]

  23. balvo karanoshir says:

    We can’t care for sick& elderly, but we have money for this? – “FBI Surveillance Of Wall Street Detailed” … –

  24. Occupy Wall Street dans l’œil du FBI (ou comment le pouvoir étasunien est au service des banques…) — Capita… | –

  25. vele salanca says:

    Daniel Hannan: Don’t Occupy Wall Street, Occupy The Central Banks: I wish we had more people like British MEP Da…

  26. cubbin kamy says:

    More than a third of the people who in Occupy Wall Street protests in New York lived in hous… … –

  27. What ever came of Occupy Wall Street? How did it end? Did everyone just decide at once they were over Occupying Wall Street?

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