The hard-right has spent many years ginning up anti-immigrant sentiment, and it’s not all racism. In fact, the reason they take advantage of and exacerbate xenophobic tendencies is the same one that always motivates them: profit.

In this case, the profit lies in private detention facilities that charge the government money to incacerate illegal immigrants who have been apprehended.

Granted: illegal immigrants have broken the law. But ethics notwithstanding (and really, they shouldn’t be ignored), consider the fact that it’s simply a misdemeanor, so why are we asked to support treating it like a crime against humanity?

The real crime against humanity is the way we treat illegal immigrants, and it needs to stop.

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29 Responses to “Private Concentration Camps”

  1. bosticarla nak says:

    major mistake was to project a future of fascism arising from the right when in fact all the evidence should have shown him that it was to come from the left and is now coming through non-violent methods like imposing thought-control and subservience to the regime through multiculturalism, diversity, political correctness, so-called and a leftist interpretation of human rights. i.e. the communitarian-progressive model found in the current British one state.

  2. This is a congressional hearing. They are not supposed to be slappin backs and roflmao. And the black lady(Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee) was taking a picture.

  3. perry prase says:

    The Tories love to blame Labour for immigration, but the real reason is the enlargement of the which was a policy of…

  4. we’re too nice… ” During a 2009 amnesty on illegal immigration around 2,400 Europeans legalised their status with the federal police.”

  5. U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Q&A: How can I bring my family with me? What is the easiest way to obtain a wor…

  6. deiro jaff says:

    PBS was in their home. Why didn’t anyone call I.C.E.? The even said it himself – that they came here ILLEGALLY as in AGAINST THE LAW! They work hard and pay taxes? How do you pay taxes on money earned under the table? Send them back to Mexico and tell them to get in line with the millions of people who are waiting to come here LEGALLY. There is nothing racist about enforcing our laws.

  7. shris ger says:

    The constantly up-to-date guide to UK immigration. Learn safely how to successfully emigrate, live and work in any of Britain. From your visa options, to jobs, to housing, to moving, it has everything you need to know from to finish.

  8. is hyped by member & OWS’ position helps corrupt banks make $$$. OWS is fake or dumb. #GlennBeck –

  9. legarden dugnin says:

    Jill E. Family is an Associate Professor and Associate Director, Law & Government Institute, Widener University School of Law. At oral argument on January 18, the questioned the attorneys in Holder v. Gutierrez and Holder v. Sawyers about calculating relief from removal.  At issue in these consolidated cases is whether a parent’s immigration status […]

  10. sayatte therington says:

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  11. katsuo katsuyosa says:

    mmmk yea american j.d. standard oil financed hitler in ww2. without oil hitler would not have had an air fleet, not been able to move his tanks/cars, basically making him defenseless against the allies. he and his sons should have been put in jail for treason, but guess what? he is a influential member today in our fed, AND CFR (council on foreign relations). that seem funny to you? america stands behind democracy but lets atrocities like this occur.

  12. been trying to call the immigration since after lunch break. NOBODY picked up the call until now. half day ke semua?!!!

  13. The debate over controlling illegal immigration has pulsed throughout election cycles for decades. But recently, a more radical strain of anti-immigrant thought, which advocates lower legal immigration levels, is gaining some momentum.

  14. U.S. immigration system needs immediate reform
    The Salinas Californian
    I’m responding to Roman D. Nicanor’s opinion on the reform of immigration law. I’m always interested to read opinions on immigration reform, especially from those who have immigrated to the US The question was asked, “Do we really need to reform our …
    and more »

  15. Spent 2 mornings in immigration lines and finally mission accomplished. Very challenging but met some helpful people along the way.

  16. zai brusse says:

    how do we get to “yes” on this whole quisling thing? Could you come right out and admit it?

  17. chard cece says:

    “Only there’s an awkward problem for Mr. Romney. And it’s not just a Hispanic tendency to vote Democratic. A new survey shows only a of Hispanics actually see themselves as Hispanic.

    In fact, of the Hispanics born in the United States, about half say they view themselves as simply American, according to a survey by the Pew Hispanic Center. And more than two-thirds of all Hispanics say they do not see a common culture among Hispanics. In the 2010 Census, more than half of Hispanics checked off the box for “white.””

  18. Back to SG. Tired but had so much fun. So happy also that I dont’t need to que at the immigration bec of my

  19. So Y’all Wanna Complain About Illegal Immigration Then Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Like You’re A Got Damn Mexican. Oh Ok.

  20. cassarino says:

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  21. Young illegal immigrants, saying President Obama has done little to diminish the threat of they face despite repeated promises, have a campaign to press him to use executive powers to allow them to remain legally in the country.

  22. merth hir says:

    “Welcome back, dude.” *Immigration officer pushes button, Voodoo Child riff plays on small speaker* “Move ahead, please. And hang ten!”

  23. kes takasen says:

    defo a plan big man! I’m working at the language centre, or ‘the immigration centre’ as likes to call it..

  24. ircharto ratzi says:

    Sunway Giza and the curve kene raid dgn Jais, immigration and Police! Good luck sapa yg kene tangkap tu! sakan laa dlm balai! Wkwkwkw

  25. I did lol at the trollol I admit. I admit there are some on the left who use this but hating immigration also involves the right

  26. hurimson roschnobuy says:

    So Abu Nazir turns up in the States just like that? It took me 3 hours to get through Houston immigration earlier this year!

  27. PARIS (Reuters) – France’s far-right National Front celebrated a fourfold increase in requests for membership on Thursday as a feud convulsed its main right-wing rival the UMP. UMP leadership contenders accuse one another of fraud in an internal election and the now risks a permanent split just months after it lost power, a potential gift for Socialist President Francois Hollande. An opinion poll showed the anti-immigration National Front, which opposes the euro currency, could be an even bigger winner from the infighting. …

  28. Do I hv to save a country in my previous live to hv a same line with him in immigration??? *sigh*

  29. boestine chi says:

    John McCain defended a proposed immigration plan to an angry home crowd in Phoenix on Thursday. The Arizona senator was touring with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. The appearance of prominent officials has suggested that Arizona will play a prominent role in the immigration debate, which President Obama will likely make a signature issue of […]
    John McCain Defends Immigration Plan To Angry Home Crowd is a post from: The Inquisitr

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