In this moving video, we hear from millionaires who believe that it is part of all our civic responsibility to pay a reasonable amount of taxes.

In other words, the right-wing ideologues who make it seem like the wealthy are united in their disdain for government and the poorer citizenry are full of it.

Many of the wealthy, despite the right-wing propaganda, recognize the value of contributing economically to the fiscal well-being of our government. They’re the smart ones.

There is an organization called Patriotic Millionaires that amounts to a movement of socially responsible millionaires who are working to counter the rhetoric of the ideological hard-right. Kudos.

Patriotic Millionaires

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  1. fartandrow says:

    U.S. now ranks 93rd in world in “income equality.” China and India, for example, now ahead of us (along with 90 others).

  2. Esta banda me fascina Hp q bn q existen las guitarras de este tipo, por eso vale la pena tener oidos. gracias Scorpions….

  3. kloemelock uijzen says:

    ‘Patriotic Millionaires’ Describe What They’ve Done With Their Bush Tax Cuts: ‘I Built A Dance Floor In My House’ –

  4. Or even the whining of millionaires! Looking at you, Rep. John “I have maybe $400,000 [a year] left over” Fleming

  5. siewishih says:

    who thinks Obama can save the world unilaterally is on crack.” , then its pretty obvious that a lot of you all (US citizens) are on crack as such, after all, they (people) did elect him as president. It was peoples vote- not a caucus that did it!

  6. IAAF made a ridiculous decision in trying to change in the 1st place. Shouldn’t still be having equality issues like this!

  7. vleclusse shar says:

    WASHINGTON — Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength, millionaires who want the government to tax them more, met with foremost anti-tax guru Grover Norquist in Washington…

  8. remeber the united stats is only what like 200-300 years old talking about obstacles look at europe 2000 years of war on end and we still stand high and prestigous and learnt our leasson you see us getting involved in a bunch of usless wars in the middle east and kill 1500000 poor framers in afganistan and riak because they needed to blaim someone

  9. rina gotte says:

    simple, beautiful, truthful, powerful – so fabulous to see such a gorgeous piece of such a stunning woman (please, please marry me) and most in a message meant for all the generations that have been here and are still to come. Women really are a beautiful gift in the world and should be treated as such – with honour and respect.

  10. permichi emerveloiz says:

    Must watch of the day: Patriotic Millionaires’ Message to Congress “Tax Me”: “Tax me, because my country > my money”

  11. (John Hinderaker) Brian Ward and I got together Friday night to record Episode 19 of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience, ably produced by Ricochet’s Scott Immergut and augmented by a Little Sumpin’. We talked about the issues of the day, including the latest in the GOP race–Brian is excited about Newt’s rise, I am not–the latest hilarity from the Occupiers, acerbic commentary on the much-hyped patriotic (i.e., pro-higher taxes) millionaires, and a prescient preview

  12. tes borstro says:

    “First, homosexuality is not a psychological disorder (Conger, 1975). Although exposure to prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation may cause acute distress (Mays & Cochran, 2001; Meyer, 2003), there is no reliable evidence that homosexual orientation per se impairs psychological functioning. Second, beliefs that lesbian and gay adults are not fit parents have no empirical foundation (Patterson, 2000, 2004a; Perrin, 2002).”

  13. I remember Nagin as an arrogant uppity jerk. He had no sense of decorum whatsoever. He had no business being a mayor anywhere. He was racist against white people. Chocolate city my ass!!!!

  14. “n November, 2010 more than 100 of the country’s most financially successful citizens came together to urge the President to let the Bush era tax cuts expire for people making more than $1 million a year. An outpouring of public encouraged them to continue their fight.”

  15. Dr. Luther King, Jr. didn’t just die for a PAID Holiday, not for a PARADE, but he died for a PEOPLE and a PRINCIPLE!

  16. Next dates for Branch Education, Equality, Communications and Health and Safety Officers – in Preston 14-18 May – 0161 661 6777 –

  17. muthicciov naud says:






  18. Bullying is a way of life…that’s all B.S. bullying is not a way of life love, fun, hope, justice, equality etc are bullying is never!!!

  19. zurfierkro says:

    While Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry whores for YouTube views, hits and Grammys, Gaga fights for equality, acceptance and bravery.

  20. mathann cailli says:

    The battle of in has only just begun, no. 126 out of 134 on world gender gap, below and

  21. [BBC] Mursi faces challenge to bring Egypt’s Copts on side: Egypt’s Copts look to new president for sense of equality

  22. tettenc says:

    The Patriotic Millionaires are back. They’re demanding that President Obama and Congress raise taxes on incomes over a million dollars because there are things we want to do as a country–and they are not free. –

  23. yurick creadenand says:

    Remember. You can’t please everybody. So just speak your truth. Put your passion into everything. Be kind. Stand for equality.

  24. mainu beekhahi says:

    (1/2) So, John Banks, you made the most disgusting speech on the passing of the Homosexual Reform Bill will now vote on marriage equality

  25. wendriciud paiz says:

    Sometimes ur going to have to watch that America SUCKS at! One real reason RG is olympic is NEED for female

  26. New group Patriotic Millionaires, advocates for lifting Bush tax cuts on ppl making over $1m. I proudly stand with them

  27. amoore frelle says:

    Attorney General Eric Holder, addressing the LGBT Bar Association, said attendees have a solemn responsibility to keep up the fight for equality.

    read more

  28. polivarche sivensen says:

    Can someone explain why it’s ok to pay someone £4.98 if they are 20 and £6.19 if they’re 21 to do exactly the same j …

  29. buehn pen says:

    True gender equality won’t exist until the women at the cafe stop insisting they will only eat a cookie if someone splits it with them.

  30. Hey MD~ YES ON 6! Yes on equality! YES ON 6! Yes on equality! YES ON 6! Yes on equality! YES ON 6! Yes on equality!

  31. colvasseni hato says:

    To follow Cameron logic, if we cut the top tax rate to 5% imagine the billions of tax the good patriotic millionaires wi …

  32. Congratulations to Uruguay: its House of Representatives passed today a same-sex marriage equality bill by a 81 to 6 vot …

  33. Patriotic Millionaires Challenge Millionaire Politicians to the Buffet Rule via
    Patriotic Millionaires Challenge Millionaire Politicians to the Buffet Rule via Patriotic Millionaires Challenge Millionaire Politicians to the Buffet Rule via @Digg

  34. **Written by Doug Powers For some time now, the “Patriotic Millionaire” types, which would include Matt Damon, Warren Buffett and many others who think they have too much money and that the people who helped put the US over $14 trillion in debt would spend it more wisely, have been begging the government to raise […]

  35. lainingste says:

    is there true equality anywhere in the world? It can b said No. But R they better than in Arab countries? YES

  36. You’re not getting it, Peter. The rest of the world may believe that Americans are hopelessly ignorant, but only the most imbecilic of us actually believe that the POTUS–whoever he is–runs the whole show. Check and balances, and that of thing.

  37. mair barburg says:

    Continuing my A to Z….1) Tribalism 2) Extreme concentration on money not ideals 3) Always present hostility toward others 4) which they justify with the victim myth 5) which is in their hatred of others ‘projected’ onto others. 5) this drives them to be jews…as they are now in the US, drives them to dominate, drives them to use money “instead” of ideals in the world. Basically I see the Jews repeating themselves as I said before ..rise and fall, rise and fall.. I think their most fatal flaw is Narrascism+Ttibalism..because….their obsession with themselves and only themselves prevents them from ‘considering,’ or even thinking of what others think and prevents them fromever correctly’ judging’ how ‘others’ will act. Every time the Jews or the Jews went too far in olden days someone eventually pushed back…..,and what astounds me about what we see today, is how these zionist howl about the holocaust and anti semitism and yet they are quite literally living out all the old canards right here in the US …they scream about the holocaust and the eternal victimhood—and yet they forget what happened to them for doing the exact same thing they are doing today? See?—THAT—is the fatal narcissism….the ‘others’ don’t exist or count untill suddenly a Hitler or the “others “rise up and kill them. The ‘interim’ howls and scream of anti semitism and Jew hate are just the ancient old ‘re-inforcing ‘ of the victim “justificaiton” for why it is O.K. for them to do what they in taking advantge of the “others”. The incredible, incredible, mind numbing stupidity of this kind of narcissism is astounding. They think no one see or understands what they do and why they do it..

  38. Tax Day demonstrations took place by the hundreds this week from one end of the nation to the other. On Wednesday morning, at one of these actions in California, David Watson, a member of Patriotic Millionaires, told a rally of union members and community activists that the …

  39. patthi cani says:

    Equality is the easiest thing I’ve ever talked about, but it’s also the toughest battle I ever had to fight.

  40. undquino pfludwicz says:

    We’ve got new postings on our job bank, from and Check it out and sign up for updates: ht …

  41. niko barizia says:

    neither Southern Baptists nor Pentecostals are behind the wars or for Israel. Pentecostals are far more likely to be real Israel fanatics and Christian Zionists, but they are really a fringe group with no real power even locally. Baptists build hospitals while Pentecostals struggle to fund summer camps.

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