We don’t get much in the way of honest analysis and commentary, which is the reason I’m thankful for resources like the Real News. Of course, much of the news is legitimately so bad right now that I’d almost welcome some feel-good marketed news and distraction. Almost. Here are parts I – IV of the Real News‘ discussion of the potential global ramifications of our current “economic crisis.” I hope Mr. Engdahl is wrong, but, unfortunately, I think he’s right. Enjoy?


Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

51 Responses to “The Economic Crisis: In-depth Commentary”

  1. svender dann says:

    (Reuters) – The sovereign debt crisis has become systemic and risks to the economy are increasing swiftly, European Systemic Risk Board Chairman Jean-Claude Trichet said on Tuesday.

  2. There’s shrill nationalism almost everywhere. What’s more significant is the ability of an element within that nation to take control of government and then project that nationalism outside its own borders. America has been doing this for 80 years, and Britain before America. Iran would do it if it could and China can, but so far, it has not. Interesting times ahead…

  3. Everyone owes money to everyone else, this is a staged event! Its not just down to the US / EU banks but the “world bank!”

  4. A Bit of Good News To Come From A Down Economy Is That Companies That You Love Are Diversifying Their Product…

  5. twelleggle tarzmer says:

    I heard Harry Reid say yesterday that our economy is doing well in the private sector. He said, “the government sector needs new jobs.”

  6. Suppose that God exists. If a person with clinical depression commits suicide, does he/she go to hell? I don’t think so but what is your opinion?

  7. What kind of jackalope sits on youtube typing personal hatred as you do? I am seeing that the keyboard, is not your friend; It’s making you look stupid. You display complete ignorance of the IP generation. In fact, it is people who want to be intermediaries, like the TV networks, who are weeping and insulting YT as “home to kooks” because secretly they fear it. See, actually, YT is the most powerful communication channel at this time. You can’t see that, and frankly, nobody cares.

  8. Except.. Ron Paul is currently Candidate to beat – only 7 points from Obama, vs 14 for the next down.
    Has taken position in all 8 of attempts to show Herman Cain as the winner of the first Rep debate.
    And according to Rasmussen, is the ONLY candidate that is threatening Obama.. where he is within 1% of him.

    And all of this…..
    Is Prior to even announcing he will run for President. 😉

    RP Stay RP because He change. Gain 1, Keep 1.

  9. i have my lawn loaded with them ..used to hate them ..but now im gone to eat them thanks for the tip …it looks a little like “rucola ” if it taste a little the same it soon gone be a favorite :)…and when a 94 year old Lady says it healthy im sure gone take your word for it 🙂 …love your channel ..

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  12. Daily Mail

    Shares in travel firm Thomas Cook plummet
    Several small British travel firms have gone under since the global economic crisis hit in 2008, with weak consumer demand as people continue to worry about their jobs. Last month, the company said it had announced a new $156m credit agreement with …
    Travel giant hit by cash crisisThe Sun
    Travel editor Nigel Thompson warns holidaymakers not to panic about Thomas CookMirror.co.uk
    Thomas Cook’s Holiday HellWall Street Journal
    The Guardian -Daily Mail -CanadianBusiness.com
    all 879 news articles »

  13. How To Buy Cars At Auctions: How To Buy Cars At AuctionsWith The Present Economic Crisis Theres Never Been A Bet…

  14. First movie was excellent, second movie was total Crap, third movie, still crap, but nowhere near as bad as second.

  15. flance farrer says:

    So this god is so impotent that he must make concessions. How does this guy know the mind of god. He is pretends to know without any scriptural evidence.

  16. I dont feel a thing…are you sure about this? I would much rather be in a and be surrounded by skulls of pepole who have died,at night while the wind is light purple while having the feeling someone is watching you and the precence of ghosts…yep,the perfect scenery for any lavender town music.

  17. kosta rabergar says:

    This compilation of videos “UFO Disclosure A Global Deception Conspiracy”

    ON YOUTUBE is a revelation of major lies and with held knowledge about life

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  18. courlenber ivari says:

    That moment of depression when you realised that you just swallowed the last bite of kinder joy and there’s no more :/

  19. Two ways to fix the Global Economic Crisis. 1) Let the Banks Bust 2) Create a new National Bank

  20. My town used to be like something out of a fairy tail, now it’s like a third world country, a police that used to be full of good men got funding cut after cut and everyone there now is in the pocket of the CCA and shaking people down with trumped up charges, our fire had to be privatized, our school is getting run down, unemployment keeps rising and the price of everything keeps going up, now they want to take away people’s social security, but tax holidays for the rich.

  21. The biggest risk to Asia is that Europe plummets into recession, or that the US stagnates during the election year.

  22. baris scheffert says:

    Mad on Main: Mad on Main, by R.W. Boggs is a fast paced, quick tongued, look at the current economic crisis and …

  23. triermansk says:

    You Can Choose To Be Happy: “Rise Above” Anxiety, Anger, and Depression: You may have seen claims about how a bo…

  24. The Birmingham News – al.com (blog)

    by UA economic center says new immigration law will cost Alabama …
    The Republic
    A study by a longstanding economic research center at the University of Alabama says that Alabama’s new immigration law will cost the state billions of dollars because of income lost by illegal immigrants who will have to leave the state, …
    Alabama immigration law’s price tag? Up to $11 billion, says economistThe Birmingham News – al.com (blog)
    Study says immigration law has economic costsTuscaloosa News
    all 11 news articles »

  25. bucher rose says:

    it is true most are Scots but it was the gov in London that allowed them to settle there. Oliver Cromwell an English ruler opened the way for the major wave of Scottish settlers.

  26. roegelblas says:

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  27. gretakastl says:

    yea not actually playing those instruments. as u can see the violin guy stops playing at a and you can still hear a violin playing

  28. There is nothing wrong with what the UKIP guy said. People forget that we all have the right to free speech and nobody has the right to not be offended.
    BBC and Labour love minorities especially Muslims.

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  30. hamsharum closfelick says:

    me and my friend kept quoting him ALL 7th period. :3 and then we said: YOU WANNA BUY SOME OF MY ASPARAGUS?!! o.O

  31. hahahaha i went to middle and high school with those two idiots jumping in front of the camera in miami..the one wearing the cleveland jersey is actually a miami fan and he now goes by the name of “the cleveland fan”

  32. recession no need for an ipod when you can play the music in your head lmmfao, shuffle is on a whole

  33. whitmann loneida says:

    Current prices are on av. higher than awful year of 2008 & have capacity to tip global economy back into recession Chief Economist

  34. dylinger says:

    date now SET!! Leaving NZ on 16th December NY Bound! Flyin AIR NZ – economy cos the premium seats were…

  35. douildberg says:

    If that upsets you, defo avoid every shop in Bromley. displays of nationalism as far as the eye can see :s

  36. bonah fishiguenl says:

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  37. “Slowest economic recovery in decades” Might be true, but it was preceded by the worst economy since the Great Depression

  38. painatheon borzot says:

    Debt crisis: as it happened – September 5, 2012 – The eurozone is likely to have slipped back into recession in the …

  39. It means u should come together as a people (again) and fix it.. Make it better.. Make it work! The world is too small for nationalism!

  40. magling dobstmann says:

    “Our hope is never in any man or any or any nation That is just idolatry under the guise of nationalism Our hope comes from God alone”

  41. ritzmannim gaud says:

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  43. It’s easy to see why some turn to substances, some suffer depression some turn to suicide even because its real hard out there.

  44. burgiovath says:

    Another ex. of Madrid’s primitive nationalism: “Spain opposes common EU patents that would cut costs by 85% bcse it doesn …

  45. jepplin jacquirahi says:

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  46. ras bascaza says:

    I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that people can be SO I know we’re in a depression, but seriously?

  47. RT is the only way we will get our country out of recession. Buy British made goods when possible.
    I …

  48. masa raushiko says:

    clear of course.but how about the impact on economy etc…?why put a country one so ‘loves’ through that? but again,who ‘cares’?

  49. No wonder we are unvictorious, we have on 1 side the Palestinians with their flag, then Syrians with their new flags. Promo …

  50. postain emons says:

    Logged onto facebook and the first thing I saw was someone blaming the economic crisis on the absence of the death penalty. What? What?

  51. lunghes dam UK manufacturing falls sharply – Financial Times – 39 minutes ago from allGraph – Comment – Like Livemint UK manufacturing falls sharply Financial Times Fallout from the loss of the UK’s prized triple A credit rating may have been less dramatic than George Osborne feared. But data released this week serve as a grim reminder to the chancellor of the scale of the task confronting him as he prepares for this … UK manufacturing shrinks unexpectedly in FebruaryTelegraph.co.uk Index points to modest improvement in Canadian manufacturing sectorCTV News Poor UK manufacturing survey adds to triple-dip recession fearsThe Guardian BBC News -Yorkshire Post -Shanghai Daily (subscription) all 211 news » Continue reading → Similar Notes: allGraph Notes – Taxes squeeze US households, factories to add growth – Chicago… WCNCTaxes squeeze US households, factories to add growthChicago TribuneWASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. consumer spending was tepid in…

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