I understand concern about the President’s Economic Recovery Package. I’m concerned, too. The numbers are huge, the details are confusing, and so-called experts from every quarter have vehemently different opinions about whether or not this or that stimulus model would be effective — indeed, about whether any stimulus would be effective. As I wrote earlier, the whole thing seems iffy to me.

However, having an administration that actually seems even a little concerned with the well-being of ordinary Americans, and having a President who is measured, reasonable, and intelligent, whatever his foibles and however I might disagree with certain particular choices, is still a very welcome change (even though the Democrats and Republicans really are just two factions of the “Business Party” and are both proponents of the “National Security State”). I voted for Barak Obama on the gamble that his evident smarts, compassion, rationality, and ability to learn and adapt would benefit us in these uncharted waters we’re trying to navigate. So, since no one actually knows the irrefutably correct way to deal with this, and since the President has a definite course of action in mind, I’m willing to give him a little latitude and see where it takes us.

Many Republicans obviously feel differently. Many in the GOP seem stuck in the “no” phase kids go through, and to be playing some mendacious political game. The so-called fiscal responsibility Republicans suddenly claim to be concerned about now that spending might help Americans at home, rather than just further enriching Wall Street and killing people abroad, just about defines the word hypocritical. The reason for this embarrassing behavior, I think, is that conservatives are mostly focused on identifying a strategy for returning to power — which reveals the sad truth that they are far more concerned with being in charge than with doing their jobs as public servants.

In fact, the republican Party is so bent on projecting some kind of conservative campaign message that they’ve been reduced to farcical showboating, such as the clearly disingenuous claims by some Republican governors that they will refuse Federal stimulus money. Republicans turning down money? Somehow, that doesn’t seem likely. Jindal, for example, has made a big show of this refusal, but it’s worth noting that he will decline to accept only a small percentage of it, a percentage designed to assist people who are out of work. Hmmm. If I were a Republican, I’d be ashamed of this behavior, and I hope Republican Americans will stand up and say: “Hey, wait a minute! We’re good people, and what you’re doing in the name of our party is bullshit.” We’ll see.

Here’s Jon Stewart’s funny take on the whole thing.



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  1. cail lina says:

    For those who are close to giving-up, remember:”There will be no recession when it comes to God.” Have faith and PRAY!

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  3. Rep. Mike Honda: Protecting The Land And Water Conservation Fund: A Win For The Environment, A Win For The Economy –

  4. ruediendne says:

    Only 3 maps what a rip off. At least with black ops they give you 4 and 1 zombie map.

  5. wahlmedeir earliney says:

    GOP choices: (1) find new ways to sabotage economy (2) talk louder about protecting the “job creators” (3) pass President Obama’s job bill –

  6. When FEMA failed to deliver during Gustav, Jindal called Perry, who promised every TX Nat Guard asset would be in Louisiana in the morning. –

  7. LONDON -(Dow Jones)- ArcelorMittal (MT), the world’s largest steelmaker, has suspended the expansion plans of two Brazilian steel plants amid growing concerns about the global economy and slower-than-expected demand growth in Brazil.

  8. ; as Progressives have been laboring to foist onto the agenda & docket, for many years. Failed Trickle Down –

  9. susieldrew says:

    with Name Here, but I limit it to companies. Those who need a “stimulus” to get off their butts and do real work deserve to survive. Starvation is stimulus. Bankruptcy is stimulus. A desire to feed, cloth and protect ones children is stimulus. If you need more stimulus than that, then dead already and no amount of shock therapy will bring you back to life.]]>

  10. barttillac sabradayal says:

    New Jersey has the first black gay republican mayor… Wha-… O.o if I catch him do I get three wishes or something?

  11. sigan doski says:

    Mom called again today to thank me and for standing with for her & so many others who’ve been devastated by the economy

  12. saw them play last night in Tuscaloosa……first time i had seen them since 1985…..first song was MOUNTAIN MUSIC took me back in time.

  13. So depressing. Mind you, watching WV go Republican I can see why the Dems have altered their strategy (re: NYTimes 2day)

  14. Just cuz he said nahh we straight doesnt mean nothing but he is a diverse person ull never see hem in the office speakimg ghetto

  15. ader mischmahot says:

    The people who are still hating on Tim Tebow are like those who tried to say Tony shouldn’t have his own race team

  16. State Rep. Badon is sending a letter to Gov. Jindal tomorrow, asking for National Guard troops to be sent to again to tackle violence.

  17. hahaha bs good thing depression makes me feel sick I didn’t eat a thing today no Carlton no ba6ee5 :’)

  18. if there isn’t i will cry a river of depression an sadness !!! but text me when you’re settled in n’ homiee :D.


  20. chakos obickini says:

    there is a great chance that California will loose the project because right now there the Govenor Brown like they did with Rick Scott to kill the florida High speed rail. pariently there no room or place to lay any more tracks and the cost is now over $50 billions and climbinb so there is a great chance that Brown will Kill the project before we get through 13 months.

  21. Just curious do dems ever get power and redraw districts to help themselves or is that a republican trick. Only hear about republicans

  22. terigothar schoulger says:

    Thank Jah for Republican talking points! But could you guys maybe dumb it down a little so that we can ALL enjoy the hate and bigotry?

  23. I don’t see u standing up in ur state about Jindal’s plan to re-segregate schools & u haven’t responded to my previous tweets –

  24. morielders rueppelds says:

    Money is in *PEOPLE*.During recession,Micheal jackson decided to host the last and sold ticket 70 Million Pounds in 5 hours

  25. cirin lore says:

    managing director of Jindal Saw says, he sees better ahead. He expects a revenue of over Rs 1,500 crore in of FY12.

  26. kiern coletch says:

    ive been a credit union member for the last 12 years, ive never been a fan of corporate banks. but do a search for the citibank arrests, it DID happen.

  27. Abraham Lincoln (republican) once said that labor is more than money, and that workers should get more consideration than profits.

  28. bouteman sold says:

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  29. truther kanalidale says:


    Rubio: Romney Hispanic will increase
    WLKY Louisville
    The Romney backer and son of Cuban immigrants said Americans of Hispanic descent, especially in Florida, are focused on the economy. “They’re willing to vote for Republicans or Democrats on an election-by-election cycle,” Rubio said in an interview set …
    Rubio, in Appeal to GOP’s Conscience, Urges Compromise on Dream ActNew York Times
    Marco Rubio’s Dream Act: A nightmare for immigrantsLos Angeles Times
    Rubio Wants GOP DREAM Act in Place in Time for Fall College SemesterFox News
    The Post (blog)
    all 290 news articles »

  30. clartley says:

    Amber Case was blogged about in: “The brain doesn’t really need that much stimulus in order to create a …: A p…

  31. roselius mcdavoy says:

    Bank to outline stimulus: The Bank of England is to launch two new stimulus packages in response to the …

  32. bone wrighardit says:

    GOP to argue Obama’s had enough time to fix economy in 3 years, but 11 years and trillions of $$$ later, Bush tax cuts still need more time

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  35. truellin butt says:

    If you want to end the recession and turn the economy around, you have to change the conversation about it.

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  37. clellalia kitolimes says:

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  38. hasnt said if UK agent Naveen Jindal has a/c but in league with cronies Madhu Khare IAS Pooja Pillay in HR crimes-Arrest him

  39. zalimastub agnanter says:

    but he called me a bunch of names… basically being rude. blamed me for his apparent “depression” which was a lie…

  40. scheus mclaway says:

    Aahhh I was so focused of Bella Cullen’s (Kristen beauty in this film.. Her face, her haaair [!], her body.. her face *o* LOVE~!!

  41. mar gandballi says:

    Perhaps Pyne is simply saying the stimulus would not have happened (and ignoring implications of recession that might have brought)

  42. floof dubsonjano says:

    Allowing khaps to blabber now – & then showing how MPs such as Jindal mollycoddle them wl expose true political pic

  43. I reckon that’s where most of the stimulus for it spawns, it all leads back to Tumblr. I’ve written some. *shame*

  44. wieteam krat says:

    Went to a taping of today. I don’t know if you’ve heard this elsewher but Jon is amazing & the …

  45. Fed cites “pause” in growth, stands by stimulus: WASHINGTON (AP) The Federal Reserve says growth “paused” in recent months and reaf…

  46. RT His dad was Mexican.

    His mom was Italian.

    Both Jedi Masters.

    He’s Old Bean Juan Cannoli.

    I’m not even sorry

  47. I think Rand Paul should run in Republican 2016 primary, seeking either prez or VP, and continue to hone TP –

  48. decolouto maj says:

    Bank split over stimulus measures: Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King was one of three Monetary Policy Committee members to vot…

  49. She’s a keeper too bad you didn’t keep her. Now she will be with a man that really knows how to treat her.

  50. desranitla says:

    RT “Its just depression. Get over it”
    If it was sooo easy, do you think I’d still feel this way? No I wo …


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