Occupy Wall Street is a legitimate and peaceful grass-roots movement that seeks social and economic justice. Lacking corporate sponsorship, they are brutalized.

It’s worth asking why right-wing, corporate sponsored and organized “movements” like the so-called “Tea Party” are covered endlessly and lionized by all the press (and even given political power!), whereas we hear little or nothing about legitimate citizen movements like US Uncut, the Coffee Party, and Occupy Wallstreet. And when we do hear about these peaceful citizen movements, it’s with apathy or even derision. Even MSNBC, the so-called liberal news network, ignores them. Why?

‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests may grow Monday after weekend arrests (video)

by Elizabeth Flock

After 80 people participating in the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations were arrested in lower Manhattan Saturday and at least five hit with pepper spray or mace, protesters took a “day of rest” Sunday and prepared for Monday’s protests.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

Police carry away a participant in a march organized by “Occupy Wall Street” in New York on Saturday Sept. 24, 2011. (Tina Fineberg – AP) The demonstrators are calling for changes in American social and economic policies.

Guy Steward, 18, told amNew York newspaper that after the “mass police brutality” of Saturday, “morale is as high as it can be” and that the protesters ranks have grown.

Protesters have been reinvigorated in part by videos shared that show people being maced and arrested on and around Wall Street.

Police said most of the arrests were for blocking traffic, and one person was charged with assaulting an officer. The Daily Beast reports that NYPD is now facing criticism about what may have been excessive force.

Watch the videos, many have them posted on the Occupy Wall Street site, below:

If you have a video, please leave the URL in the comments, along with a quick description.

Original post on Washington Post

Note: more videos avaialble in the original post and on the Occupy Wall Street website.

47 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street Protesters Brutalized”

  1. Thanks for the share!

  2. pontuzzi wong says:

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  3. bideriann hundyken says:

    Oh God, this is impossible to talk abt.The imprisonment of was a gross violation of human rights – but so is what does.

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  6. maerichirt maiman says:

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  8. willinagh lione says:

    I tried to share this video on my Facebook page and it would not work, said it had been flagged as spam that some bull crap!

  9. glamidgess sorgane says:

    Are u freaking kidding me? All the major European banks are bankrupt. That is why they needed the bailouts from the government. Barclays, Santander, etc. are bankrupt to the core.

  10. 2011 was meh. At least I finally saw of Avatar: The Last Airbender. That makes up for SOPA, three wars, no jobs bill, and corporatism yeah?

  11. rebold halbergntm says:

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  14. yia barnejone says:

    blacks,asians,latinos and other groups not a minority read about Jackson and the trail of tears he almost succeeded where Hitler failed.For those that are “stalking”umm i mean following me saying i leave the same statement well it is for those that have not read it….so shut the up

  15. gibnermilo grassy says:

    It probably made sense to you as you typed, but what did you mean by “Which, not one of you can do without.”??? Also, the services are free to the recipients. If you are robbed, the police had you a bill for taking a & investigating the crime. Most roads toll roads. Most libraries have lending fees. Free does not mean no money was raised or spent to provide the service.

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  17. To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or color is like living in Alaska and being against snow.

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  20. scanestieg says:

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  21. not a political but Ron Paul has yet to say anything that make total logical sense to me and I know not the only one who sees something genuinely different in him. Bottom line is the college-age generation Ron Paul, and if one of them, talk to you parents and get them on board. YouTube Ron Paul from the looks of it, but we have to make sure it carries over to the real world as well!

  22. reita per says:

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  23. dennelai panch says:

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  24. kaleck brumde says:

    Very queasy. I think it’s because I’ve got strong views on immigration, law & order, EU & I did all nine issues.

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  26. Maybe sense I have absolutely no money on me and the banks closed til Monday I can set some productive things done this weekend

  27. gronine says:

    We can tweet, we can retweet but UNTIL & hit the STREETS, we’ll be trampled upon by the ELITE! –

  28. sompel norand says:

    You dont have to personally like Julian to stand up for his legal & human rights & right to fair treatment.

  29. @baysocialist If corporatism falls, the world will fall into a new dark age.
    That’s done by design, saying, ‘without us you all die’!

  30. albacketne migny says:

    Today in:
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  31. brunsword mont says:

    “Keith Olbermann is right when he says he’s not the equivalent of Glenn Beck. One facts. The other one is very close to playing with his poop. And the big mistake of modern media has been this notion of balance for balance’s sake, that the left is just as violent and cruel as the right, that unions are just as powerful as corporations, that reverse racism is damaging as racism. There’s a difference between a “mad man” and a “madman”. […]”

  32. canciogg says:

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  34. junissen sch says:

    So makes the same statement in two speeches calling for corporatism – and you Progs clap like seals. Rich.

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  37. claycociar says:

    freedom does not come free in a world of control freaks who would not hesitate if left unchecked to take it away. –

  38. 2009/10 to 2010/11 say average UK weekly income fell from £373 to £359, with average household income in Wales 12% lower than the country as a whole.

  39. Ach! Sainsbugs can get ya like that. I hate the corporatism of it. Somehow they remove the humanity out of the management…

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  41. salwhito emonnio says:

    He’s a singer and there’s been mention in the media about equality but I’m not sure if he’s out or actually gay.

  42. @RayAHarvey Fascism should more properly be called Corporatism, since it is the merger
    of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini

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  44. I believe in anarchy 100%, but I don’t believe in Anarchy, Peace, and Equality. Anarchy is the opposite of peace.

  45. We know that equality of individual ability has never existed and never will, but we do insist that equality of still must be so

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