Occupy Wall Street is a legitimate grass-roots movement that seeks social justice. They do not enjoy the corporate sponsorship and organization that right-wing movements like the so-called “Tea Party” do. That being the case, the mainstream press ignores the movement, and the government oppresses it. Par for the course, so thank goodness for the internet.

Contrast How Occupy Wall Street and Right Wing Protestors Are Treated by NYC

by: Cynthia Kouril

When Dick Cheney’s daughter – not a native New Yorker – decided she wanted to hold a protest in NYC, she was allowed to have a HUGE covered sound stage, a JumboTron, they shut down Foley Square for her and I don’t remember anyone caging the ralliers with movable orange soft fencing or macing them.

Dick Cheney’s daughter was allowed to shut down one of the busiest traffic aggregators in lower Manhattan. She was allowed to erect her outdoor theater stage right in front of the main door to the federal courthouse–where she was protesting against holding the KSM trial in federal court. She was given her full measure of symbolism and First Amendment expression

Well, of course she was. She’s Dick Cheney’s daughter.

Contrast that with the Occupy Wall Street protests. There, the NYPD is denying the protestors the right to use blue tarps to cover themselves when it’s pouring rain. Movable orange fencing is being used to corral people. And unarmed and non violent protestors are being maced, punched and dragged.

The NYPD is not allowing the protest to actually happen anywhere near Wall Street itself, denying the protestors their symbolic expression. I understand that yesterday they were herded all the way up to Greenwich Village. Here’s the video [cont’d]

There has been an almost complete corporate media blackout of a protest that has been going on 24/7 for over a week. Our own Kevin Gosztola has been doing an amazing job of covering Occupy Wall Street protests and creating a platform to view the work of the LiveStream videographers. Without this amazing work and a lot of folks Tweeting, many would never know this was even happening.

But then again, Occupy Wall Street is not some astro turf faux “movement” with fancy outdoor theaters built and paid for by millionaires who want to make sure that Curtis Sliwa and Andy McCarthy don’t get rained on.

Nope, Occupy Wall Street is a shoe string, leaderless mass uprising, so of course corporate owned media has to make sure its message does not get out over airwaves it leases from us, the public.

Congratulations to the NY Daily News for having the guts to run a story.

And congratulations and best wishes to all the sister “occupy [insert name of place with excellent folks]” protests that are springing up all over the country. I found out about you all from Twitter, because, ya know, corporate media doesn’t think that’s news.

Mayor Mike should be ashamed of the disparate treatment being shown to different protest groups based on the content of their speech. Ray Kelly works for you, not the other way around, though sometimes it’s hard tell.

Ray Kelly opposed holding the KSM trial in NYC and Ray Kelly put out a red carpet for child of Cheney and her astro turfers to rally for his cause. Contrast that with the actions seen over the weekend.

One of the things that struck me is that most of the really heinous acts appear to have been done by police supervisory personnel, whom you can pick out wearing white shirts. The rank and file cops, in blue shirts, often seem uncomfortable performing their assignments. They appear to be trying to behave more professionally. I realize that’s just the impression I get from watching the Live Stream, but it makes me wonder.

Are regular beat cops not “with the program”? Are they not enjoying their orders from Kelly? Why are supervisors doing hands on policing thuggery?

Ray Kelly has disgraced this City and his own police force. Mayor Bloomberg, however. bears the ultimate responsibility, because Ray Kelly works for him.

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If you too feel that the system is heavily gamed by the ultra-rich for the ultra-rich and would like to participate in peaceful, ethical resistance to this coporatist takeover, check out the Occupy Wall Street web site.

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  1. Comment from the readers: “This is good news for the unemployed white men in Alabama. Go get your jobs, fellas! “

  2. Uh I did not say a thing this morning about that. In fact, I am more busy because of a protest in town this evening…

  3. This country is not going to turn around for the better. We have leaders who have took an oath to do what their puppet master tells them to do or risk losing their life. Thats what happens when you join secret societies, there’s no turning back when you join and their agenda is a one world government. We have to look out for our fellow men and women who have familes who have lost their jobs and can’t put food on the table. Stay strong and never cease praying to our heavenly father and Jesus.

  4. roscho heah says:

    Corporatism/Crony Capitalism is bad…you should make the distinction. Ask the 99% who lived in the USSR if they were happy.

  5. moridesina lovilan says:

    Lack of demand is driving the current economic crisis and all the supply siders in the world can not change that.

  6. Ron Paul gave his unwavering for “Voodoo Economics”
    (a.k.a. Anarchistic Capitalism), the objective being the demise of the Lower & Middle Classes, Education & 40 yrs of progressive Social Programs.

    “Anarchistic Capitalism”: Defined:as:

    1)The deregulation of ALL business & unregulated globalization, ultimately resulting in the demise of domestic infrastructure to decimated the Lower & Middle Classes. 2) Ensure an Oligarchy runs the government & ALL wealth

  7. villcotto mcca says:

    when i first heard of this i was like wtf a movie based on a fricken bored game so stupid and point less! but now that ive seen the trailer it actually looks pretty awesome and it has Qui-Gon Jinn from star wars

  8. Man, if Ron Paul runs, I am going to buy this great big yellow Gadsden flag and fly it at every rally I can.

  9. beppe lenchum says:

    I guess you hit the nail on the head, I do hate the lazy free 4 all mum & dad with 5 kids milking the country for every penny, dad with bad back but just lazy realy. Lets face it would have to get a job paying £700 a week just to equal what they would get from the state. So if you think this type deserve an equal share you need to head looking at. When you get your land make sure you share it out with a single mum & her runts!

  10. Turkey recalls envoy from France: Turkey recalls its ambassador to France in protest at a bill making it illegal to deny that the kil…

  11. abbasse burg says:

    Mumbai order on India Against Corruption’s petition to use MMRDA ground to hold Team Anna’s protest fast to be given at 3 p.m.

  12. Love Alex Day to death and I love your poster! I know you liked Doctor Who, but then again any true Nerdfighter would as long as they had the to watch it. Btw, I -3 Alex Day. If you ever talk to him, tell him that his future name is Amy Elizabeth (:

  13. fisci laluzzimir says:

    No people from usa are not treated like crap unless they provoke that to happen,and i do care, and what makes you think im not from usa?

  14. blostamini usher says:

    Is dere any nation ruled by democracy in d world whr a peaceful protest is not allowed in? Nigeria” –

  15. If you’re fat enough for 2 seats, you should pay for 2 seats. With the amount of fat people there is this would solve the economic crisis

  16. The frustration people are feeling over the lack of jobs and the economic crisis, the glaring inequities of the 1%, the corruption of the banks, and our dysfunctional political system, has awakened us from our apathy.

  17. Ammar Gharsalla, a 48-year old unemployed father of three, died Monday of burn wounds that arose from his self-immolation last week, as of a protest outside the Gafsa government office to highlight unemployment in Tunisia.

  18. labriou soto says:

    More West Coast passengers boarding Hawaii cruises
    Seattle Post Intelligencer
    The industry still hasn’t recouped a pre-recession peak of about 130000 passengers reached in 2007, but travel agents say demand for West Coast to Hawaii cruises is strong. Donna Ratte, owner of the Cruise Holidays travel agency franchise in Palm …
    and more »

  19. josete mach says:

    The government cannot make us house soldiers. Get it? It states “WE THE PEOPLE, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America… get it? For the United States of America, not for the citizens of the United States of America… for the government.

  20. i care what anyone says gorilla monsoon was the best play-by-play announcer. gordon solie was great as is J.R. but gorilla is the tops

  21. coletcaith says:

    You put so much work into your videos, but you yourself, which is a real shame.

    Keep up the great work!

  22. dude ignore that guy, hes just doing this for attention, if he really hated china, he would be busy protesting in real life

  23. mundermarc maxie says:

    Lazy are too scared of police to leave their moms basements to protest against Kenyan Socialist Muslim occupy’ing White House! –

  24. El-Erian on the Markets – CNBC 12 March 2012 : “We are living in a financial repression right now,” says Mohamed El-Erian, PIMCO CEO & co-CIO “a lot depends on when you the story. if you look at the last few months, yes, employment has been growing consistent with a 4% gdp print whereas the underlying gdp print didn’t make it to 2% but if you go back and at the time of the great recession, that story doesn’t hold any more, and the reason why is you’ve seen the economy as a whole do what the financial sector used to do, which is at the first sign of a slowdown, you manage very aggressively your cost side, and then coming out, you realize that you’re too lean and you manage it the other way around, so i think what you’re seeing is simply the economy as a whole getting an economic term more efficient but we get much more unemployment swings than we used to before” Mohamed El-Erian explains Jim Rogers trading the stock market with $600 in 1968.In 1973 he formed…

  25. I don’t gt them as well have to keep asking people watp every time ma1 will protest when we gt there

  26. Corporatism is NOT a manifestation of free market, they have been developed by judicial corruption & would not exist in a true free market.

  27. YesRJ Conservatism is Corporatism – its & always has bn the road 2 the Fascist ‘Big Government’ they claim 2 B against

  28. gala milo says:

    “The current economic crisis has a much bigger impact on the countries in Western Europe, than on those in Eastern E.” Fink

  29. ann malikissin says:

    Waiter’s $5000 tip for $27 meal: ‘Buy a nice car’: … 1100 miles Greek tragedy: Economic crisis sparks brain dr…

  30. “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Mussolini –

  31. This brings us back to your point,tightening of belt shd be in prosperous times not when you have hit bottom. Economic crisis!

  32. FARMINGTON, Conn., June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — An error at a Bank of America ATM allowed a man to fraudulently withdraw $1.5 million before he was caught. As the worldwide economy remains in an extended period of recession, threats from credit card fraud and other…

  33. rigson alski says:

    Hu Jintao in HK Fri 4 handover anniv. How much protest will he see? Hu to face growing anger on HK visit…

  34. deckmar says:

    I hear about Economic crisis around the world..I think the best way for elimination of crisis it’s use our law..there is no usury –

  35. knechouett roustein says:

    Protest of TSPLOST on July 10: The Rockdale County Think Tank in conjunction with Don Myers, president of the So…

  36. slannwicz ebaige says:

    A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job. Recovery is when Barak Obama loses his job.


    Saturday, September 8 at 7:00pm at To be announced

  38. Anti-govt protesters in the Tunisian capital have clashed with police as they attempted to protest against nepotism & corruption in the govt

  39. rehfel bealy says:

    That’s more unique to UK & USA than rest of global corporatism CEO’s. Of course, Wall St. high pay same

  40. beguirar jura says:

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) – Three out of four New Mexico voters feel their personal finances are the same or worse than before the recession took hold four years ago, according to a poll released on …

  41. wison brisondenh says:

    I am key to solving the economic crisis, drink, smoke, work and a car with a big engine. All that money is on fast track …

  42. Like I’m not trying to pay 30 bucks for a 20 min ride
    We’re in an economic crisis!
    I will take a damn bus to the club L O L

  43. hilcherlen meac says:

    “He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. ~M.L.King Jr. ??If you don’t join my protest, you are bad.

  44. o'keeharo eugent says:

    How bad would it be if we go on Jan. 1? says if no changes made, it sets up economy for recession …

  45. 5. belives that for such charge he should not be kidnapped by police in civil clothes during the protest or …

  46. “People who are hungry, people who are out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.” – FDR …

  47. “”The Wake Up Call” is a documentary on the politicized street that has emerged in Athens during the course of the Greek economic crisis. The documentary follows four Greek street (Paul, MaPet, Absent & Bleeps) in their attempt to leave an imprint on the urban landscape of Athens. Politics, satire and colours are merged together to create an outdoor manifestation of ideas, far from the dominant ideology.”

  48. I don’t get why they used to protest for being ‘damaging’ to youth but people that sing about sex and drug …

  49. chrethy gasperrola says:

    And if you have info on the, that I don’t know, I’m more than open to checking it out. Things change & corporatism grows.

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