As the Occupy Wall Street movement grows and becomes more powerful, established institutions such as the media, unions, and government are forced to take notice and positions on the movement.

However, there is a very real risk that the Occupy Movement will allow itself to be co-opted by these established institutions.

That would be a mistake, and Michael Moore addresses this very point here.

34 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street: Don’t Get Co-opted”

  1. “death to capitalism!” – they tweet on their phones. Please no smelly person. Please don’t destroy private ownership of the means of production. I’d be real sad if ya did.

  2. boult bears says:

    Only because he was saying he was wrong about wanting to de-regulate these banks…Which he is right, Even Ron Paul is making a huge mistake by allowing these banks to do as they please…Ron is under the impression that these banks are a result of a free market and therefore should be left alone. And as much as I love the guy, he is acting really naive about that…whether intentional or not…I think there is things that these guys cannot even talk about publicly out of fear…

  3. – IMO the Koch brothers didn’t so much “co-opt” the Tea as much as they just kinda stepped out of the shadows to take a more public role in running an astroturf movement they’d funded from the

  4. – No, the system is fine. It’s just a matter of holding politicians (on both sides of the aisle) responsible for their actions. They know they can throw however much of our money they want at whatever they want and there’ll be few if any political repercussions. If they had just let the big banks fail, then you bet that the remaining banks wouldn’t engage in irresponsible lending and other suspect practices. Capitalism isn’t the problem — out of control gov’t is the prob

  5. fraiba filia says:

    Occupy Wall Street, brought to you by social media: … it would have taken for information to travel to get tha… –

  6. kue rodela says:

    Add YOUR name to our open letter calling on America’s mayors to honor Occupy Wall Street protesters’ rights. –

  7. This protestor does not trumpet the Occupy Wall St message. Please notice how she was allowed through security without any difficulty.Kind of like the Xmax underwear bomber. The true message of OWS would have gotten her head caves in and her arms broken.

    1) End the Fed
    2) End all wars
    3) End the Federal Income Tax
    4) Prosecute the Banksters
    5) Prosecute all politicians


  8. Iran: Wall Street protests to topple capitalism: Iran’s top leader said Wednesday that the wave of protests spreading from New…

  9. What Is Behind Occupy Wall Street?: “At many stages in the advance of humanity, this conflict between the men wh…

  10. tsukumall hyam says:

    by the way isn’t your government against occupy wall street, the land of the free ha !! what did you gain?? NA

  11. i dont believe money can be tied to value of gold anymore, in fact, i believe the dollar is now tied to the value of oil, and consequently energy.

  12. and now the news. “we have an update on the Occupy Wall Street situation from our news man in the street, me”. (u better keep it locked!)…

  13. rubis sgowestypu says:

    Occupy Wall Street activists are developing a social network called The Global Square for the generation of protesters. “We don’t want to tr…

  14. benny ott says:

    I’m pretty sure they hire a few actors for this. The wizard guy at 8:26 was in triumph’s starwars convention interview.

  15. Hey peeps, my van is still broken down. Does anyone want to carpool to


    It would… –


    Work unions and Marines have joined forces with Occupy Wall Street.
    Millions of protesters will gather nationwide.


  17. wagsdoni riekawa says:

    Checking out “How to Film a Revolution – a tutorial – Occupy the Movie” on Occupy Wall Street Videos: –

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  19. This morning before rush hour,teams of activists,many frm Occupy Wall Street,in conjunction w/ rank & file workers frm the Workers

  20. koson singer says:

    Twitter: Whats Happening? Me: Hmmm.. Occupy Wall Street..The War in Iraq…Santa On Food Stamps..Zimmerman Still On The Loose -_- Etc.

  21. neuberg brosini says:

    Comment on Occupy Denver joins Occupy Wall Street in May Day protest (Denver Post): Share With Friends: | | To… –

  22. rudini urquis says:

    “Most of the social scientists who are at all like me – unsentimental leftists – … think this movement is over,” says Harvard University professor Theda Skocpol, speaking to Reuters about the grassroots ‘Occupy’ movement that began in Manhattan last fall and sparked nationwide encampments of public spaces and opened a long-ignored dialogue about income inequality and unaddressed Wall Street malfeasance.

    read more

  23. and sch says:

    Huffington Post – Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg – You Can’t Evict a Movement – Occupy Wall Street Begins Occupy Your Block –

  24. You Occupy Wall Street, you get maced. You Occupy 10th Street, you get idiots like Matt Drudge pinning a medal on you.

  25. So disappointing “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad set to meet with members of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movemen … –

  26. finbaumgar warff says:

    In the supermarket today I saw some Occupy Wall Street protesters in the dairy They were protesting the 1 percent milk – Leno

  27. sprousawa saad says:

    Fascist use political violence to achieve their ends, they also oppose free market capitalism….Sounds like those occupy wall street goons. –

  28. Can anyone tell me where the Occupy Wall Street guys park? I think some of them may need my “help”…WWW.REPOREVENGE.COM

  29. enley minorietiv says:

    Does anyone really think there’s a photo of an Occupy Wall Street protestor buying shoes for a homeless man?

  30. rechiess delham says:

    50 Cent Talks Interscope & The Influence Occupy Wall Street Had On His Business Models For Street King & SMS Audio … –

  31. majime kedroncie says:

    WHAT GOOD IS GUN CONTROL when the FBI gets to fabricate false terrorism to quash political movements like Anonymous & …

  32. niner maybergern says:

    From Occupy Novel Free Jan 4-6 – A novel/book about Occupy Wall Street (Trading Dreams by JL Morin) is a … –

  33. How did I almost miss sketchiest story of day? FOIAd docs show Richmond Fed worked with the FBI to closely monitor OWS:

  34. oscoxon sarik says:

    Occupy Wall Street Weekly Round-Up | Occupy America: The Occupy Wall Street movement may have faded from the hea… –

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