The critics continue to claim that Occupy Wall Street needs to organize and make demands in the form of traditional, extant institutions.

The point is that extant institutions are corrupt and broken.

The protest is against a system that is flawed and needs fundamental reforms.

This point is made very well in this video.

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  1. “This proves my point”

    No it Your inept is nothing but a mere ad hoc rationalization which only fits because chosen to change facts or only caricatures thereof.

    It is possible that all of these things occur as long as you add a timeline to your />
    As for the comment I abhor usage and what people usually mean to imply by it.

  2. palombecht says:

    obviously you have not looked at history and the jesuit oath and its inflitration into all areas of church and state.

  3. I hate it when pople who get sprayed with water say assault”. f*cking water douchebag – deal with it ya puss.

  4. Todd, I was just reading Jeremiah 25:10-13. Could this be to America (the fall of Babylon)? It talks of the bridegroom/bride, 70 year timeframe, punishment of a nation as enslaved to other nations…fall of our currency perhaps? I dunno…what do you think?

  5. marybylann says:

    Oh my god that guy at 2:53 is so pathetic and wannabe.The film is really good and rich in substance but that guy…. what a douchy drama queen. He must’ve been so relieved and happy when finally some cops agreed to do their job and take care of him.

  6. 7 of the Nastiest Scams, Rip-Offs and Tricks From Wall Street Crooks | Occupy Wall Street | AlterNet –

  7. mif badiyah says:

    Im a social like I want all victimless crimes to be legal, and economically liberal, Iceland was near utopia before right wingers came and deregulated the banks and caused a recession. It had renewable energy running the whole country, no crime, no low unemployment, modern infrastructure,one of the top healthcaresystems and educational systems in the world, and the lowest corruption rate. If USA could achieve anything close to that status we would be golden.

  8. surprised that no one has tried to kill him yet… That is just so sick 🙁 you did the right thing hilary

  9. US police nab protesters on MLK Day: Police in New York have arrested at least four Occupy Wall Street protester…

  10. NEWS -. BANK RUN -TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO.CARIBBEAN. WEST INDIES, REPUBLIC , ROYAL , FIRST CITIZEN and SCOTIABANK . Customers are simultaneously closing their accounts fearing imminent bankruptcy and insolvency. Already collapsed in the same countries two large banking institutions CLICO and HCU. [ Global News Network ]–

  11. frien claudilger says:

    occupy wall street was created to teach the 1% how to share and to do it with our new technology it’s our time now. –

  12. penfer atret says:

    im so gonna get me and some friends to dress up as animals and do a mosh pit……maybe put it on youtube with this song playing…….yes!

  13. Archie Comics has dealt with LGBT, gay marriage, DADT, Occupy Wall Street, and much more; in the next issue they discuss breast cancer.

  14. elidolos says:

    Your grammar fails: thatthe, “tank,there”, wy, anbfbc2, wy, capuch, disapear, whil, noth, wastemy. Do you even know how to work a keyboard?

  15. schwarnack says:

    Occupy anniversary: Protesters clash with police: An Occupy Wall Street anniversary observance has ended with some arrests as police …

  16. goddingius brock says:

    While the NYPD gets criticized for morphing into what increasingly looks like a federal intelligence agency (pushing the FBI’s buttons in the process), the of Homeland Security is basking in cautious accolades for its surprisingly respectful coverage of the now six-month-old Occupy Wall Street protests. As early as last … More »

  17. vossarvalk says:

    Month of March: 1,500 OWS protesters on the move in NY: Over a thousand Occupy Wall Street protesters have …

  18. This paper on Occupy Wall Street is coming along Fabulously! Considering it’s due at midnight and I haven’t even on it!

  19. vanos kashiike says:

    Mr. President: Do you believe it’s safe for young women to be involved with Occupy Wall Street at night? Sleep in camps?

  20. haresinton matte says:

    Occupy Wall Street Dreams Of A Giant Jam Session May 1 – New York Music – Sound of the City

  21. #Occupy Occupy Wall Street Movement. We Are The 99%:

    Occupy Wall Street Movement. We Are The 9… –

  22. masatsutos yeoh says:

    Wasn’t too wild about that Occupy Wall Street skit. So far the Little Brothers one has been the best IMHO.

  23. mannandi says:

    In The First Occupy Wall Street Protest Trial, Acquittal – New York …: The NYPD has arrested protesters and jo…

  24. those who quibble with my view of Occupy Wall Street should watch this clip from anti-NATO protests in Chicago and

  25. NYPD On the For … Citizens With Phones!: From the NY Daily News:A pair of  Occupy Wall Street lovebi… –

  26. “While Occupy Wall Street grabbed attention for its attacks on the “1 percent,” in China, a much smaller fraction… –

  27. wamberling jumi says:

    Occupy Wall Street and your mind with a twisted tale of greed and corporate excess that is Organic Nation. –

  28. Sept 17 is the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. I can’t believe it is almost one whole year since a large group of pe …

  29. Casserole: New York City Casserole was a gathering of Occupy Wall Street that took place on October 13, 2012. …

  30. Boo, who?: what New York City has come to in the age of Occupy Wall Street. Trinity Church, the r…

  31. rominkas kutand says:

    NATO 3 Date Set for One Day Before Two-Year Anniversary of Occupy …: This is one day before the two-year…

  32. I see that Occupy Wall Street wasn’t just a bunch of whining and snotty little ingrates throwing a mass temper tantrum.

  33. Coming To Sundance: ‘99%’ Swallows Occupy Wall Street’s Premise: A new documentary about the Occupy Wall Street … h …

  34. L’FBI va tractar amb la banca la lluita contra el moviment Occupy Wall Street: El FBI, la principal a… –

  35. farenste milharsdon says:

    Yeah he sent an occupy Wall Street army down to defecate on Lee’s cannons. And Code Pinkers to shriek at Jefferson Davis. –

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  37. Awesome Day to be A MemBer of Occupy proud of my OCCUPY WALL STREET AND OCCUPY SANDY family we are slowly taking over … –

  38. OCCU-EVOLVE added the event The Feminist/Womanist Community and Movement Coordination Assembly- Building Occupy Wall Street to Connect and Build with the 99%–**SPECIAL Women’s History Month Commemoration Event* to Movement Building. –

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