In this video, Chris lays it all out. And, infortunately, he’s completely correct.

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  1. ligil kan says:

    Yes, and I would like to ask how you are in the Army when you are 15 years old according to your profile.

  2. All Jimmy should have said was “I am so nice that I will allow you to be nicer than me”.

  3. Street But No Street Cred: While street may have been the Occupy Wall Street of the world, it i… –

  4. colitt lang says:

    a couple years ago my father was deployed to Iraq for 4 years. He get to come home for any of the holidays, even Christmas. I often cried myself to sleep. War is a horrible thing. He almost died. When you play those games, think about how if the game was real. Not so fun, now is it? war, OUR VETERANS!!!

  5. duffroon harnsky says:

    />attempting to be praised as and enlightened may not be such a bad thing to have as motivation if actual enlightenment is not available to one at the moment. Then again I really believe that you are judging him on the content of his thoughts just through your own bigoted views about white males and how in your view none of them would possibly be authentically or enlightened.

  6. Jeff, I agree that the movement has been the rear guard of the Lobby. It’s a big circus show that caters to the those inside. The left punditry of the msm brings it to the national level.

  7. -B/c Newt is helping Obama by staying in GOP race & Newt uses the anti capitalist language of occupy wall street!

  8. rashiwan says:

    The indifference to the plight of others and the cult of the self is what the corporate state seeks to instill in us. -Chris Hedges

  9. fowlin schul says:

    Yeah, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Awaiting Chris Hedges commentary on Black Bloc actions of past two days. –

  10. caresch says:

    We Are the 99% Occupy Wall Street car bumper sticker decal 8.5″ x 3″: BRAND NEW sticker is made of highest quali…

  11. guel bie says:

    Chris Hedges – “This is why the Occupy movement frightens the corporate elite. What fosters revolution is not misery… –

  12. hatte wartigness says:

    President Correa tells “Occupy Wall Street needs to get stronger” in order for Obama to actually implement real change –

  13. kuzmikumur says:

    Well Is Chris Hedges right? The truth is crashing down so hard U want to create a to hide it? –

  14. Just got a Chris Hayes and a Chris Hedges book in the same mail. The world is saved. All life is over.

  15. 15 year old twins win CNN award for video on Occupy Wall Street …: In an interview with CNN’s Randi Kaye, the …

  16. Death of Liberal Class failure of liberal class 2 confront rise of corporate state – of a liberalism become bankrupt

  17. shuisel says:

    Death of the Liberal Class
    by Chris Hedges
    537% Sales Rank in Books: 211 (was 1,346 yesterday)
    Buy new: $24.95 $16.47
    36 used & new from $15.21
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  18. den darchulstr says:

    Judge tells Twitter to give up tweets from an Occupy Wall Street protester arrested during a march on Brooklyn Bridge:

  19. jadealeeng noun says:

    Vicenç Navarro – Consejo Científico de ATTAC España Este señala que la ideología existente en nuestras sociedades, que asume que el gradiente social está basado en el mérito, está siendo cuestionada ampliamente, con la aparición de movimientos tales como el 15M y el Occupy Wall Street que cuestionan el orden establecido. Una de las […]

  20. corbeindah says:

    Twitter files appeal in Occupy Wall Street case: Twitter on Monday filed an appeal of a order to turn over…

  21. brooks kazey says:

    Currently listening to a lecture about occupy wall street, the Tea and the US elections. This is going to take two hours.

  22. Today in 2011, police in riot gear raided the Occupy Wall Street encampment in NYC, evicting protesters and demolishing the tent city.

  23. Reading “The Empire of Illusion” by Chris Hedges … an enlightening exposé on the illusions of Literacy, Love, Wisdom and Happiness.

  24. murphiler zoetta says:

    We are NOT Occupy Wall Street hippies asking for something for nothing! We are the ones helping the rich get richer!

  25. diang ikuyo says:

    ” Anyone who was taken in by this gang should be ashamed. – Sean McBride” What you have to realize, zero in on, is that Jewish/zio dominance with politicians. That was it’s genisis…..a president like Truman or politicians that could be brought or bribed who didn’t think or didn’t care about the future consquences they were creating …what they were letting thru the gate. It was gettng a politician here, another one there, getting a zio Jew in this position, another one in that posiiton, it was bit by bit over a long period of time. It’s like the mafia moving into a new neighborehood and shaking down the stores owners one at a time till they have the whole block. Has nothing to do with people not seeing this and protesting it, plently of them did in 1948 and have since then, but in 1948 they had Truman locked in and ever since then they have used a combination of holocaust propaganda, tribal networking and infiltration and practiced buying politicians. SO… those who have protested couldn’t break thru the mafia like political and media control. Now you are seeing some breakthu, some cracks in the wall….let’s hope it continues. One thing necessary to keep it breaking thru is destroying the anti semite meme and taboo and relagating the holocaust to where it belongs, as one of many injustices in the world….to the Jewish history, not to American history.

  26. bore chimatte says:

    We must be careful not to become the same “occupy Wall Street” type of crowd that wants to tear down.

  27. yep Chris Hedges: “What drives the gun culture in the US is white supremacy and a fear of blk peop …

  28. kathelstok says:

    Forever grateful to for introducing me to chris hedges. Finished losing Moses on the freeway and it was mind blowing.

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