If you would like to get involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement, here is a list of all the cities in the US that have a movement of their own. Check it out!

United States


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  1. bundy lati says:

    Just a quick search of google and i found 9 different sources OTHER THAN FOX. that the same things… many have been offered drugs. And then theres YOUTUBE!! You call my claims BS, but they are all TRUE. And you know it. Liberals are desperately clinging onto this as their”grassroots” gathering. But its going to backfire, because people now have a chance to see how wacko and truely stupid these people are.

  2. fedrialehr kerjee says:

    It was already in motion BEFORE the dem president took office, the clip i have is of Dubbya himself talking about how he like the plan but he felt he had no choice or the entire economy would collapse. So the TARP plans were already in place all they needed were votes and a signature. They made no changes, what Obama did was investigate after he took office and found the same results as Dubbya, they had no choice. This is what Wall Street is responsible for.

  3. Occupy Wall Street: Now Let’s Focus on Solutions: In a blog entry at the Huffington Post, author and president of –

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  5. bene stel says:

    You the personal attacks with insults ass hate by calling me an idiot merely from posting a satire on your video. the hater here Mr The OWS movement about communism or socialism, unless you wear your ass as a hate.. But just block me again to keep this for you in your hate.

  6. mysh scharp says:

    EXCUSE ME….you are yelling about your beliefs but are because you cannot change anything, by your rantings. I hear you saying anything against Obama. I find you irritating and cannot listen to your voice. Its extremely irritating.

  7. lehtaras klia says:

    It’s time for a change because of those narcissists in power have failed many times over and refuse to do the right thing. Now, the people are making a stand against an corrupted system:) power to the people who are fighting for and justice.

  8. and then they come and say vote for this or vote for Ron Paul, like there is democracy, this country was sold and bought a long time ago, every circus they make every 4 years …. xD George was always right, who voted for Obama when he is a Dick Cheneys relative …

  9. It is little doubt that this is the best singer in the country! What makes a singer isn’t their looks, it’s their voice! I don’t like when people judge singers on things that just aren’t that vital. Remember, they are entertainers, not actors! Let them do their stuff and enjoy the melodies!

  10. i wrote “chuck norris” on all of the questions in my exam and my prof. gave me a perfect score.

  11. Bachmann: “Obama has been more than willing to stand with Occupy Wall Street, but he hasn’t been willing to stand with Israel.” –

  12. haj bitalelock says:

    4,000 arrests, OCCUPY has filled it’s ranks with CRIMINALS and THUGS. We have seen incidents of Vandalism, Theft, Fraud, Suicide, Rape, Public Masterbation, Drugs, Arson, Assault, Murder and not to mention an assassination attempt on the President. The Camps are teaming with Diseases. They are a danger to themselves and the community. They are out of control and we need to our Police! LINK TO OCCUPY CRIMES: commoncts.blogspot.com/2011/11­­/occupy-wall-street-document-­r­ecord-of.html

  13. Cenk talks about our banks getting this huge bailout because of political connections?? haha,.. what a dope! Explain why 12 foreign banks got a huge chunk of the 7.7 trillion?

  14. moryusnant says:

    Just to review Protests are Happening all over the world: From the Arab Spring, to Occupy Wall Street, Europe and Now Russia.

  15. postells bartenschi says:

    For those not on the front lines. This is all I got, people. 5 Ways You Can Occupy Wall Street

  16. stanilcock says:

    Owner of OWS Foreclosure in ENY Wants His House Back …: Last month members of Occupy Wall Street took over a h…

  17. Davos, in the Style of Occupy Wall Street: The event brings millions of Swiss francs into the local economy, but…

  18. ish coonel says:

    Did you feel at all like you needed to respond to Occupy Wall Street in any way? Sussman: A lot of the pe… –

  19. habehenbar says:

    Intervista esclusiva a Mark Bray di Occupy Wall Street | An interview with an Occupy Wall Street protester, Mark Bray / 2 –

  20. Occupy Wall Street Protester Scales Statue, Says He Won
    t Come Down Until … – Fox News – Join Talk at: http://t.co/hdqGElXo

  21. zain punierrott says:

    “You’re implying that is the Federal Reserve didn’t exist, then we wouldn’t have unfairly rich people. Which is an incredibly stupid notion. It would be like insisting that if stainless steel didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have knife murder.”

  22. ove sleemec says:

    News: OWS takes rail action: Members of Occupy Wall Street chained open the subway gates at some 20 stations yes…

  23. shafflee says:

    We spoke to Occupy Wall Street and now we want to hear from you. Share your response in the comments

  24. Hashtag Occupy Wall Street Global OWS WE ARE THE 99% Window or Bumper Sticker 10-PACK: This 10-Pack of 8.25 x 3….

  25. goff menert says:

    I do agree with the original Occupy Wall Street ideals, less and less of the copy cats. Quebec students are interesting.

  26. Yes it does if you get a job & work your way up the economic ladder. Not if you pout & join Occupy Wall Street & do nothing.

  27. dierdann isette says:

    Sep. 17, 2011 Occupy Wall Street a revolution. 1 year later join us for 3 days of edu, training, & protest NYC –

    Come to the S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil to plan actions on the of Occupy Wall Street,… … – http://twitter.com/OneLove

  29. tapintolan momic says:

    Occupy Movement Targets Charlotte For Resurgence: Occupy Wall Street says it will protest at the Democratic National Convention in Ch…

  30. despetreti afe says:

    By allowing Coalgate scam & diesel hike, Cong & PM is instigating 120 crores people to protest lik …

  31. tuger kwanti says:

    Heros Of 2012 | The ‘Stay In Line’ Folks | The 47% Film Person | The Occupy Wall Street …

  32. Strange Bedfellows: Occupy Wall Street and the Bill Collector!: It is not with the intention to enjoy the high p…

  33. yeffengswe says:

    Pearlstein: “The depth and breadth of the industry campaign to gut Dodd-Frank is unlike any I have seen in Washington.” h …

  34. stucklerth says:

    On the blog: Mitt Romney’s 47% and Occupy Wall Street’s 99% are connected in a way that might not be obvious. –

  35. sarak guis says:

    La gente salvando a gente: “Rolling Jubilee”. Muy interesante lo q han logrado los del movimiento “Occupy Wall Street”. –

  36. one must wonder if he’s going for the Occupy Wall Street unkempt look, if he is he should lose the tie and add thick specs

  37. Protests Against Unpaid Internships To Descend On Fashion Week
    Members plan to take a stand against unpaid internships first in New York, then London and Paris. posted on January 31, 2013 at 5:07pm EST. Amy Odell … Intern Labor Rights, a division of the Occupy Wall Street movement, plans to protest unpaid …

  38. schoyack golier says:

    The Ugly Truth About America’s Housing “Recovery” — It’s Wall St. Buying Homes to Rent Back to Their Former Owners | htt …

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  40. killegow cio says:

    Michael Moore is a clown, does nothing serious! He even opposed Occupy Wall Street from making political demands! Fat clown!

  41. The man leading the protests against Modi was arrested earlier for violent protests during the Occupy Wall Street moveme … –

  42. To do list: Stop KONY. Occupy Wall Street. Get cool ranch Doritos tacos from Taco U forgot Harlem Shake through N Korea

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