Predictably, the right-wing plutocracy is painting the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Together Movement as “unamerican”, “fringe”, and replete with “know-nothing, lazy, hippy kids”.

In reality, the precepts of the movement are mainstream, and its denizens are from a range of demographics.

In this video, a retiree eloquently describes his motives for joining the Occupy Albuquerque Movement. It’s well worth a watch:

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  1. rooksentak cald says:

    This is awesome and my sentiments exactly, don’t miss!! -Adam Carolla Rants About Occupy Wall Street | Video | TheBlaze

  2. sheab cruzzi says:

    I am relived, I thought our numbers were few, but no, I was gladly mistaken, we are many, we are the masses, and through our diciplined will, we shall form our society in which we are truely free! RISE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, OF ALL RACES AND CREEDS, FOR THERE IS MUCH WORK TO BE DONE!

  3. gudarel orsky says:

    Frank Luntz is one of the premier messaging gurus of the Republican He’s the guy responsible for misleading weasel words like death tax and government takeover of healthcare. And when it comes to Occupy Wall Street, Luntz says he is terrified. Why? Because it’s working. Before September, all anyone was talking about in this country […]

  4. crolem nord says:

    Occupy Shutdown Pledged Along West Coast Despite Union Rejection: OAKLAND, Calif. — Occupy Wall Street protesters want to shut …

  5. marze mugendreat says:

    A fan of fox? I like foxes, you got me. Or do you mean Megan Fox? Well she’s hot. Though if you mean the “news” station, then that’s a really dumb and weak sauce “insult”. But I expect that from a fan of Hitler.

  6. Not all cops are bad, but clearly some people choose to become cops to get paid to fulfill their sadistic desires

  7. How can Bernanke blame it on regulators? Him and his cronies went out of their way to prevent and scupper regulation. He’s an enemy of the people and should be tried for fraud and treason. Make that bastard walk the plank.

  8. littgera woodierste says:

    a song for “Occupy ALL Streets” to dance or sing along or foor tactical flash mob music.


  9. samblebasa says:

    It like an now there is a phase in which frictional forces are loaded and then there will be a period of upheaval.
    What we can do and that we must demand that governments do, is lay the foundation, resources and technologies so that we can overcome this shock on the horizon.
    I know dramatic, but the history always repeats itself and unsolved problems are always out.

  10. broxallone truopovick says:

    I don’t think that’s happened to me, but the character I end up with looks like he just walked in from Occupy Albuquerque. 🙂 –

  11. ton salgoos says:

    America the Beautiful, I love you, wounded land.
    From those sell our nation for a fee.
    Freedom when dead and gone, with life lived as a slave
    In the land once known for freedom and the homeland of the brave
    Would be a loss so bitter that Americans one and all
    Must speak out now for way, one family standing tall.

  12. kant riizura says:

    A lot of people don’t know this but Un-Occupy Albuquerque is for BDS and does a lot of work with SJP.

  13. The Un-Occupy Albuquerque movement hit the road this weekend — literally.Protesters began walking on Interstate 25 to Santa Fe on Saturday.They’re planning on joining other demonstrators to …

  14. Occupy Wall Street and the 99% listen up, Facebook is about to make a lot of employees move up to the 1%,

  15. occupy wall street is a joke to me because most involved don’t seem to fully get it and just want to blame the government for their problems

  16. muni jachi says:

    Fair play to them, the system has to change, Time for change is now and what we are all seeing is the of a peacefull revolution,,

  17. You forgot to incorporate the most player of them all into this analogy…the government. Their actions are at the core of ALL the issues people are fighting against. Some know it, and some dont.

  18. Saturday is Occupy’s six-month anniversary. What it was like where you were? Browse the photos and share your memories September 17, 2011: The first OWS gathering. About 5,000 people gather in lower Manhattan, waving signs, chanting slogans and beating drums, before settling in at Zuccotti Park. September 26, 2011: A video showing a senior police official using pepper spray on two women in New York circulates online. Protesters clash with police and the NYPD makes nearly 80 arrests. October 1, 2011: The NYPD confronts Occupy Wall Street protesters as they try to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. A 700 people are arrested. October 11, 2011: Boston police break up a gathering of Occupy Boston protesters Rose Kennedy Greenway and arrest nearly 100 people. October 13, 2011: Occupy protesters begin their own clean-up of Zuccotti Park after Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, deems it unsanitary and Brookfield imposes limitations on its use. October 17, 2011: The Occupy…

  19. camini douveti says:

    Making an Occupy Wall Street documentary for the 99 percent, by the 99 percent: “While We Watch” Dir: Kevin Breslin

  20. Last Saturday Occupy Albuquerque held a rally for free speech a day after the city council decided out of the blue to terminate a 30 year contractual relationship with an award-winning Public Access TV provider  Quote-Unquote Media Center. In a turnabout that will cost the City of Albuquerque $117,000 more than Quote-Unquote’s proposal, the City […]

  21. Occupy Wall Street stands in solidarity with the people of the world against the global war machine whose name is

  22. koon daving says:

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – For a third night, police lined up along the University of New Mexico campus and faced off with (Un)Occupy Albuquerque protesters, but this protest ended very peacefully. …

  23. moriannaz says:

    Watching Bristol Palin and it’s when occupy wall street reminds me of when me and the other princess had to go through occupy riverside

  24. Just returned from the Batman movie. Was it filmed during Occupy Wall Street…or was OWS really just the extras/ BG for Batman?

  25. Occupy the White House: How Occupy Wall Street will help Obama win in 2012: Skip to main content …… –

  26. miong ahmel says:

    (Un)Occupy Albuquerque protesters still have a list of requests for University of New Mexico President David Schmidly. But, they’ve called his meeting Wednesday with one protester, a small …

  27. weher erberseewe says:

    Posted at: 11/03/2011 5:46 PM | Updated at: 11/03/2011 6:54 PM By: Heather Mills, KOB Eyewitness News 4 (Un)Occupy Albuquerque protesters continue to blast University of New Mexico President …

  28. gubbaskey says:

    Faith Miazga liked Occupy Wall Street resurgence a dud: May 1 – Occupy Wall Street hoped to use May Day to

  29. jacileeran says:

    Albuquerque protesters were out Saturday asking people to dump their bank. The American Dream Movement, alongside MoveOn.Org and (Un)Occupy Albuquerque lined the streets outside Bank of America …

  30. A Founder of Occupy Wall Street has New Crusade: a “Buy Nothing Christmas” “Consumerism is the opiate of the people” … –

  31. devinciagg dalex says:

    Modern day anarchist are ignoramuses. Occupy wall street is a JOKE.. They dont even know what theyre protesting about. –

  32. ademan gas says:

    Occupy Wall Street Protester Wants 911 9/11s: via good night Ralph don’t run out of meds whatever you do 🙂 –

  33. To all those on here that think that Occupy Wall Street was nothing but a bunch of smelly jobless hippie’s, a new stud

  34. kedro mada says:

    (Un)Occupy Albuquerque in the Daily Kos “Where We Be” – I want to personally thank folks for the fantastic… –

  35. Confusion About (Un) Occupy Permit: (Un) Occupy Albuquerque protesters may still gather in Yale Park at UNM after a… –

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