President Obama’s Jobs Bill was blocked by Senate Regressives through the use of a procedural trick, one they’ve used an unprecedented number of times. It would actually have passed if Republicans hadn’t used this tactic.

Here we have yet another example of the fact that Republicans themselves recognize that their policies are unpopular (polling shows that 63% of Americans support this bill) and that they must cheat to win.

Yes, filibustering is a legal tactic — but they wouldn’t have bothered if they hadn’t have known the American Jobs Act would pass (and it did receive a majority of the votes).

Worse is that this latest from the Regressive Party is just another indicator that Republicans have cynically decided that making sure the economy stays tanked is an important part of their 2012 electoral strategy. In other words, they know they would not have a prayer of winning in 2012 if it weren’t for the fact that the economy is in such rough shape, because it was their policies that tanked it in the first place, and because it is widely understood that they represent the “economic royalists“, not everyone else.

The good news is that instead of capitulating, placating, or trying to meet them halfway (you can’t have a successful and reasonable negotiation with the kind of irrational negotiator the Republicans have shown themselves to be), the President is calling them out and taking them on.

I like it. Let’s hope this new Obama sticks around.

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  1. val hewai says:

    Yuji, 21, can’t find a job. Says young Japanese are getting left behind by the economy and are angry. –

  2. A Swiss study appears to have uncovered what anti-capitalist activists have been claiming for years — that the global economy is controlled by a small group of deeply interconnected entities. But don’t grab a pitchfork and head to the nearest Occupy protest just yet.

  3. President Barack Obama says every American should make a solemn pledge to find some way to U.S. troops — not just on Veterans Day but every day.

  4. cors laugh says:

    WASHINGTON – The Obama administration’s legal campaign against restrictive state immigration laws has led to a bitter standoff in Alabama, where Justice attorneys are investigating possible civil-rights violations. The federal …

  5. Marvin: Obama knowing America is not our nation and that our nation is the nation of Africa that is not Africa, but is the nation of Israel

  6. erva arnik says:

    Its time to DEMAND THAT ALL MEMBERS OF Congress B DRUG TESTED &all GOVT CONTRACTORS! Loddy Doddy EVERBODY not just poor

  7. thats the lamest excuse ever heard! You blame the USA for all of russias problems! economy is in decline because of its own faults, sorry but you cant blame the usa for everything bad that happens in the world.

  8. Der Kapi­ta­lismus steckt in der Krise – auch durch das Nord­ame­ri­ka­ni­sche Frei­han­dels­ab­kommen. Als US-​Präsident Barack Obama im Sep­tember 2011 in einer Kon­gresssit­zung über seinen Gesetz­ent­wurf »American Jobs Act« zur Schaf­fung von Arbeits­plätzen sprach, tat er das mit einer Inten­sität, die man seit dem Tag seiner Amts­über­nahme am 20. Januar 2009 bei ihm ver­mißt hatte. Der Grund dafür war simpel:

  9. ngi senley says:

    The Returning Heroes Tax Credit and Wounded Warriors Tax Credit were both included in the American Jobs Act and signed into law by President Barack Obama on November 21. Both of these tax credit programs were …

  10. Cameron aims to scrap top rate income tax-making people who caused economic crisis even richer & and the poor poorer.

  11. che jalshot says:

    does no one remember the american jobs act? or the fact that it was gop leadership that termed it DOA?

  12. vantz nga says:

    The more you follow the market leader, the less likely you’ll catch up. Look to do something different. THAT IS the new economy

  13. FJP is (already) digging its own grave. The economy is NOT being fixed, and people are being murdered on the

  14. FIONA INTERNATIONAL human rights group says Ireland has ‘;disregarded its commitments under international human rights law’; in responding to the economic crisis.In its …

  15. mundya kim says:

    russia makes some great aircraft. so does the U.S… but when people try and compare planes like the J20 to the F-22 i think they are missing a big point… the F-22 is 4th generation just like the J20… but our f-22 is sooo much older than the j20 lol. f-22 is old news… im excited to (hopefully) see the real pakfa t-50 and excited to see what the U.S has in store for our 5th generation fighter.

  16. I am absolutely THRILLED that the SWP are backing the anti campaign. It’s the ONLY political to take the economy seriously.

  17. harrigilla ariedelva says:

    states “We will not allow teachers…to have their pensions slashed to pay for an economic crisis they did not create.”

  18. centunni says:

    Obama’s hedging his bets by offering up a deficit reform bill at the same time as the jobs bill. –

  19. At a bit over seven minutes, the newest Obama campaign video is longer than the typical political ad, but it accomplishes a great deal in those seven minutes, presenting the narrative of Barack Obama’s first term, from the depths of the crisis he inherited to the ongoing recovery—in a word, ‘Forward.’ The video doesn’t claim “Mission Accomplished”—it concludes with President Obama saying “I believe America is on the way up.” But it makes clear that Obama’s reelection campaign won’t be shy about reminding voters just how bad the economic crisis was when he got to office—and just how fiercely Republicans fought him every step of the way as he put in place the policies that are helping America recover. Republicans will of course scream about that, and you can’t blame them: if you had to deal with the legacy of Bush hanging around your neck, wouldn’t you want to erase it too? But the real power of the video is that it outlines the positive case for President Obama’s reelection, recapping…

  20. friedle says:

    Athens, Greece (CNN) — Cabinet ministers in Greece’s interim government were sworn in Thursday, as the country grapples with a political and economic crisis that could have effects far beyond its borders. Greek voters punished the major at the polls earlier this month for the harsh budget cuts imposed by the country’s international… –

  21. Everyone wants to get away from Bain & talk job’s plan. The President has the American Jobs Act. What is the GOP/Romney plan? Did I miss it?

  22. that is b/c he is efficient. Job Council provided recommendations in American Jobs Act. Now do ur job & pass it.

  23. “In this remarkable and provocative book, Yanis Varoufakis explodes the myth that financialisation, ineffectual regulation of banks, greed and globalisation were the root causes of the global economic crisis. Rather, they are symptoms of a much deeper malaise which can be traced all the way back to the Great Crash of 1929, then on through to the 1970s: the time when a ‘Global Minotaur’ was born. Just as the Athenians maintained a steady flow of tributes to the Cretan beast, so the ‘rest of the world’ began sending incredible amounts of capital to America and Wall Street. Thus, the Global Minotaur became the ‘engine’ that pulled the world economy from the early 1980s to 2008.”E

  24. Pitching for the women’s vote, President Barack Obama said Wednesday that Republicans intent on undoing his health care law would be eliminating benefits for women and funding for contraceptive services. GOP rival Mitt Romney took a potshot at California when he compared it to financially troubled Greece.

  25. cendley shiyahooey says:

    It’s like media has never heard of American Jobs Act, like they weren’t paying attention when Obama addressed a joint session …

  26. truch bubek says:

    So yes, debt matters. But right now, other things matter more. We need more, not less, government spending to get us out of our unemployment trap. And the wrongheaded, ill-informed obsession with debt is standing in the way. , 1 -9

  27. margertzma says:

    Another charity has to close its doors as economic crisis holds its grip as donations are down 20% our …

  28. lintzel didion says:

    Christmas is coming up y’all, and these Barack Obama “Four More Years” Victory Coins is going fast. Like, really fast.

  29. juvernault says:

    Es grande, es chula, es letal y creará empleo. Firme ud la petición para que Obama construya la Estrella de la htt … –

  30. Obama is greedily opening up his bloody gifts of 20 little dead bodies like a demon possessed kid at a nightmare Christmas. Happy Obama?

  31. entest pot says:

    By the time Hillary, a fat, old aging bag gets to 2016, the economy will be dead. Who is she going to blame, Zero? –

  32. saku pulver says:

    US President Barack Obama has blamed congressional Republicans for the so-called fiscal cliff deadlock, saying their refusal to raise taxes on the rich is the main obstacle to finding a solution to the looming economic crisis.

  33. What Were They Thinking? The Role Of Economists In The Financial Debacle: “As the dust begins to settle from the current global economic crisis, one of the issues we need to confront is the role of academic economists in promoting ideas that in retrospect were both wrong and dangerous.” –

  34. hagen goulosenne says:

    Pres. Obama: “I am sending this Congress a plan that you should pass right away. It’s called the American Jobs Act.”

  35. I once Tweeted my Senator to urge him to pass the American Jobs Act. He blocked me, & I remain blocked to this day.

  36. emmiet nieldi says:

    When he speaks to Congress tonight, President Barack Obama will repeat many familiar points about his 2013 agenda. He already has the stakes facing gun control and, more or less, detailed his position on immigration reform. But the State of the Union speech will be Obama’s first to present a detailed, second-term strategy for the issue he has identified as his next priority: energy.

  37. calieffeld kovich says:

    “The question now is whether we can stop the political circus & actually do something to help the economy.”
    – Obama asks an question. We know the answer. Not that he’s not trying with the American Jobs Act, which he emphasizes with this key point: “Everything in this bill will be paid for. Everything.”

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