Years ago there was a movie called “Back to School”. In it, Robert Downey, Jr. plays a stereotypical college liberal who is constantly protesting this, that, and the other. At one point, he organizes an anti-pep rally, to which he wears a football helmet with a nuclear missile through it (like an arrow). He offers as his rationale that “Football is just a cryptic, fascist metaphor for nuclear war.”

It is a violent ground acquisition game that promotes an authoritarian tribal collectivism. And I’m not a bit surprised that people from that industry would tend to support the party that most favors violent ground acquisition and authoritarian tribal collectivism.

NFL owners favor Republicans in campaign cash

by Eric Johnson


CHICAGO (Reuters) – National Football League teams have donated at least $1.4 million to politicians, parties, and committees since 2009, with about two-thirds of the cash going to Republicans, a study released on Friday showed.

The bulk of the top NFL-affiliated political cash comes from team owners, according to analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, a non-partisan research group.

The league’s newest team, the Houston Texans, leads the gridiron-giving pack, doling $293,100 to mainly Republican candidates and committees.

The team’s contributions were buoyed by owner and founder, Robert McNair, a Texas energy and real estate magnate who has donated $215,200 to political causes since 2009. His net worth is estimated at $1.4 billion.

Among other donations in 2011, McNair has given $2,500 to rising Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain and over $60,000 to committees backing congressional Republicans, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

Reasons for political contributions vary, according to Michael Beckel of the CRP, ranging from seeking tax breaks or incentives to keep their team in a particular location, to labor relations issues.

“The giving often matches the political landscape of the team’s city,” said Beckel. “By in large, this is a GOP (Republican)-leaning group of people driven by geography and business interests.”

Players and spouses are also included in the totals but they give in much smaller amounts.

The San Diego Chargers came in second, with its players and executives giving $171,500 mainly to Republicans and their committees since 2009. Their contributions were driven principally by the Spanos family, which includes the team’s owner, Alex G. Spanos.

The New York Jets ranked third, giving $147,850 in campaign cash. Most of it came from Jets owner Woody Johnson, who gave $130,550 mainly to Republicans since 2009, the second most of anyone associated with the NFL.

Johnson has also given to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Overall, teams mostly favoring Republicans donated at least 70 percent of their contributions to the party. They include the Texans, the Jets, the Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions and the Baltimore Ravens.

Teams that mostly tilted to the Democrats pushed at least 70 percent of their contributions to left-leaning politicians and groups. They include the Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, New England Patriots, and New Orleans Saints.

Only Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, has heavily favored Democrats and given enough to make the list of top 10 contributors. Of the $33,600 he has contributed since 2009, only $4,800 went to Republicans.

The Browns gave the least, at $750. Of that, about two thirds went to Republicans.

“For the most part, the NFL players are not opening their wallets despite often very sizable salaries,” Beckel said.

Notable exceptions include Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, who donated $5,000 to Republican Senator Bob Corker, and Julius Peppers, a defensive end for the Chicago Bears, who donated $2,400 to New York Democrat Kevin Powell.

(Additional reporting by Kim Dixon in Washington and Ros Krasny in Boston)

Original post on Reuters

40 Responses to “Cryptic Fascist Metaphor For Nuclear War”

  1. holz danson says:

    He just throws the ball randomly with out looking and hopes the reciever can catch it plus they are all lobs this kid isn’t the best but he’s ok

  2. Incredible. Why would a private citizens donations to be any of government contract? Well done Rep. Issa. Too much power, for any

  3. singado dester says:

    It’s funny, I think that if they made Fable for the PS3 it would have allowed for more things to be put in as those discs are 50GB and Xboxes is only about 9. We all saw MGS4; the Fable games would have been to that quality if it was a PS3 exclusive.

  4. got an idea
    why not leave the title as it is and just remove ronaldo from the vid, give ronaldinho 1 minute of it and the rest 7 minutes to henry?
    because basically what you did there -.- no wonder only henry fans comment

  5. scarero velouie says:

    The McKenzie Run 5K and one mile run is this Saturday at EverBank Field. Both races finish on the football field….

  6. Paul would be a radical change, and americans are scared of radical changes.. sorry to say it tho, because sometimes big changes are exactly what we need.. the emilination of offices and policies and the of others.. wonderful thing.. but it wont happen

  7. davis raylmenka says:

    Amazing day. Santa Monica, CA – for 5-6 blocks, people were lined (5 deep) marching for freedom. SO GLAD I was there, win or lose, good times!

  8. clelletsuj curman says:

    Shouldn’t the ‘fit and proper persons test’ be carried out before a new owner is placed in charge of a football club ?

  9. the biggest political donation in history was to the Greens & that has the whiff of corruption which is being investigated

  10. heimet hana says:

    6:40 the background song it’s from van helsing. when they are being follow by the vampires and the wolf with Frankenstein in the wagon.

  11. why do some people in Europe and around the world hate us for dumb reasons, we are different because we want to be different, your just one of those douche bags that thinks if someone doesn’t think like me then I’m mad at them.

  12. kniedeisla says:

    When they show the student section of a college football or basketball game on TV, it’s easy to spot which guys never get laid.

  13. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Former University of Southern California tailback StafonJohnson has settled his lawsuit over a 2009 weightlifting injury.

  14. moebech bonnie says:

    A dispute over a political donation from a strident critic of Israel has put Sen. Bill Nelson in the spotlight and underscores the intense fight for the Jewish vote Read More »

  15. knudaiyaza tron says:

    Do you have a degree in economics?

    Do you have anything to qualify you above the position of fry cook? Oh, hot. I guess one.

    Stupid Keynesian liberals, parrot talking points issued by the dems and then come out without any knowledge of history (see 1930 – 1940) and act like they know what talking about

  16. lottal lem says:

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  17. krek ybaught says:

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  19. rudsenshar says:

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  20. hinglongch says:

    Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan said he wasn’t aware that a donation he accepted came from a foreign resident, a violation of the same political funding laws that forced the resignation of his foreign minister.

  21. eak dandel says:

    I’m super annoyed that Conrad Black was allowed back with such little I wonder what the size of his 2012 political donation will be.

  22. Want to end in Canada, & have $5, $25, or $2500 to spare? No contribution limit on this political donation

  23. gar sok says:

    Eric Schmidt Asked Google to Make a Political Donation …: In the past, Google’s lawyers have said the company …

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  25. stus osic says:

    yeah, it was pretty good. I spent extra money there on purpose — viewed it of as a political donation.

  26. An upcoming book about Google claims that Eric Schmidt, who is to step down next week as chief executive, once asked for information about a political donation he made to be removed from the Internet giant’s search engine, The New York Times Friday.

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  28. magon mickae says:

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  30. The football game tomorrow will be an intense one. Everyone is going to be sprites and I mean for both side not just Ike. Can’t wait ******

  31. faller bage says:

    There’s a new name in the online fundraising scene, but it’s already got plenty of users — and a very impressive seed funding round. Meet Rally got its some 18 months ago, when the company was called Piryx (we covered their growing popularity as a political donation platform about a year ago). The company has built out what’s effectively a ‘Paypal for fundraising’, giving charities and other organizations a fundraising platform with an integrated payment system. And today it’s announcing that it’s rebranding itself to, in addition to a seed funding round with investors who include Flood Gate (Mike Maples), Greylock Discovery Fund (Reid Hoffman) and Ron Conway. The size of the round isn’t being disclosed, but they say it’s a “substantial seed round”. So what exactly is Rally for?

  32. Is it just me or is anyone else getting political donation pleas/breaking news emails that should have gone out yesterday?

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  34. if I go see zero dark will it be counted as me making a political donation? I’d rather not donate 2 dems

  35. maximine richmaimil says:

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  36. Nick Saban is just laughing at college football now. Like, think this is hard?! Watch me win another one NEXT year.

  37. Best to ignore much of the political donation – it’s a kabuki dance. Most donations go due to l …

  38. fazeysteff jki says:

    on the first day of middle school i couldnt believe blondes & football players go to school with me (i went to a beaner elementary school)

  39. dwardt mcconen says:

    did my boyfriends oceanography homework for 3 hrs tonight so he could go to football & go to bed early. if thats not true love, idk what is.

  40. cardia zon says:

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