I wrote once before about the effort of certain telecommunications companies to eliminate net neutrality. Their attempts continue. Here is just a short comment re-raising the issue, due to its importance. Briefly, net neutrality means that everyone who posts to or surfs the web has rights to the same access, speed, and content as anyone else who does. Certain private interests are working to change the laws in such a way as to give telecoms the ability to assign access speed and content privileges per their own interests, awarding higher speeds to affiliates and those who pay for it, and throttling the speed (or blocking sites altogether) of those who are not affiliates or subscribers to premium service. The internet in its present form allows anyone to pay nothing or low rates to post content, which everybody with internet access can peruse at the same speed they can any other web site. Consider all the blogs, news sites, recipe sites, how-to sites, and so on we all routinely visit and imagine how this will affect your ability to gather information. I oppose limitations on Net Neutrality and I invite you to as well.

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